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  1. I’m suffering the results of the formaldehyde in my body from 3 tetanus shots – all taken as a grown up! Very painful – and very permanent and debilitating causing chronic disability. And, only now do I know, that “tetanus” is no such thing – and that no one in all of history has ever died from being cut on a rusty blade, tin or nail! It’s been many years since my last injection and as I cut myself on rusty things, I now just put some salty water on it and it heals like any other cut or puncture. I’m still here. But, so too, is the formaldehyde!


  2. You are right Han – IF. And what then? Justice and righteousness will return to humanity and the world? It is fairly simple:

    In spirituality the last ones ALWAYS will come first.

    In a fake dream of “Paradise on earth” aka the corrupt clown world reality we look at every day, the ones who cheat, steal and deceive ALWAYS come first because it is their own game, while the majority are not even in it at all or playing other games among themselves.


  3. cominspinner said – “I once met a man who had never read a book.”

    Before you take that giant leap and branch out into stand up comedy, here’s a bit of friendly advice – don’t quit your day job.

    Thorn up your butt? You can get medication for that.


  4. aapkoning said – “Will the real truth ever come out regarding Shane Warne?”

    Already has. His son said his dad kicked the bucket only a short time after he got his fake “vaccine” injection, and left no doubt as to what HE blamed for his father’s death.

    Not that the mainstream media had any interest in what Shane Warne’s SON had to say on the subject.


  5. Will the real truth ever come out regarding Shane Warne? After his stay in Thailand! Most likely the health (Death) personnel involved might be bribed as well…$?&>
    Surely the people that love the game of cricket and their hero Shane Warne, would it not be an good token of respect to Shane to find the damn truth?
    The silence regarding this whole affair is mind-boggling…


  6. Hey Pat from Vic, are you serious about the books bit ? I once met a man who had never read a book. Are you one of them ?


  7. Jo, the point is that IF the Thai king does declare the Pfizer contract null and void due to fraud, Thailand will be the FIRST country in the world to do so.

    Now let’s see IF the Smart Leaders of the Western countries will follow Thailand’s example…
    Not likely. Those bribed and/or blackmailed Traitors wouldn’t have the guts to do so.

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  8. Han, the king of Thailand, according to some retired Australian Air force member who “trained” his majesty decades ago, his Highness does not seem to be the brightest dock in the harbor. But a king does what a king usually does. He “rules”. Just hope his other concubines have taken a Siam Bioscience jab. At least they can (theoretically) sue themselves – unless it is classified as a direct insult to the king.

    If the king has finally paid his outstanding debts to Germany he could catch up with Dr. Bhakdi in Bavaria, Germany this summer and not having his plane impounded.


  9. Howard Miller said – “Just a friendly note, I attempted to use this image on my Facebook page and FB will not accept the “TRUTH”. ”

    Just a friendly note – why the F*** are you still using F***book?

    Is this like Stockholm Syndrome or what?

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  10. Han Barkmeyer said – “Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha, 44, suffered a heart attack while jogging on December 14, 2022…”

    … and now that someone in high places has been PERSONALLY impacted by the fake “vaccine” BIOWEAPON, something is finally starting to happen.

    [ ]

    [ ]

    FWIW SGTReport has been following this story from the outset – both Switzerland and Thailand at the same time.

    Strange that none of Australia’s political class OR the judiciary OR the hired Gestapo mercenary army beauracracy OR ANY OF THEIR PROGENY have suffered ANY ill effects from the BIOWEAPON (HINT: That’s because they EXEMPTED themselves from any “mandate” to BE injected, because as Hillsong paedophile and closet Satanist Smirk said repeatedly to the cameras, “That’s not the sort of country we are!” – while he also liked to say “We’re all in this together!”).

    All those school children maimed and murdered in a Sydney stadium by those disgusting steaming pieces of walking dog shit Hazzard & Chant & Berejiklian weren’t quite so lucky – nor did they have the King of Thailand to look out for them.


  11. aapkoning said – “CDC data confirms that COVID vaccination takes up to 24 years of a human’s life.”

    .. and the hangman’s noose takes a shitload more – and unlike the fake “vaccines”, that will make the world a MUCH better place.


  12. CDC data confirms that COVID vaccination takes up to 24 years of a human’s life.
    The long-term consequences of Covid-19 vaccination are now becoming reality… A year ago, dual-vaccinated Australians were 10.72x more likely to receive Omicron than unvaccinated people. Now they are 20x more likely and the three or more vaccinees 35x more likely, as the latest statistics from NSW Health show (see web link below), writes concerned reader.

    “CDC all-cause mortality data shows that every year every vaccinated person is more and more likely to die at a rate of 7% PER JAB EACH YEAR. That’s a slow-acting genetic poison.”


  13. Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha, 44, suffered a heart attack while jogging on December 14, 2022. Attempts at CPR and even ECMO in the hospital were unsuccessful. That is a sign of major heart injury.

    The Narrative is Collapsing: Thailand Drops a BOMBSHELL on Pfizer Feb. 3, 2023

    “A few days after receiving her booster injection, the Thai princess “suddenly” collapsed. Three weeks later she remains in a coma. The Thai Royal Family was just informed that the initial “bacterial infection” diagnosis was in fact always untrue; thus, from the very start there was a coordinated coverup by the BigPharma captured authorities.

    “The Thai king is finally making the connections that Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccine” is a slow kill bioweapon. He will be declaring the Pfizer contract null and void due to fraud, which will result in the stripping away of all immunity. Lawsuits and compensation payments just in Thailand will be greater than the billions in COVID profits that Pfizer stole on the backs of taxpayers (theft).”

    Watch the video with Thai Dr. Bhakdi, living in Germany, saying that he was invited to Thailand by the Thai authorities and explained to them what the “vaccines” are doing to people.

    BANGKOK (Reuters, 2022-08-25) – Thai drugmaker Siam Bioscience, owned by the country’s king, reported a near 50-fold increase in annual profit in 2021, when it began producing AstraZeneca Plc’s COVID-19 vaccine, government data shows.

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  14. Exactly, and sooo sad. 😓


  15. Feminism has certainly made most women stupid. I’ve been around long enough to remember intelligent and knowledgeable women. It is now two decades since I last met one of this now-almost-extinct genre.

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  16. Just a friendly note, I attempted to use this image on my Facebook page and FB will not accept the “TRUTH”. Nothing new ?

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