Letter to the Editor

It should also be noted that the reason peaceful protestors were not allowed to peacefully assemble and protest during the Covid lockdowns, and many were arrested and fined was on the basis of allegedly breaching CHO Directives based on powers granted by State-based laws such as the Victoria Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. When these fines were challenged correctly in Court, most fines were ultimately dismissed or withdrawn before being heard in Court.

In order for an individual to be required to comply with quarantine requirements in relation to a listed human disease (eg: wearing a mask), that individual must have been issued with a Biosecurity Control Order issued by a Court under the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015 (refer Section 60, 61) with full right of appeal, naming that Individual in the Order and stating that they have one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or have been exposed to a listed human disease; or another individual who has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease. Without a Biosecurity Control Order naming you in the Order, you are not required to comply with any Public Health Order in relation to a listed human disease which is a Quarantine matter that falls under Federal law.

Also, following the 1946 National Referendum it was voted that no MEDICAL CONSCRIPTION could be imposed upon “we the people” and is tabled in Section 51, 23a. Section 109 ensures any State ratified laws, directions, orders and restrictions not in “harmony” and in contrast to the Constitutional Guarantees of the Commonwealth of Australia are immediately and 100% INVALID and cannot be relied upon by those individuals at a State level attempting to impose such restrictions and controls on the public. Thus the Commonwealth Constitution does provide protections for people their right to peaceful protest (including during a declared pandemic).

From David.