Our ‘judicial system is permanently compromised’ as a result of the Pell case – Professor Zimmerman

by Prof Augusto Zimmermann PhD     January 2023

Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic leader, died in Vatican City on Jan. 10, aged 81.  He will be buried in St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, where he served as archbishop for 13 years.

Professor Augusto Zimmerman

In 2017, Cardinal Pell was charged and found guilty of historical child sex abuse, but the conviction was later unanimously squashed by the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia.

George Pell v The Queen is a case that involved allegations of sexual conduct against a minor by one of the most senior prelates in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Australia.  Prior to the trial, Victoria’s Chief Commissioner Graeme Aston had implied that Pell was guilty by referring to the accusers as his “victims,” thus extinguishing the benefit of the doubt from the minds of potential jurors.

Due to the hostile reception during his appearances, anyone unfamiliar with him would have been inclined to believe that Pell was responsible for child sexual assaults within the Church.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, Cardinal Pell was a pioneer in fighting against institutional child sex abuse.  Second, he was not even in charge of a diocese or an archdiocese when the historical cases of child abuse took place.

Pell appealed against his conviction on grounds that the jury had disregarded the required standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a remarkably short time, with little comment or precedent to support their decision, the two trial judges summarily dismissed his appeal.  “We do not experience a doubt about the truth of [the accuser’s] account, or the Cardinal’s guilt,” they said.

Not so brief was the dissenting reasoning of Justice Mark Weinberger. In a compelling 215-page dissection of the case, he concluded:  “The complainant’s allegations against the applicant were, to one degree or another, implausible … There is to my mind a significant possibility that the applicant [Pell] in this case may not have committed these offences.”

Cardinal Pell’s legal team filed their special leave to the High Court on Jan. 3, 2020.   In a seven-to-zero ruling handed down on April 7, 2020, the Full Court summarily dismissed the accusation as it found no evidence that Pell had committed any crime.  The Court also stated that the jury had failed to entertain the benefit of the doubt and that the Victorian Court of Appeals had committed significant errors of law.

Two days after the Court’s acquittal, Daniel Andrews, the premier of Victoria, declared that he had no sympathy to the innocent person whom the highest court of the land had unanimously found to be wrongfully imprisoned for more than 400 days.  Unfortunately, the Victorian premier was not the only Australian politician to show no regard for the principles of natural justice and due process of law.

Before the High Court even had the chance to overrule Pell’s unfair conviction, the then Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said: “Our justice system has affirmed no Australian is above the law.”  He also said that those courts whose decisions were overturned by the High Court “had done their work well.”

These statements of Australia’s political leaders should invite a reflection of their commitment to fairness and the realisation of the rule of law.

Cardinal Pell was released from jail soon after the High Court quashed all his convictions. “I have consistently maintained my innocence while suffering from a serious injustice,” he said shortly after his acquittal was announced.

According to David Flint AM, a constitutional law professor, because Pell dared to take unpopular positions on matters such as abortion, euthanasia and global warming, he basically became the victim of “unjust treatment” and “character assassination.”

“Rather than being hated, he should be admired for this. But such is the narrow thinking of the elites today that dissent is intolerable, and any dissenter must be punished,” Professor Flint says.

Legal affairs commentator, Chris Meritt, told Sky News Australia that “the fact that an old, sick man spent a long time in prison and was eventually shown by the highest court in the land to be innocent, it still, it ranks up there … as one of the greatest miscarriages of justice we’ve ever seen in this country.”

To conclude, the case against Pell was part of a “broader war” over everything that he so bravely symbolised.  While the case against him was notoriously weak, motivations for convicting an innocent person were strong, and our judicial system is permanently compromised as a result.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Anthony D Côdd

    As an aside – George Cardinal Pell’s conviction wasn’t squashed it was quashed.


  2. Kangaroo court has never liked politicians, churches, MSM, political parties, Kerry Stokes, judges, and just about everybody else so what else is new? Ed


  3. “Pell has an extensive history of supporting paedo priests as well as showing total disregard for the victims.”

    So ultimately if you have a hard time making the charge stick then convict a man on some other charge instead. Is that what you’re suggesting? The end justifies the means?

    Sorry mate, but it’s a sad day when we Aussies think it’s all right for us to turn to an evil to punish another evil.


  4. Fully understand. I do not support some of the stuff Kangaroo court covers and Zimmerman may be OK on numerous other issues, but Pell does not deserve the slightest support, even if in one instance the court rulings may have been wrong about him. Pell has an extensive history of supporting paedo priests as well as showing total disregard for the victims.


