Production of ammunition and repair of military equipment has ceased in Ukraine

UkroNazis using local inhabitants as human shields while shelling Russian Forces

By Cossack Colonel

Our Russian military expert Oleksiy Leonkov noted that “all sophisticated NATO equipment and weapons in Ukraine will be operated by the Polish military.” There is mounting evidence that regular militaries are operating self-propelled artillery systems, multiple rocket launchers, counter-battery stations, and the management of advanced drones. More so-called Polish mercenaries have been killed in the Ukraine than any other mercenary. Poland will likely be Ukraine’s primary provider in supplying military personnel.

The first two versions of the US Patriot – PAC-1 & PAC-2 missiles in Iraq proved to be extremely ineffective. The PAC-3 has not been tested in combat, it is equipped with an AN / MPQ-65 radar, which is able to detect low-altitude and small targets at distances of 70 klm. Ukraine is in desperate need of air defence systems as their current X-soviet systems have mostly been destroyed by the RF. The RF S300/400 systems require 16 people to operate including security while the the Patriot behemoth requires 90 people.

In January the RF frigate Admiral Gorshkov is armed with cruise missiles, including long-range and hypersonic Zircon missiles. The exact capabilities of these missiles are still classified. However, the approximate parameters of these missiles outclass the competition. A velocity greater than 8 times the speed of sound (approx. 9500 Klm/hr), with an attack range of roughly 1000 kilometres.

Recently the “Suvorov” Borey-A class and “Emperor Alexander III” submarines entered Russian Naval service. Imperator Alexander III is the 7th missile carrier of the Borey-A family of RF strategic nuclear submarines. Such ships are capable of carrying 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Imperator Alexander III, sea trials will commence in June. The previous, 6th missile carrier of the family (Generalissimo Suvorov) was also accepted into the Navy. As part of the current Russian armament program, 4 more submarines of the Borey-A project are to be constructed.

On December 29, the RF dealt a massive blow to the military command and control system and energy facilities of Ukraine. Ukraine’s production and repair of military equipment and ammunition has ceased, and the transfer of reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the western regions of Ukraine ceased. As a result of the destruction of railway transportation, foreign weapons supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are blocked in the rear regions.

The Russian state tech corporation Rostec is set to ramp up the production of Tupolev Tu-160M strategic missile-carrying bombers. The Tu-160 is a major part of Russia’s nuclear triad and, therefore, the upgrade of the operational aircraft and the resumption of the production of these bombers is a priority. These are the first serial-produced plane under the Tu-160M resumed production program and the operational aircraft that has undergone extensive modernization are currently being field tested.

US M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)

The Ukranian artillery units have started to receive imported 152mm OF-25T shells as of January 2022, indicating that this order was placed well before the commencement of the Special Military Operation, most likely in 2021. Just after midnight on New Year’s Day, Ukrainian missiles struck a school in Makiivka that housed RF soldiers. The Ukrainian military fired 6 long-range missiles using US HIMARS (.M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System)

Russia indicated that they shot down 2 of the 6 missiles. Some 300 are injured and 70-odd are dead and counting. Apparently, the men used their cell phones to call home, the signals were numerous and hence were targeted. The structure had a two-storey basement below, this would have provided some protection. Anyone located above ground was a sitting duck. US military personnel are purportedly sacked in the US, then reassigned as supposed mercs in Ukraine to operate the military equipment like the Himars.

The west is enraged that Zelensky is out of control and has adopted his own radical behaviour

 In Kiev a brutal repressive machine is at work. No former-Soviet state ever based its governance on such a vertical power structure like Zelensky’s. The Constitutional Court has been taken under full control, the Kiev District Administrative Court (KDAC) disbanded, there is no opposition in the Ukrainian parliament. The courts, the police, the law enforcement agencies, the tactical defence battalions, and everything else are run by Zelensky.

The only organisation in Ukraine not controlled by President Zelensky are the anti-corruption bodies set up by the West.

The only organisation not controlled by Zelensky are the anti-corruption bodies set up by the West. The west is enraged that he is out of control and has adopted his own radical behaviour. The West wanted a fully dependent puppet but acquired a figure who appears to be dependent but is trying to be autonomous. The US will continue in its efforts to replace the current puppet.

Following a massive missile and drone attack on military targets in Kiev, a large number of ambulances were seen in the city. The office of the Ukrainian president prohibits publishing reports on military casualties. Military correspondents and bloggers remain silent following attacks. Hence, it’s difficult to know the precise number of casualties in the Ukraine Armed Forces.

It seems that on the 30.12.22 the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately fired an S-300 missile at Belarus in order to test its air defences. Apparently Kiev is trying to provoke a regional conflict. Ukraine (NATO) is provoking Minsk is creating the preconditions for a joint Russian-Belarus force to enter the Ukraine from Belarus.

