Election-rigging commie Lula snuggles up to CCP and globalists

Some of the thousands of Brazlian protesters who converged on the capital Brasilia to protest what they firmly believe was an election rigged for the benefit of Marxist Lula Da Silva, pictured below celebrating his “win” with CCP vice president Wang Qishan.

THE narrative is in … again. “Fascists”, as the US channel MSNBC calls them, have “attacked democracy” in Brazil in an apparent copy-cat of the January 6, 2021, “insurrection” at the US Capitol.

But the so-called fascists are in fact a broad cross-section and likely majority of the Brazilian people, who, like the January 6th, 2001 US protesters, believe they have been ripped off by a global electronic election rigging operation. US writer Matthew Tyrmand describes Brazil as “the most important electoral battleground in 2022 against global communism because at many levels it’s a proxy for China…”.

What big media also didn’t tell you was that Brazil’s new president Lula da Silva, in 1990 worked with his Soviet-aligned communist comrade Fidel Castro to set up the Sao Paulo Forum in Brazil through which, in Tyrmand’s words, they would “incubate every Marxist leader in Latin America”. Communists are long-term strategists and Lula, once again, has his chance to funnel South America into the global “communist” model as laid down by Chairman Xi Jinping and the UN/G20/WEF/WHO globalist cabal.

And what better way to demonize another populist, anti-globalist movement than to employ agent provocateurs to hijack one of the big rallies they are prone to organising. The violence makes global media headlines and evening news, and hey bingo, millions of disenfranchised voters suddenly become “violent fascists”.

But the Brazilian supporters of former president Jair Bolsanaro have been out on the streets in their millions since the calling of the October 2022 election last October that was supposedly “narrowly won” by Lula – who, incidentally, was convicted and jailed for corruption charges in 2017 but then released by one of his friends in the judiciary. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden and the “international community” coming out in support of Lula the leftie.

Tucker Carlson put it very bluntly in a recent report: “Thanks to what was very clearly a rigged election, a convicted criminal called Lula da Silva is now president of the most important country in South America. Millions of people in Brazil know that their democracy has been hijacked, possibly forever.”

Given the millions of Brazilians who have been out on the streets to protest against the election result, the rigging of the election certainly is possible, according to official military investigations. The “razor-thin” result was based upon the unprecedented use of digital election machinery, which is said to be contrary to the country’s Constitution.

According to an ABC report, “risks” were found with the election system. Defence Minister Paulo Nogueira, in a letter to Brazil’s top electoral authority (TSE), wrote that voting machines’ “connection to the internet, during the compilation of the source code and consequent generation of programs, may configure a relevant risk to the security of the process.”

He added “from the functionality tests … it is not possible to say that the electronic voting system is free from the influence of any malicious code that could alter its functioning.” He suggested the TSE consider setting up a commission to comb through the election results for any sign of issues flagged in the military report.

But the global media repeatedly calls claims of election fraud “unproven” or “baseless”, despite the Brazilian military finding clear vulnerabilities in a digital election system being used for the first time. This is the same electronic voting system increasingly used worldwide, including in Australia.

Steve Bannon, a key supporter of global populist movements and former Trump adviser, noted that Chinese president Xi’s “hammer man”, that is his special representative and vice president Wang Qishan, attended Lula’s inauguration ceremony and a series of meetings.

Lula is basically in the CCP’s pocket with all sorts of bilateral deals planned. Morning Joe and his team of idiots at MSNBC say there’s “no evidence” for Brazilians to accuse Lula of trying to set up a communist state, just like there’s “no evidence” of election fraud. They suggest elections everywhere – except in a few dodgy third world dictatorships – are run smoothly, accurately and without a hint of fraud.

Lula governed Brazil from 2003 to 2011 for the , was said to be very popular, but was convicted in a corruption scandal involving millions of dollars in kickbacks to more than 80 politicians and members of the business elite. Lula was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but managed to get the conviction annulled, not because he could prove he was innocent, but because a pro-Lula judge found the court ruling was not made in the correct jurisdiction – a technicality.

