Letter to the Editor

Being a veteran surveyor, I know bulls..t when I see it. (Qld Aboriginal polling results back a Treaty, https://cairnsnews.org/2023/03/27/some-more-treaty-double-speak-from-labor-premier-annastacia-palaszczuk-and-her-30-media-spin-doctors/)

There is no way those results would flow from a questionnaire survey of a full demographic. I reiterate, “bulls..t”. This is pure ALP propaganda.

Now let me make a comment that attacks claims of Aboriginal culture in Queensland. First, when we use the word ‘culture’, we are referring to the values and way of life that differentiates the subject (in this case Aborigines) from surrounding mainstream culture.

The first element is language. The primary expression of any culture is its language. I lived and worked across much of Queensland and I never met one person who spoke an Aboriginal language. Most of my family is Aboriginal so I do look out for possible extended family.

The next element is family structure. What has people in the North and Centre scratching their heads in puzzlement is this constant east coast reference to ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’. How the hell can everybody be only uncle and auntie? What about all the other relationship names, of which in Aboriginal culture there are about 50 or so, all named. Likewise talk of elders, There are no elders. There are, however, names for people who are Law Authorities, both men and women. I don’t know all the rules for this but I sure as hell know who is authority over what and there are none in Queensland. All that died out a century ago.

So who are these people representing Aboriginal culture to the ALP? All they can possibly lay claim to is brown skins. Most are more European than Aboriginal, which leaves them with one single distinction, they are less likely to get sunburned than most of us. That is not an element of ‘culture’.

But because all this bullshit takes place 2000 Ks away from me and mine, I would not care. Let them play their silly games. Let them pretend to be what they so obviously are not. Their mental health will suffer in the end.

But I do care, because these neurotic and ignorant muppets insist on speaking for Aborigines across the nation when, in fact, they have zero understanding of real-world Aboriginal issues. The cause of premature death and endemic illhealth in the North and Centre is refusal by government to recognise Aboriginal languages and Law. Because people cannot understand English, they cannot find out about toxic foods and malnutrition. The supermarkets and community stores sell them poison as food and they have no way to discover this. That is why they are dying. This is where diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cancer have their genesis.

These east coast pretenders drown out their voices, which is why I want them to shut up. East coast pretend-Aborigines are killing our people and the ALP is helping them.

From Tony Ryan

Arnhem Land, NT