Home owners arming themselves with shovels proved no deterrent against four home invaders armed with knives in a Brisbane suburb two days ago.

Three people were stabbed and were taken to hospital, one in a serious condition, and a dog was stabbed after a robbery turned violent in Forest Lake on Sunday afternoon.

Police only arrive after the incident while home owners as first respondents are left to defend themselves. Until home occupants arm themselves with firearms more invasions will occur with devastating consequences for families.

Police said early investigations found the incident occurred after four men arrived at a Ballandean Court address around 5pm.

The men allegedly demanded the occupants of the home hand over an e-scooter.

An altercation broke out, with the victims allegedly arming themselves with shovels while the visitors produced knives.

Three people from the home were stabbed and taken to hospital, one of them with serious injuries.

A dog at the home was allegedly also stabbed and was taken to an emergency vet.

Three men were arrested nearby after they were tracked by a police helicopter.

A 24-year-old Goodna man has since been charged with several offences including two counts of wounding, one count of serious animal cruelty and one charge of attempt to enter a dwelling with intent. 

Two other men remain in police custody and are expected to be charged later today.

Police are still searching for a fourth alleged offender.

Cairns News seems to be constantly reporting on violent home invasions across the state where the first respondents, the home occupants, end up injured or dead.

Overworked police have admitted they cannot contain home invasions and are unable to protect innocent citizens. Police numbers were severely depleted when smart officers refused to get the deadly mRNA jab 18 months ago and consequently sacked.

A reported 194 senior officers, not on the front line, were excused from Pfizers toxic shot.

Runaway violent crime is a hallmark of the Queensland Labor Party whose policies allow juvenile entitlement to crimes.

Townsville and Cairns have become garrison cities where ratepayers and taxpayers are left to defend themselves against black and white home invaders and car thieves.

Strangely there have been no reported home invasions or serious crime at the extensive Lavarack military barracks in Townsville.

For too long juvenile crime has been out of control while the predisposing cause of this social malady is left untouched.

We have long published the dangerous, Marxist, Queensland state school curriculum that forces teachers to indoctrinate black children with ‘whitey stole your land’ and that ‘you really own all of Australia and should be compensated.’

While we are fortunate not many black kids go to school enough of them over the past generation have gotten this message while it has been handed down as tribal lore in black and lower socio-economic white communities.

‘Brothers together’ the kids rant as they continue their raping and pillaging of Cairns, Tablelands, Mt Isa and Townsville suburbia.

In Cairns during April, 80 cars were stolen among a couple of violent home invasions. While we are a close ally, and some say the 51st state of the US, we do not need a replication of the Bronx in north Queensland where police fear to go.

As we reiterate the only deterrent these crims understand is having a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun shoved up their ribs.

When the word gets out that homeowners just might have a gun then and only then might they retreat.

Shop attendants, road houses and liquor outlets have protected themselves to great effect with firearms in US hotspots for decades as would-be robbers think twice before trying to burgle occupied premises.

A sign on the gate advising home invaders the premises are protected by ‘Smith and Wesson’ with an image of a gun is a simple and cheap remedy. It just could be true.