The court ruling allowed Lula to run again for president against the Trump-style populist and former military captain Bolsonaro, who came to power in 2019 after a landslide win in the 2018 election to become 38th president of Brazil.

Bolsonaro, like Trump, went for the socially conservative, working class and religious vote – those large numbers of people who have had more than enough of woke politics and being brow beaten daily by media about how they are all causing a climate crisis, must stop using “dirty oil” and become fully vaxed, masked, genderless, anti-racist, environmentally aware citizens of the 2030 new global order.

On January 5th, a convoy of 100 buses and other vehicles transporting tens of thousands of yellow-clad Bolsanaro supporters converged on the modernistic Brazilian capital Brasilia in yet another show of mass opposition against Lula and his rigged election. Extended video shows clashes between the protesters and provocateurs, who in a copy-cat of the January 6 riot, invaded government and court chambers, wrecking fittings and sitting defiantly in the seats of authority.

Media immediately seized upon the worst of the footage showing steel fences being used as battering rams against windows. The Brazilian publication Publica immediately laid the blame at the feet of a group of evangelical pastors. “The tour was organized by Pastor Elias de Souza, known as Elias Gaúcho. Like him, other religious leaders, some of them politicians with mandates, participated, helped organize and call for attacks on the Three Powers (Senate, House and Supreme Court).” The heading read “Evangelical leaders summon extremists for violent acts”.

Reuters, meanwhile, reported that further protests were planned by the supporters of the “far right” former president Bolsanaro “whose Sunday rampage through public buildings marked the worst attack on the country’s institutions in decades.”

Lula has already blamed police and military sympathetic to Bolsanaro as allowing the protesters access to the presidential palace and other government buildings. This of course will give the communist leader an excuse to purge police and military and place his own loyalists in there.

Like Biden’s politically-infiltrated FBI, Lula’s henchmen are now going after organisers and businesses that helped fund what France 24 called “the uprising”. In fact it was just another of a series of massive demonstrations over the past three months, largely ignored by international media. But this time another protest rally was infiltrated, violence fomented and used to demonize the populist movement.

The Reuters report itself demonstrates the cross section of protesters involved by detailing those among the 2000 arrested protesters who were released. “So far, 727 of the over 1,500 involved in Sunday’s riots have been imprisoned. Nearly 600 have been released for “humanitarian reasons” – mainly the elderly, people with health issues and parents of young children, according to a federal police statement.”

But Lula’s cronies in the justice system, just like Biden’s Department of Justice cronies, have already started a communist-style purge of government officials accused of allowing the attack on the Congress, Supreme Court and presidential buildings.

The Supreme Court upheld an arrest warrant for Anderson Torres, Bolsonaro’s former justice minister who oversaw public security in Brasilia during Sunday’s riots. Supreme Court Justice Moraes accused Torres of “negligence and connivance”.

Reuters dutifully reported, without a hint of negativity towards Lula’s big crackdown, that Torres was “fired for his failure to stop Sunday’s chaos and his arrest warrant alleged complicity with the demonstrators, who marched to the center of the capital under police escort. The court also upheld the 90-day removal from office of former Brasilia Governor Ibaneis Rocha, Torres’s former boss. Public prosecutors have also sought to freeze Bolsonaro’s assets.”

Bolsanaro and Torres had both flown to Florida before the riot at the capital. Reuters and company are now using the term “assault on institutions” and “anti-government protests” to describe the actions of the massive anti-election rigging protest.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. (((globalists)))


  2. Yeah Jo we like to keep ahead of Rupert and Lachlan. Ed


  3. Why is it that disinformation is working so perfectly to hide truth and WHY to believe ALL there is or could be in the first place – if the world is ruled and built upon by lies and nothing but lies?

    Aaaahhhh, entertainment – with the perspective of lucrative global gas lighting which has become more than profitable for the global management and string pullers. Custom tailored and specifically designed to suit ALL nations smeared with a coat of internal conflict with the view to devour and enslave the country from within.