  5. vasilly orlow said – “If there is a hell – that’s where Pell will be.”

    Perhaps you’re right, although I personally doubt it – but that’s just my opinion, just like Shane Dowling at Kangaroo Court has his own opinion, as do you.

    BTW, I certainly don’t dismiss Kangaroo Court out of hand – as stated on the website https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/

    “Kangaroo Court of Australia is focused on investigating and reporting political corruption, judicial corruption and the associated police corruption.”

    However, while so many of us now seem to be expending our energy squabbling over poor old Cardinal Pell’s Final Destination – something over which we have little if any control or even any influence UNLESS one happens to be a card-carrying registered Saint of the Heavenly Realms – here in Australia we have a whole SWARM of lowlife scheming lying cheating double-dealing genocidal baby-killing Luciferian Globalist stooges and private armies of brain-dead hired Gestapo thug shit-for-brains ARSEHOLES determined to impoverish, starve, imprison, torture, maim and kill ALL OF US and utterly DESTROY our country.

    The only concern I have over Cardinal Pell is that he has suffered gross injustice at the hands of utter malevolence and corruption – but that’s just my opinion.

    What concerns me rather more is that WALKING DEMON-SHITS like Lucifer-loving Dictator Dan and that bug-eyed psycopath Gunner and that fat stupid excuse for a cannibal sow Palaszczuk and that genocidal scum McGowan and that fake “Catholic” Satanist Dom Perignon and Hillsong peadophile and closet Satan-worshipper Smirk and adrenochrome-addicted fake PM AnAL and ALL THE REST are all ON THE LOOSE, all IN OUR FACE and AS BIG AS LIFE, who have a veritable DEATH GRIP on our nation and who continue to busy themselves with our EXTERMINATION with nary a care in the world or apparently anyone able to put a stop to their agenda or hold them to account!

    I’m rather less worried about poor old Cardinal Pell’s fate than that of EVERY LIVING AUSTRALIAN right now, as we seemingly CONTINUE to sleepwalk to our collective doom at the hands of the legions of f*cking PSYCOPATHS who remain steadfastly determined to send ALL OF US to early graves.


  6. Kangaroo court doesn’t like churches or politicians or alleged paedos who have been exonerated but that’s his opinion. Fortunately Zimmerman has been outspoken on many issues that few others in jurisprudence will mention.Editor


  7. Zimmerman is a complete twat and sounds more like a paedo apologist. Just look up the latest Kangaroo Court of Australia article about Pell. The article goes into a lot of depth about his past actions. His entire history is about Paedo protection and coverups to protect the “guilty as hell” Catholic church. If there is a hell – that’s where Pell will be.


  8. No matter if he was innocent or guilty he screwed survivors out of real compensation and got to be the Vatican treasurer for it, and if anyone trust the judicial system here in Australia that protects paedophiles you would have to be blind, the 90 suppression order on paedophiles in positions of power showed that, and the reason given was so the public wouldn’t lose faith in the judiciary, lol no one can ever tell me, he knew nothing sergeant Shultz.


  9. David… You are right, 1973 was the year this started, but not by Whitlam. He was captive to the agenda, for sure, but less than 2 years later he realised he was being used, just as Malcolm Fraser much later realised he had been used to get rid of Whitlam.

    The takeover of our country was organised by David Rockefeller and Rupert Murdoch in concert. In 1973, David completed his Trilateral Commission and then invited Murdoch to become a US citizen and run the media side of the NWO strategy. Murdoch appointed Frank Lowy and Ross Garnaut to run Australia and News Ltd began a campaign to lesbianise feminism.

    By this time the CIA was well established here and its agents discovered that Whitlam was about to close down Pine Gap and to name the CIA agents in Parliament: Hawke, Anthony, Ables, Lasting, and Tange.

    That was September 1975, and Whitlam was sacked five hours before Parliament was in session. Pilger later recorded this as did two other journalists. One of the agents later regretted the coup and blew the whistle, and was imprisoned for 22 years.


