By Alison Ryan

For more information on how the Australian Corporation of 1973 is masquerading as the founding Australian Commonwealth Constitution 1901, and defrauding the Australian people, is holding Monday nightly zoom meetings which seek to expose unlawful government legislation and regulation, and to provide remedies for those affected.

Dr Bay has hit the nail on its head – the courts don’t stand under the 1901 constitution.

Bay v AHPRA & Ors
The application for leave to appeal in the High Court of Australia, Brisbane Registry, can be found here at Queensland Peoples’ Protest:

Back in 2020 during the covid-19 pLandemic, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison was instrumental in forming the Australian Federal Relations Architecture (AFRA), along with other State and Territory Ministers.
The Queensland Peoples’ Protest seeks to raise awareness of unconstitutional “National Laws” coming from Queensland and explains that “AFRA is an illegal Australian Constitution.”

National Cabinet is not a ‘cabinet’ in the traditional sense because the Premiers and Chief Ministers are not accountable to the Federal Parliament, rather they are responsible to the parliaments of their own States or Territories.

The National Cabinet manage issues of national significance that fall outside of federal legislative power.