    “Election-rigging commie Lula snuggles up to CCP and globalists” – WOW, what a head line that even Rupert Murdock would envy in his satiric Aussie news rooms and it continues: “a convicted criminal called Lula da Silva is now president of the most important country in South America”.

    The most IMPORTANT country in south America? Tell us CN readers something about the political history of Brazil since its “independence” from Portugal, Tony Mobilifontis and especially about ANY of the “SQUEAKY CLEAN democratically elected” presidents of Brazil since the departure of General João Figueiredo in the mid eighties. Tell us about corruption & bribery in Brazilian political circles (no matter which party) before Lula, about court rulings by PRO & Contra presidential judges trying to convict former presidents and judges!

    BUT don’t look at massive governmental funds that disappeared in the plannings and the specific over bloated preparations for the world cup in Brazil and the parallel running $cientific medical experiments to a (Zika) VIRUS emerging from gen manipulated mosquitoes of those “WHO care for Brazilians” and just as another diversion from Toni’s “commie smuggling” LULA, tell us about Michael Temer another coincidentally evicted Brazilian President that silently disappeared (together with his billions skimmed from the ”Brazilian economy) like a donkey in the fog and naturally was from the Brazilian elites kosher tribe.

    Judges finding court rulings to overturn that were not made in the correct jurisdiction during a “opposition” reign in political power is a NORMAL technicality in Brazil.

    Tell us about your Brazil and your “commies” Tony Mobilifontis!

    Lula did bring on massive changes for the Brazilian working class. Massive changes that funneled profits from the tribe (commie/capitalist management Inc.) into the welfare of ordinary Brazilians and their families. Something that must sound like a nice fantasy for working class (without jobs) Aussies.

    So dont look at albos, scomos & duttons! Look at “commie Lula” the worlds traitor. Is Lula corrupt? Yepp, chances are he is. He is a politician after all!
    Are any Aussie politicians corrupt? Hell no! LOOK THERE – Brazil, Ukraine, China, Finland, Russia – there is the evil and corruption of the world. DONT LOOK under your own bed to not awake the ghost of the red communist that is in hibernation and full of dust and cobwebs since “Australia’s sovereignty”.

    US dollar on one side of the global coin and Yuan on the other but no Country ever will be free of greed and political corruption. So simply, lets entertain ourselves with tales from other shores to detect the same misery we have at home, though Australia Incorporated will NEVER have judges convict any of “our” crooked to the core political leaders and it does not matter who is the opposition or the ruler.
    At least in Brazil they “try” to lock up some of the “patriots” – for a little while as entertainment for the masses while the NATURAL robbing of state coffers continues world wide.


  4. Nothing like a well-run jiggy jiggy to get the Communist Revolution back into power for a Marxist state. With CoVID Vaxx Roll-out they already have their standard issue communist genocide in hand.


    Looks Like Meat’s Back on the Menu


  5. When the electoral officials etc are asleep and/or not doing their job competently, then it is very difficult for ordinary people to prove Vote Frauds, which DO happen quite often in my experience of 35 years – sometimes proven only ‘anecdotally’ or ‘on the balance of probabilities’, but I DO know of at least seven cases in Australia proven “beyond reasonable doubt” – and in one case a woman Karen E went to jail. Get it straight – the use of any electronic machines makes vote frauds easy to perform. If machines were used in Brazil, then we must regard the election result as having been fudged. We must stick with ONLY paper ballot papers, that can be physically checked and re-counted with Scrutineers in attendance. Anything less than that must be regarded as a suspect election result. There is no such thing as an electronic machine or computer or voting machine that cannot be hacked into and changed, because my very clever son worked approx 2005-2015 for Telstra, then for Commonwealth Bank, then for News Ltd. Part of his work was to hack into Testra/ Comm Bank/ News Ltd, and then tell them how to fix up the loopholes.