  10. Australia has changed so much since 1973, It was then that I first became aware of the level of political manipulation taking place in all of society. The slogans still ring in my mind! “It’s Time” said Whitlam, “All the way with LBJ” said Holt, etc. Looking back on all this, it is obvious all our systems and institutions are broken or captured. Even our elections have been compromised, possibly by China, or agents closer to home. As far as Cardinal Pell was concerned, it was obvious he was up against some sinister and powerful forces. Those forces are still in place and beyond the ability of any of our governments or agencies and institutions, to dislodge or remove. In my opinion, this is tyranny. The Australian population don’t want to see nor believe that such evil exists. It is like watching a frog, being slowly boiled.


  11. I seem to perceive quite a bit of partisan position-taking in this thread.

    Personally, I have no interest in anything Zimmerman or Flint have to say. To me, context is everything and I am painfully aware that the truth is hidden from us. Thus we are left with no response but conjecture.

    I don’t give a toss whether Pell was guilty of paedophilia or not. Thousands were, and are. However, I do know that throughout his career, he protected his own ambitions by ignoring paedophilia and corruption. He should have acted to protect the helpless and the innocent and chose not to. Therefore, I see him as a major cause of what has happened to Australia.

    If I had had the opportunity, I would have put the rope around his neck and kicked the trapdoor lever with gusto. One traitor down and thousands to go.

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  12. betty mac: “While I think Pell was badly treated I can’t believe that he didn’t know about the paedophilia being carried out in the Church….as ‘boss’ he should have come down like a ton of bricks on the perpetrators…the responsibility was on his shoulders.”

    Precisely! But Pell’s individual case was always a furphy. A case of look here, don’t look elsewhere. And the MSM played its part unrelentingly tainting Pell’s “jury” and public opinion.

    As for the notion that “Our ‘judicial system is permanently compromised’ as a result of the Pell case”, Prof Zimmermann entirely dismisses the impact of the 90 year embargo on the Wood Commission matters.

    THAT embargo compromises our judicial and political systems MUCH MORE than anything Pell himself may have taken to his grave or any individual injustice he may or may not have suffered.

    There’s every point in focusing on a splinter and forgetting about the log, isn’t there! Just ask those who were prominent in condemning Pell yet appear to find little discomfort with the embargo.

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  13. lindesymonds said – “The government of the Republic has passed covertly under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith in league with the Trade Federation. Dooku and Obi-wan discuss.”

    1. Dooku seems to be the only one who knows WTF he’s doing.

    2. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Antichrist won’t actually rise to power until Europe has once again been overrun by “the Turks” (apologies to Turks everywhere – that’s just Middle-Age vernacular for Muslims, although to be sure, Turkey is not to be lightly dismissed) and THEN Europe is rallied by a German king to drive “the Turks” back out of Europe.

    So given the current world circumstances, the Antichrist is a way off yet – maybe even decades or longer.

    Martin Armstrong says the f*cking psycopathic Satanic Globalists (my words, Mr. Armstrong is much more polite) will ultimately fail in their global power grab – most likely it will all be over and done with by around 2032.

    And that metaphoric Sith Lord (the Antichrist) will still be lurking somewhere in the background, quietly biding his time. And FWIW, unlike that fat useless pompous Dr. Evil doppleganger sack-of-shit Schwab and his worthless sociopathically dysfunctional sidekick sack-of-shit paedophile mini-me creepy Bill, the Antichrist will actually be able to do stuff – scary stuff, just like his fictional Sith Lord counterpart.


  14. Madeline. I hear you.


  15. Madeline said – “Who wrote this shit?”

    Actually, Madeline, it’s in the article’s title – one Professor Zimmerman.

    And circumstantially, BTW, the full complement of High Court judges.

    As you correctly state, poor old (my assessment) Cardinal Pell is now out of our hands and must face the Just Judge (as will we all).

    But please, let’s not overlook a core premise of Professor Zimmerman’s short essay – Australia’s legal system is thoroughly broken, and beholden to the likes of Smirk Morrison and professional dog-shit Dangerous Dan and ALL THE REST. Cardinal Pell’s particular saga aside, these vermin are Luciferian Globalist psycopaths – SATANISTS – and they have COMPLETE CONTROL of our country!

    Whatever Cardinal Pell may or may not have done (and just like you, I have my own opinions on this), Cardinal Pell is no longer with us – but mass-murdering baby-killer and self-appointed supreme ruler Arsehole Andrews is STILL HERE as big as life – and he’s GETTING AWAY with his deliberate orchestrated slow-motion genocide of Victorians in general and newborn babies ALL ACROSS AUSTRALIA, with COMPLETE IMPUNITY.

    Even VOTING in our fake “democracy” is now completely futile and meaningless – the various “electoral commissions” are now just Globalist organs delivering WHATEVER results our Satanic overlords desire – PERIOD.

