Two teens charged over murder of Brisbane mother

The Black Lives Matter apologists of the Queensland and Federal Labor Parties have another death on their hands after two 17 year old mulattos allegedly knifed a husband and wife during a Brisbane home invasion.

North Lakes mother of two, Emma Lovell, 41, was stabbed to death and her husband Lee was wounded while trying to defend their young children, their home and their lives during the violent break-in.

The alleged murderers were dressed in body suits, a new concept in policing. Some readers suggested the new attire might be an attempt by the Labor mob to hide the real identity of the suspects. Certainly television editors fall into line by obscuring faces. Pics Channel 9

Police tracked the pair down to a half-way house and arrested the culprits.

One of the offenders was responsible for the stabbing of a man in his St Lucia home in Brisbane last year.

The then 15-year-old was charged with attempted murder, was sentenced and has since been released from custody.

It is also understood one of the boys was arrested on Christmas Eve this year and charged with multiple offences.

Emma and Lee Lovell

In spite of police objections, a softie Magistrate released him on bail on Boxing Day, hours before he allegedly stabbed Emma Lovell to death.

On Wednesday, it was also revealed two other teen boys – aged 17 and 16 – who were under investigation over the alleged murder of Lovell are facing stealing charges related to a separate incident on the afternoon of Boxing Day, December 26.

Decades of violent home invasions, car theft and street violence have clearly demonstrated tougher laws cannot prevent such crimes from occurring. Cairns residents have lost a shocking 1265 cars to theft so far this year.

If these allegedly harsh laws worked as the Marxist Premier keeps saying they do, then the latest murder would not have occurred.

Innocent home owners as first respondents must be able to defend themselves and their families and to do this they must arm themselves with firearms. A double barrel 12 gauge shotgun would be a sufficient deterrent for any potential home invader.

Others could use a chemical fire extinguisher which can quickly disable an assailant if discharged in the face.

We can hear the cries of “red neck racists” from the pathetic political party duopoly but when it’s their turn for a bashing or slashing they will agree with the dialogue which has been all over Facebook.

While the black population is over-represented in the state’s jails, some Magistrates tend to go easy on Aboriginal or African offenders because the government funded Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service sheds crocodile tears in court about the accused’s probable alcohol and drug abuse during their upbringing.

Many younger Aboriginal children suffer from malnutrition hence huge behavioral problems. Little that we have seen is being done about this problem in Cairns or Townsville. Proper diets are almost non-existent.

Good and responsible Aboriginal elders and parents have told Cairns News over the years when researching the same subject, that nearly all black kids have lost any respect they may have had had for others.

“Their parents are seldom good role models although I know there are some who try hard but if they are drunk or full of drugs, a lot of the time the kids escape homes from abuse and hunger,” a respected Cairns elder said.

“Adults can’t teach their kids respect or traditional values because they themselves have not been taught and it has become a generational problem.

“There are few role models I can think of out there who could take kids onto country and teach respect.”

Aborigines are suffering from political party paternalism, no ownership of homes, few job opportunities, easily available sit-down money and total loss of respect because the communist Labor Party is trying to reinvent and sanitise Aboriginal history, which has led generations of Aborigines into the urban wilderness.

They have been deliberately de-sensitised to ‘living on country values’ and had drummed into the heads of those who attend state school that Aborigines own all of Australia and that “white bastards” stole your kids and your country.

This is the result of two generations of Labor’s state school socialist curriculum of indoctrination, teaching black kids to hate white people and that everybody except themselves owes them a living.

It is typical divide and conquer tactics of the communist manifesto. The police, as much as they try, find their hands tied by the commos in the ALP.

Yesterday the brainless Premier said she will toughen up juvenile justice laws as a knee-jerk response to the public backlash. Nothing was said about prevention, just more draconian policies for a mopping up exercise.

Cairns criminal lawyer Scott Osbourne told the Cairns Post the changes to laws sounded good from a political point of view but would do nothing to prevent crime.

He said increasing the penalty from seven years to 10 years for stealing a car would have little impact.

Jails are full to overflowing and there is no more room for black or white juvenile offenders. The Premier said there would be two new juvenile detention centres built to accommodate these criminals but what is the point of closing the gate after the horse has bolted?

And the rudderless, inept and dopey Labor PM Albanese wants to enshrine these pitiful values by referendum?

Albanese wants a black Voice, but it won’t be that of these poor sods. -contributed

Military enlistment could be a part of the solution:

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Multi-culturalism, human tsunami of diverse ethnicities / cultures is the NWO policy for White Western nations of Europe or nations where ethnic European stock has formed the state. And only White nations.

    According to Ursula von der Leyen, the EUSSR is now formerly committed to ‘the Africanization of Europe’. Who would have guessed? Can you imagine a policy like this being rolled out in an African nation?

