Australian Labor Party’s Tree of Knowledge the birthplace of the ALP in 1892 at Barcaldine Central Western Qld

Queensland Labor’s budget will deliver a new renewable energy industrial precinct in Barcaldine.

A $7 million investment will support the proposed establishment of the Barcaldine Renewable Energy Zone (BREZ), an industrial precinct in Barcaldine which will be linked to a large-scale, renewable energy project and provide manufacturing tenants with competitive low-carbon electricity.

Professor Ross Garnaut director of Sunshot Industries benefits from his delusional climate predictions

The funding will go towards the costs of the common user infrastructure, including road access, water and sewage infrastructure to support the establishment of the BREZ precinct.

BREZ project will be developed and delivered by Sunshot Industries.

Already a number of tenants that have expressed interest in establishing within the proposed BREZ precinct.

This includes companies seeking to establish manufacturing facilities including a proposed ammonia, hydrogen and urea plant.

“Queensland has immense opportunities to use its rich renewable energy resources to underwrite the state’s greatest era of economic development,” said economist Professor Ross Garnaut, who also predicted the eastern seaboard of Australia should be underwater by now due to rising sea levels caused by ‘climate change.’

“The new zero emissions industry can bring full employment and rising incomes for a growing population for as far ahead as we can see.

“In this year’s budget, the Queensland Government grasps the opportunity and sets state development strongly on a rich new pat.

“Sunshot Industries, an associate of ZEN Energy of which I am a Director, has been working with a range of companies interested in investment in the BREZ.

“There is active interest in a number of projects of various scale and adding up to transformational development for a small inland town.  The budget decision will accelerate movement from active interest to real activity on the ground.

“It sets the state up as a central player in building Australia as an economic Superpower of the zero emissions world economy.

“Barcaldine was chosen as the site for the first rural renewable energy industrial zone because of its existing energy infrastructure, access to rail and road and strong support from local and state Government. 

“I’m very much looking forward to watching the BREZ make its distinctive contribution to an exciting new era of development in the Sunshine state.”