    No-one has managed to STOP these f*cking PSYCOPATHS, and they NEVER back down, they always DOUBLE DOWN.

    If you do feel so very strongly about Cardinal Pell, maybe you could go dig up his grave and jump up and down on his carcass. That’ll show him.

    Meanwhile, we’re still facing an actual ongoing Holocaust against ALL OF US – to injure, impoverish, poison, maim and kill ALL OF US – by the very institutions that are supposed to be PROTECTING our interests.

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  16. Thank you, Professor Zimmerman, for some inconvenient and rather uncomfortable truth – discomfort that should be shared by ALL Australians, irrespective of idealogical bent or political persuasion.

    Bottom line – for the most part, Australia HAS no law. We’ve allowed our country to be hijacked by a bunch of evil Luciferian psycopaths beholden ONLY to their utterly degenerate Globalist masters, who incidentally desire that all of us either DIE or bow down to worship THEM – FOREVER.

    It’s no surprise that the names Morrison and Andrews feature prominently in the Professor’s article – both completely worthless low-life genocidal shit-stains with delusions of power, wealth and immortality. The breathtakingly blatant in-your-face hypocrisy of Hillsong paedophile protector, pathologic two-faced liar and closet Satanist Morrison slandering poor old Cardinal Pell beggars belief – looking forward to the Day of Judgement, Smirk Morrison has already sealed his fate with a custom cubicle awaiting him somewhere in the deepest pits of Hell. Enjoy your life of luxury while you can, Scotty from Marketing – you’ll have Eternity to try to double-talk your way out of the fires of Hell.

    Meanwhile, don’t even get me started on that undigested dog-turd Dictator Dan (probably poisoned the dog) – as Professor Zimmerman significantly and correctly observed –

    “According to David Flint AM, a constitutional law professor, because Pell dared to take unpopular positions on matters such as abortion, euthanasia and global warming, he basically became the victim of “unjust treatment” and “character assassination.””

    … and let’s keep it uppermost in our minds, folks, sidewalk shit-smear Andrews is a bona-fide mass-murdering baby-killer who not only single-handedly engineered the industrial-scale slaughter of newborn babies IN EVERY STATE AND TERRITORY ACROSS AUSTRALIA, and blocked PAIN KILLERS for said babies to keep the baby meat and organs in pristine condition for market, he’s actually PROUD of his “achievement” and wants to extend the butchery up to 28 days POST-BIRTH (which is just the prelude to killing children “post-birth” up to 2 YEARS OF AGE, and from there the sky’s the limit).

    And BTW, arbitrary pig-fart Dangerous Dan is fully on-board with torturing and killing as many Victorian as possible using his self-appointed “pandemic” powers and his private army of brain-dead hired Gestapo thug shit-heads masquerading as “police”.

    Is it any wonder these genocidal Luciferian psycopathic ARSEHOLES had to move Heaven and Earth to shut down someone like poor old Cardinal Pell?

    In the fullness of time, when the freedom and sovereignty of Australians is eventually recovered and the genuine rule of law is restored, we’ll have the enormous satisfaction of seeing disgusting abominations like Smirk Morrison and Satan-lover Andrews – and ALL THE REST – launched on their one-way passage to their Final Destination.

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  17. Madeline, we all hope, people that who have been used by the Jewish-approved pedophiles will hang, or whatever punishment they should experience. Remember pedophilia, is approved by the Jewish Handbooks. Mind you the child must be at least 3 years and a few months. Jewish Handbooks, = I think you might know? — The Talmud and The Torah…
    You can easily find all this info on the internet from various Jew websites…


  18. Jewish controlled Roman ship, Well judge yourself.
    Vatican still mandating (The Jew made) abortion-tainted COVID jabs for journalists who wish to join papal trips.


  19. Who wrote this shit? How dare they defend a man who is GUILTY OF BEING A PEDOPHILE!!! I know a young man who hanged himself because of Cardinal Pell. Pell was as guilty as sin, and he will be dealt with in the afterlife because his fellow-pedo buddies protected him in this life. There’s no getting away from what he’s in for now. Evil, evil man.

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  20. One way or another something stinks.
    “Cdl. Pell called Synod on Synodality a ‘toxic nightmare’ just before he died.”
    Article has various links re other Bishops who have left the sinking Jewish control ship in Rome!


  21. betty mac said – “Or am I just nit picking?”

