Solange Goodes (third from left) with her freeman/sovereign citizen supporters in Adelaide. The group has been targeted by South Australian police over alleged threats and firearms offences. Details below.


A REPORT in the online news outlet Crikey has highlighted some major problems with the Queensland Police Service official narrative of the Train family shooting. The journalist Cam Wilson didn’t actually state that in his recent article, but the facts as he gathered them, certainly point in that direction.

As we all know, the cops and media all spun the story that the Train shooting was totally unexpected after four young constables were sent to the property to investigate a missing person’s request from NSW police.

Senior Queensland police claim they “knew little” about the Train family until the shooting, but Wilson, who did some background digging on the Trains, reported on a series of videos they posted on a now deleted YouTube channel called “Mrs Yugi Girawil”. Wilson reported that two videos posted the week before the shooting “also menacingly insult four named police officers and speak of previous welfare checks about the property”.

The channel “had only six subscribers, 13 videos and fewer than 100 views on the majority of their videos as of last night”, Wilson reported. “The channel was created in May 2022 but all of the videos had been created since the beginning of November.”

That discovery totally contradicts a statement by Assistant Commissioner Tracy Linford (previously reported by Cairns News) who told a recent media conference that police had “very little history” of the Train family and Nathaniel Train’s only record was “a driving offence”.

Linford herself then admitted straight after that comment that Nathaniel Train had been caught by police breaking the border during lockdowns and was carrying legally registered guns in his vehicle at the time. Linford’s contradiction was in plain sight. Another serious question raised is why did senior cops send four inexperienced rookies to the property if they knew there were firearms there and the Trains were expressing clear hatred of and threats against cops?

It seems beyond believable that police, including Linford, who is a member of a Australia-New Zealand police counter-terrorism committee, didn’t have the Trains on their radar. They and the NSW police obviously knew where Nathaniel Train was living after his apparently unprosecuted busting of the border during the Covid lockdowns.

Wilson’s further reporting adds fuel to this fire. “Videos and comments posted by the account earlier in the day foreshadow the attack. The account commented on its own video on Monday hinting at violence,” Wilson wrote.

After dealing with covert agents and tactics for sometime now, Daniel believes that should they choose to cross the rubicon with public state actors – our Father is giving us a clear sign. Monsters and their heads are soon parted,” the account commented on a video posted earlier in the week.

A video posted at 1.41pm on Monday titled ‘Prepare for battle and be strangers on earth’ combined apocalyptic graphics with a female voice reading from ‘2 Esdras’, an obscure book included in some versions of the Bible. The passage speaks about impending war, sinners being punished and Judgment Day. ‘For of a city there shall be 10 left, and two of the field, which shall hide themselves in the thick groves, and in the clefts of the rocks,’ the voice says.”

Wilson reported further: “A video posted on Sunday uses a picture of Nathaniel accompanied by a male voice reading out the report. It then goes on to make a claim that Nathaniel was a whistleblower for “high-level corruption” in the NSW Department of Education and NSW Police. Two videos posted the week before also menacingly insult four named police officers and speak of previous welfare checks about the property. “‘Welfare checks’ aka state sponsored murder has started up again. These fools are stepping into a world of hurt they know nothing of,” the account commented on its own video last Friday.” Queensland police refused to answer a question from media as to whether they were aware of the YouTube account before the shooting.

Various theories have appeared online around the shooting, including that the property was wanted for gasfield development or that Nathaniel Train had exposed a pedophile ring involving NSW cops and the NSW Department of Education, his employer who he also accused of overseeing an exam cheating scandal which he raised with MP Mark Latham.

We simply cannot say either the gas or pedophile claims are true without hard evidence, and Crikey, not us, had access to the video naming four police – who they were and what they were allegedly doing, we don’t know.

We do know that 28 high-level pedophiles were identified from the Wood Royal Commission and these pedophiles are being protected by the Australian parliament. The Commission identified 284 police officers for investigation. By 2001 just nine officers pleaded guilty to corruption. The seven officers who went to jail included the former Gosford drug squad chief Wayne Eade and a former chief of detectives Graham “Chook” Fowler.

We also know that worldwide, the global powers that be are targeting dissidents and that these same powerful forces employ sexual compromise in all forms and extortion as one of the primary means of cementing their elite networks of control. The Epstein scandal was the tip of the iceberg.

Independent Australian journalist John Adams, in a 2021 video titled “Senator Heffernan and the 28 Men Accused of Evil”, said elite-level pedophilia was an issue that must be addressed. “Because if you don’t address it and allow these allegations to sit, there’s just a stench around Parliament and in terms of the legal profession, and whether these allegations are true or not people would just start to lose confidence in the way our country is run and that’s not healthy in our democracy.”

Adams went on to note that most of those 28 named were “historical figures” including a former Prime Minister and most were now dead. But Senator Heffernan also made a second series of allegations involving a list from “the legal fraternity” who attended Costellos, a boy brothel/club in King’s Cross, Sydney.

Given the nexus between elite pedophile networks and globalist networks of power that crucially must include police forces and judiciary, indeed we have a very dangerous threat to our country. And the stand-off between the globalist networks of power and awakened people is growing – as the massive worldwide protests during the Covid scamdemic showed.

The sad truth is that the Train brothers stepped across the line to turn what they knew into a jihad – a religious war. As revealed by Crikey, they seized upon selected extracts from the Apocrypha writings to justify their militancy, and sure enough, police found a target – an easily identifiable, small band of extremists who they could use to smear the growing ranks of political dissent – the so-called “conspiracy theorists” – in Australia.

Similarly, South Australian cops have run armed raids against a community labelled by media as “sovereign citizens” on a property called Freedom Farm at Sandy Creek, near Adelaide. Solange Goodes, 42, was  arrested at the farm in September 2021, after police allege she threatened them when they came to the property “to check if registered guns were properly secured”.

According to Nine News, the police firearm inspection team was turned away and then Goodes posted a video warning police that “if they brought in the big guns” the community would defend themselves. This prompted an armed raid by a SAPOL swat team. No shooting took place but 13 rifles were seized.

Ms Goodes’s husband, Toby Lockyer, was also charged with two firearms offences and hindering police. Goodes finally turned up at the Adelaide Magistrates Court just before Christmas 2021 (corrected), telling media she was doing so under extreme duress. Cairns News is currently seeking the outcome of Goodes and her husband’s charges.

Goodes and her community advocate freeman legal theory which is derived from divine, natural and common law but neither police nor the mainstream legal fraternity are prepared to accommodate it. But like the Trains, Goodes and her friends had registered firearms and told one local media outlet they had gone through previous weapons checks without incident. They were also operating under registered business names, which shows they were not completely outside the system and prepared to compromise to some degree for the sake of peace and safety.

Nevertheless, Nine News Adelaide called their beliefs “dangerous”. Dangerous for whom, one might ask? Governments hellbent on imposing increasing controls on people from lockdowns to vaccine mandates and centrally controlled digital money?