By Lyndesy Symonds

Here is the definitive statement of the Australian government’s CoVID Response. And this is just the prologue…

Senator Malcolm Roberts has submitted a proposal under Standing Order 75. “One Nation calling for a Royal Commission into Australia’s CoVID response.”

“The rush of real science in the last few months makes it clear CoVID 19 has been a tragic and criminal exercise in stakeholder government. The stakeholders milked CoVID for their own personal and corporate benefit at the expense of everyday Australians. Destroying confidence in our health system. For corporations, the objective was profit in the sale of tests, PPE, fake deadly vaccines that government and private mandates maximized. Profit accrued from fast-tracked TGA approvals that saved pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars and caused a new cost in human suffering, death and injury.

Senator Malcolm Roberts calls for Covid Royal Commission but it would be flawed by limited terms of reference just like the recent Banking Royal Commission

“Nothing could illustrate this point more than the heartbreaking testimony last week of Deborah Hamilton at the Senate Inquiry into Senator Hanson’s bill to ban CoVID injection mandates. Deborah lost her daughter immediately after her CoVID injections which her employer mandated to keep her job.

“Her employer and their parent company had Vanguard Investment Fund as a leading shareholder and financier. Vanguard is the leading corporate shareholder in Pfizer. Vanguard mandated the vaccines they make a profit from. When predatory billionaires and their trillion dollar investment funds murder a beautiful 22 year old vibrant Australian in an unquenchable thirst for profit, it shows corporate ownership and influence has gone too far.

“For media, the pay-off was advertising accepted in return for governments’ aggressive propaganda level promotion of the CoVID narrative, messaging broadcasts to citizens captive in their own homes. Academics took their research grants and delivered the outcomes they were asked to deliver. So much science in the CoVID period was delivered with a high degree of confidence and yet in recent months, so much of the science underpinning our CoVID response has been proven to be dodgey, deceitful and dangerous – inhumanely so.

” Bureaucrats saw the opportunity to spread their power in ways that were never previously allowed. Bureaucrats that are there to oversee drug companies failed in their duty so badly that malfeasance must be a term of reference for a Royal Commission. We know that TGA did not check the Pfizer clinical trial data. We know the TGA took Pfizer’s word for the trial results. And Pfizer lied repeatedly. When leading international virologists analyzed the trial data in a peer reviewed and published paper they found that Pfizer vaccine caused 14% more harm than it saved. It should never have been approved. And finally our politicians, Australians elected to have nothing but the best interests of their constituents at heart engaged in policy decisions that did more damage to Australians than any foreign enemy could ever have achieved. …”

Senate Matters of Public Importance – CoVID 19