Letter to the Editor

Hogan’s Heroes

Grow up and show some intelligence you Wonkers (Woke & Wankers) with stupid ideas and no knowledge of history, after the war there were many satirical send-ups of the Nazi’s, films stage productions and the classic Hogan’s Hero’s. This sitcom set in Nazi prisoner of war camp ran for 168 episodes (6 seasons, 1665 to 1971), the longest ‘Stick-it-up-the-Nazi’s broadcast run for any US television series.

Colonel Hogan and his crew of prisoners covertly running a special operations group from the camp constantly ‘knotted’ the poor Nazi’s loveable sergeant-of-the-guard Hans Schultz and Commandant Colonel Wilhelm Klink.

Chastising the NSW Premier Perrottet because he also satirized the Nazi’s by wearing a German army uniform when a young bloke over 20 years ago is bloody pathetic, as many others also did as a mockery of the Nazi system, understand such was the official German military uniform of history. The problem lies with the juvenile mentality of those who have no knowledge of the war years and hard times thereafter, they appear too disinterested and stupid to learn yet want to be the fugly-experts that know everything in their vacuum heads.

Your ignorance cannot condemn others whose actions were acceptable from a different era with knowledge you do not possess today, grow up, get your head out the rubbish-bin — the rat is between your ears.


Gil May

Forestdale, Qld