By Lyndesy Symonds

Antifa, the Faggot Offensive and LBTGQ+ was out in force on March 18 against the demonstration in Melbourne run by feminist groups hosting the Standing For Women UK (SFW).

Pic RNZ News

This was a demonstration against paedo groomers and gender ideology in the schools, transitioning minors and worst of all the right of males and females to make biological statements about gender. For example, a female is genetically XY with the secondary sexual anatomy of ovaries and a vagina. And females have the right to the female space in the public sphere – eg the girls locker room, female sports competitions. A woman using using the Ladies Amenity at a shopping mall should not be subjected to a male with the full set parading around. It is irrelevant whether he identifies as a female, a non-cis, a penguin or a geranium.

As we know, the police protect the Long March and its Gook cadres – like BLM, Antifa, the Faggot Offensive and LGBTQ+. The police take a knee to the Long Marcher Gooks and enable them to shut down demonstrations like the Standing for Women UK. [Obviously the far right extremists]

Now the Faggot Offensive is whining on Twitter that it was the Nazis who enabled the Standing for Women to go ahead. If they hadn’t been there, Antifa would have been able to shut down the women trying to have their say in the public space.

Look what the cops let happen in front of Parliament House. Same Nazis from the Grampians. #posieparker you can’t hide, you got Nazis on your side #acab #FCKNAZIS

— WACA (@akaWACA) March 18, 2023