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  6. You are absolutely right Tony. We have entered a new world of Corporations married to Governments also known as NGO’s (Non Government Organisation) and as an example this can be seen in the other recent article here on CN with Lindsey Fox and the 2 Government stooges arranging private meetings for whatever new proposal. The NWO in my opinion is based on Corporations advising Governments on everything finance, society, infrastructure, climate , food. etc etc. Governments have franchised everything out to NGO’s.
    There are many that talk Communism, Fascism and Religion with regard to our current events but I feel and believe these are handy tools of the propaganda war which worked historically and conveniently still works now.
    Another handy tool we see are the unregulated Foundations with Billionaires names attached to these organisations used to influence by way of donations, pamper politicians and dignitaries or used as a lobbyist instrument campaigning in their so called agenda.
    The NWO is the corporate takeover of we the people. Good example Scomo left it up to corporations to mandate the jab. He succeeded for a majority of sheep.


  7. The only thing to come out of these last three years + is all these corrupt bastards are showing us who they are World Wide , we new a lot of them before but they think they are so invincible at the moment they dont give a shit who knows and I think eventually they will face there crimes and it will be a pleasure to see them all twelve at a time get there just deserts like they did after THE SECOND WORLD WAR , im getting a bit long in the tooth now but maybe I might be able to buy a beer and sit back and watch them dropping like flies twelve at a time but why dont we make it the bakers dozen one more wont hurt I reckon
    you can only hope hey .


  8. tonyryan43: ” In point of fact, the marriage of corporations and government is fascism and that is what the NWO/WEF alliance wants to impose. Communists NEVER support corporations. ”

    Amen! Anything else to the contrary is simply disinformation; if not ignorantly disseminated, then intentionally.


  9. Call me simplistic if you will, but as nothing in the media or the courts can be trusted, I simply conclude that if both Wall Street and the White House hate a leader, he must be good; and if they love him, he is bad.

    But here is where it gets confusing. The word ‘communist’ creates massive confusion. In point of fact, the marriage of corporations and government is fascism and that is what the NWO/WEF alliance wants to impose. Communists NEVER support corporations. Basically, communists support a pyramid of people’s committees, which inexorably and inevitably creates a dictator at the apex of the power pyramid. As this is the key position, communism is essentially the process of creating a dictatorship. The rest is pure rhetoric.

    The simple truth: Both Fascism and Communism create misery on a vast scale. But socialism may or may not end up as one of the above.

    In the real world, those seeking power use whatever tools are at hand and media/PR is one of these. We should ignore it.

    The confusion thus created has never been more evident in the US hatred of Nicaragua and Venezuela, which the White House describes as communist. In point of fact, the Bolivarian revolution was a people-power revolution which is, essentially, a democratic revolution. Ideologues hate this because most ideologues in fact dislike democracy.

    People close to me have worked in these countries, and in Cuba, and the only negatives they encountered were caused by US Government sanctions. Ironically, a recent survey around the world found that people in Nicaragua are the most satisfied with their lives. This is what it’s really all about.

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  10. Susan said – “No point in voting anymore. It’s all rigged. Federal of course, State aka recent Vic elections and Palachook in Qld. Can’t seem to vote Liebor out of Qld, they’ve been in forever. Probably local councils too. The Globalists are taking over the world as we speak.”

    Susan nailed it.

    The only solution is to tip the entire playing board over and start from scratch – and disinfect any and all Globalist influence from the equation while we’re at it.

    Maybe Brazil can accomplish this, if their military brass have the balls to step up and protect the Brazilian people.

  11. Susan: “The Globalists are taking over the world as we speak.”

    Correct, and they INVENTED and OWN both the communists AND the fascists and any number of permutations of them. 🙂


  12. No point in voting anymore. It’s all rigged. Federal of course, State aka recent Vic elections and Palachook in Qld. Can’t seem to vote Liebor out of Qld, they’ve been in forever. Probably local councils too. The Globalists are taking over the world as we speak.


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