WORLD-renowned UK cardiologist and health campaigner Dr Aseem Malhotra, who opened his Australian tour in Sydney last Saturday, will spend three nights this week telling Victorians the disturbing facts about the mRNA vaccines still being pushed by their premier Dan Andrews aka Dictator Dan.

Dr Malhotra will be giving Victorians a very different message in Melbourne this week. Tonight’s meeting is sold out but seats were still available for Thursday and Friday night. The UK doctor says the Covid-19 vaccination rollout “is perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime”.

Dr Malhotra will also be speaking in Perth on June 10th where another notorious vax-pushing premier, Mark McGowan, has just resigned. McGowan and other leading Australians such as former Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy and TGA chief Prof. John Skerritt, are in the sights of legal action over their roles in the Covid “plandemic”.

Queensland doctor Melissa McCann, from Cannonvale near Airlie Beach, has already launched a class action against the Federal Government on behalf of hundreds of people who have suffered various unacknowledged post-vaccination side effects.

Dan Andrews, although admitting last year that “the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting it or giving it” continued to push them this year, advising Victorians “please go and get your fifth jab, or your fourth or your third”. When challenged at a media briefing on February 5th this year about voluntary organisations abandoning vaccine mandates, Andrews doubled down, saying vaccines “are now part of employment law”.

The tour is being run by the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS) and sponsored by TNT Radio. Meetings are also booked for Adelaide (June 4th sold out), Brisbane (Jun 5th), the Gold Coast (June 6th sold out).

Dr Malhotra, well known in the UK for his promotion of an anti-heart disease diet, initially supported the mRNA vaccines but changed his stance after learning of the serious side effects. He has joined with leading US cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough in campaiging against the vaccines.

Dr Malhotra was moved to post on Twitter on Wednesday morning after receiving a letter from a meeting attendee thanking him for taking his stand. “Thank you for your wisdom, courage and integrity,” the letter began. “You have shown such bravery standing up to the psychopathic entities that have taken over the world the past few years,” the person wrote.

The letter continued: “To have the wisdom to see what has happened with the ongoing disaster of the mRNA vaccines, the courage to question your own beliefs when you were initially in favour of “the jabs”, and the integrity to do the right thing and speak out about it (even if it comes at great personal cost) takes a special man indeed.” It went to to mention the death of his father last year and thanked him for his courage to continue to fight.

Dr Malhotra responded: “Given to me by a man who attended my talk in Canberra last night. Thank you. It’s letters of support like this ( also from patients) that give us the strength to keep going We will continue to fight for you.”

AMPS together with Dr Malhotra and other leading doctors are supporting calls to suspend all Covid-19 mRNA vaccines until serious side effects are thoroughly investigated, and the raw trial data from Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine trial are released for independent analysis.

“Medical ethics and informed consent are fundamental principles that should guide the medical industry,” Dr Malhotra told AMPS members. Events so far have covered vaccine harm, the dangers of medical censorship, the importance of informed consent, and the need for medical professionals to have representative associations such as AMPS.

AMPS, a non political union representing doctors, is fighting back against government overreach to reclaim medical ethics and the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship for the health and safety of the public. Dr Malhotra in partnership with AMPS aims to “cure the pandemic of misinformation”.