Such a move would allow the RF army to cut off the supply of military equipment, weapons, and munitions that enter the Ukraine thru Poland. The Belarus army is ready to create a force of any composition and size to the Russian one.P/2

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Don’t know about this? Ed


  2. So this is goodbye then. Would be nice to have been informed that I broke your rules, (I did send an apology) Nevertheless I got banned for slapping a troll.
    “No more posts for you IvorMcTin “
    We all hang together or we hang separately
    Ta ta yadda yadda yadda.
    I’ll just write my poetry then. BYE


  3. Latest on the Wagner Battalion’s clearing up in Soledar.

    The Soledar operation was conducted with the close support of Colonel Yuri’s ‘6th Cossack Regiment,’ which get a brief mention.

    Here’s a detailed analysis of Colonel Yuri’s role in the Soledar engagement. No doubt his next report will fill us in with further details.


  4. According to the latest combat maps, Yuri’s Cossacks have made excellent progress and are now closing in for their assault on Pidhorodne and Krasna-hora: located between Bakhmut and Soledar. This will split the local Ukrainian forces into two smaller groups, making them easier to isolate and eliminate.

    Every week the Ukrainian front line withdraws little by little. The Russians are grinding them down slowly but surely, as planned.

    This undeniable fact has now forced Zelensky to publicly admit, that the Bakhmut/Soledar sector is in big trouble. Say no more.

    PS. Correction to last post: should have been ‘major breakthrough on Colonel Yuri’s northern flank.’ As the Wagner Battalion are now operating as two assault groups: i.e. Assault Group South (Bakhmut) and Assault Group North (Soledar).


  5. Major breakthrough on Colonel Yuri’s southern flank. The Wagner Battalion has just captured Soledar, and its famous salt mines.

    The Bakhmut defenders are now in a difficult position, and possible large scale encirclement, due to a similar advance south of the city.


  6. Belarus has just issued a draft for all men, aged 18 to 60 years old.

    Looking at the latest Bakhmut maps, we can see that the Wagner Battalion has now broken through Bakhmut’s southern defensive positions in Opitnye. Further gains in the north-east have been secured the WB’s right flank along the main highway, thus, opening the way to Pihorodne

    However, what is more significant, concerns Russia’s recent deployment of its Navy, which usually takes a back seat to its land forces. This is a new move from Russia, probably acting as a counter-move to an unseen NATO provocation, which I’m as yet unaware of.

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  7. Appreciating the posts ( critiques & corrections, all quite healthy)
    As I posted a few days ago about the Poles moving in, the provocation upon Belarus & a giant land grab in the offing due to the inevitable fall of the Zelenski regime, am feeling quite vindicated ( prematurely perhaps) The cell phone tracking stunt featured in the news on RT today. Brits again ( of course) using shadowy outfit Autonomy 6 (MI6?) & “Prevail” to commit war crimes as per Crimea Bridge attack (4dead?)
    Ruskies seem to be doing just fine in spite of sanctions, sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.


  8. Gotta correct you on this one Tony he has been on the front line and was recently wounded. He speaks almost no english so we will get the translator to look at the translation but for this one you are horribly wrong. Editor


  9. Much as I love our old Komrade, Yuri Komonyiski and his regular cheerful narratives on the destruction of Ukraine, it is horribly clear he ceased serving in the military some decades ago.

    I won’t go into his errors on regular weaponry, but he has to get the key missiles right because these are what will win Putin’s war, if only Russian party intelligence would let Putin know what is going on in the battlefield.

    Error one: a ballistic missile is one fired using navigation calculations, as one does with a rifle. The moment the bullet has left the barrel the firer has lost all control. Secondly, there is a curve to the flight path, which is what the word ‘ballistic’ refers to. A missile with a guidance system is not a ballistic missile

    Error two. The Zircon does not fly at 8 times the speed of sound. Even the backward US can outdo that. The Zircon is a scramjet hypersonic Mach 25 fully-manoeuvrable-to-target missile that flies at an altitude of fifty Ks. That is 25 times the speed of sound and is absolutely unstoppable. America has nothing like it.

    I don’t want to sound too picky, but the Patriot missile has a history of complete failure. The first guidance system failed. The second guidance system failed. The third guidance system failed. And the missile would not fire from its ancient B52 platform. Raytheon Technologies could not make a decent missile even if its designers were sober, which is unlikely.

    Their security is hopeless. I intercepted their plot, with LockeheedMartin, to set up missiles in Arnhem land, Australia. Yesterday, another blogger had the same experience, the site gets taken down, too late.

    The Yanks are corrupt and incompetent and they are fools who believe their own propaganda. And while we are focused on the Ukraine farce, the Seppos are setting us up in Australia as nuclear targets for China.

    But keep us amused, Konrade Yuri. Just, please, do a little reading before you write. Хорошего дня.


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