    Yes, Betty, you’re nit picking.

    Perhaps pause to consider the credentials of the author, Professor Zimmerman – not that credentials alone suffice, but being a PhD in his particular field, one might reasonably expect meticulous attention to the MEANING and CONTEXT of each and every word committed to this article.

    If we prefer to play arbitrary word-salad, then we can pick and choose and customise the author’s short essay to produce whatever outcome we might individually desire, regardless of the Professor Zimmerman’s actual intent.


  22. The government of the Republic has passed covertly under the control of a Dark Lord of the Sith in league with the Trade Federation. Dooku and Obi-wan discuss.


  23. The judiciary system in Australia and elsewhere has gained a surprisingly large amount of social media writers negative to it. Many nowadays do not trust their serious legal matters in the hands of any court.

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  24. One word in the Professor Zimmerman’s article interested me very much…it was the word ‘HIS’, in the following paragraph.
    Quote:-“Prior to trial, Victoria’s Chief Commissioner, Graeme Aston, implied that Pell was guilty by referring to the accusers as ‘ HIS’ victims, thus extinguishing the benefit of doubt from the minds of potential jurors.” End quote.

    Take HIS out of the equation and it changes the whole context.
    Does anyone have the actual transcript of this conversation ?
    Or am I just nit picking?
    While I think Pell was badly treated I can’t believe that he didn’t know about the paedophilia being carried out in the Church….as ‘boss’ he should have come down like a ton of bricks on the perpetrators…the responsibility was on his shoulders.


  25. Destruction of traditional religions is near top of the list for the NWO criminal cabal and subjugation of the justice system is another tool in their armament to achieve that. Victims and survivors are trying to get justice in a system bent out of shape by the whim of criminals and useful idiots.

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  26. Our political system was corrupted long before this case. If you have had any reason to attend a court hearing, especially in family law you will understand that it is morally bankrupt and needs a huge overhaul.


  27. Hi Editor

    Wake up people

    Treasonous Political Parties created their abstract Queen of Australia in 1973

    Proposed Alterations to the Constitution

    Constitution Commission 1988

    A Bill No 1 for There are 44 Bills like this.

    *An Act to alter the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act by *

    omitting obsolete words and so as to recognise the Queen of Australia.

    Wake up people

    Treasonous Political Parties created their pretend High Court of Australia

    in 1979 under their Queen of Australia. All these Treasonous Political

    Parties Courts under their abstract Australia and abstract Queen of Australia

    are just Traitors pretending to have Crown and Constitutional Authority.

    When the people wake up, all Judiciary need to hang onto their necks.


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  28. Yet another travesty of what is labelled Justice in Australia. It is possible that the Cardinal died of natural causes, but I have my doubts, having exposed yet more of the really evil side of the Vatican.

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  29. Any commentary on this by politicians is rubbish.. didn’t they make up a law that protects political & high profile paedophiles named in the Wood royal commission by ex senator Heffernan

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  30. It is common knowledge from the Wood Royal Commission and the Royal Commission into Ritual and Sexual Abuse within Institutions that there do exist police lists of alleged paedophiles [think networks] which the police are not permitted to investigate because government and judiciary acting in concert have placed these lists are under 90 year suppression orders.

    The names on these lists encompass every branch of government and extend across all institutions of social influence, most notably the Catholic Church and other Christian churches

    As a captured state, the Australian government and its Westminster system is undergoing Communist subversion and is totally unresponsive to the Australian people. I am sure everyone gets this by now.

    As Australia’s most senior Catholic prelate, the Masonic orders and secret societies, which are networking the subversion of Australian institutions for the Revolution and its OWNERS, decided to put Cardinal Pell in the frame as the Numero Uno Paedo in order to brand associate the sexual violation of minors with the Church and deflect attention from the fact that the elite paedos are across every branch of government [and being protected by every branch of government].

    These protected networks persecuted Cardinal Pell without mercy through the courts and jailed him in solitary confinement for years. And eventually the High Court reversed the decisions of the lower courts. This will cut no mustard with the Roman Catholics.

    We get it that the judiciary is entirely corrupted by the elite paedos being protected by the judiciary.

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  31. So, the children that originally complained the abuse, are too be called liars for the rest of their lives. Their parents, the same, to be also thrown onto the scrap heap of shame. Were the children injured physically and mentally. We have never been told the other side of this argument. Has justice been served, apparently yes, going by high court judges, elected by Goverments.

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