    “White people make up just 8% of the world’s population but all White majority countries are being flooded by the third world and assimilated with ‘Multicultural’ programs until White children are made extinct forever. There will still be a billion Africans in Africa, a billion Indians in India and 2 billion Asians in Asia. Multiculturalism only erases White children. ”


  2. Ed: “I am unsure how you weave fascism into this strategy except that some of their policies are fascist-like.”

    Refer what Hitler and Mussolini and Big Capital did in most of Axis aligned Europe in the name of FIGHTING communism. Then compare with what’s taking place here and it will all be clear.

    The ALP and the Unions and the Greens have long abandoned their ideology in all but name. You probably know that better than most. They are now wholly purchased and owned subsidiaries of Mammon’s little helpers club. As is our treacherous political Duopoly.

    And Mammon is no communist, as you also know.

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  3. The ALP and the unions of the Proletarian working class operate hand in hand and are the total epitome of the Karl Marx handbook particularly with Aboriginal land rights, guns, Antifa, capping coal prices, soon to nationalise banking fulfilling their dream of CBDC, tying up all of Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait and all of the adjoining oceans in a land/sea collective, ad infinitum, so I am unsure how you weave fascism into this strategy except that some of their policies are fascist-like. Ed


  4. @lindesymonds,

    lol You inevitably avoid a response to the observable and empirically obvious facts on the ground. lol You prefer to fantasize about mumbo jumbo by the remnant of one of Russia’s most prominent OLIGARCH families which originated from the Lithuanian nobility and for centuries played whoever it could play to its advantage.

    Seriously, lindesy, analytically speaking you’re turning into a disappointment. lol No wonder you keep distracting with irrelevant and fantasy inspired ad hominem comments.

    As for being up at 7 a.m., You’ve frightened me so much with your Communist Australia story it’s obviously had a devastating impact on my circadian rhythm. lmao

    Nevertheless…. Happy New Year! And keep shaking the tree. lol

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  5. atdaividdd2 It’s New Year’s Day and you are back online at CN before 7 am. Let’s give the permanent world-wide Communist Revolution a break. You don’t want to read vol. 3 of the Capital and the works of Anatoliy Golitsyn. Fine. Elon has lifted catturd’s 3 year suspension. Why not unwind with a little catturd2


  6. A reference has been made to “fire extinguishers” as a defense strategy.
    I have always been of the opinion that an aerosol of degreaser to be effective, esspecialy with the addition of a cigarette lighter
    Shotguns etc are just too much trouble to acquire, and require an interaction with blue uniformed criminals.

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  7. Ed: “Rothschild Bank is the principal mortgagee of Queensland, too late. Ed”

    Not quite the quintessential “communists” and the proletarian working class, are they? Stand by for the mortgage default and foreclosure when their stake becomes the property of the QLD People’s Republic and the people of QLD, eh? 😉 lol

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  8. Rothschild Bank is the principal mortgagee of Queensland, too late. Ed


  9. Who the hell knows Blisskitt! First I’ve heard – but then I haven’t followed the ‘news’ for nearly 3 yrs now so am always a few steps behind unless it breaks elsewhere lol. Been wondering what’s in store for us all tomorrow…….


  10. In addition to this has anyone seen the story of Dad and daughter that died from house fire in Biggenden? It was originally reported as an accident, however, police now say there are suspicious circumstances.

    What the hell is going on in QLD?


  11. lindesymonds:
    “Do continue to the Hjew to the Party Line. But on CN there is a concerted effort to Fight the Foo and Manage the Woo. ”

    lmao Then go easy with your Poo.

    “The sistema is Communism under the United ‘Communist’ Nations”.

    Yes, of course, I should have known the “Judenstaat” is building a global Dictatorship by the Proletariat. lmao

    Their wet dream is obviously a classless society where they give everything to the Global State and own nothing so they can be happy. lol

    Nice fantasy. Just how high is your Ivory Tower? Still missing a few floors it seems.

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  12. hoohoohoo daviddd2 Do continue to the Hjew to the Party Line. But on CN there is a concerted effort to Fight the Foo and Manage the Woo.

    So called ‘private hands’ is the corporate sector that is bricked into the world financial pyramid as corporate infrastructure of the Big Jew Central Banking Cartel. In the Fourth Political Position, the UN and the CEOs of nations referr to this sector: as ‘multi-lateral partners’.

    This is the financial arm of the International Judenstaat. In the Communist Bloc, the CBC owns the apparatus of The Party which controls the state. In the Western Bloc, the CBC owns the state and its branches of government. These nation state corporations are also part of the infrastructure of the CBC.

    Same Bank, different franchises. The sistema is Communism under the United ‘Communist’ Nations. Think ‘vertically integrated’ with blocs of nations forming different triangles of the Hex on the pyramid.


  13. @Ian Mudie “What has this got to do with the murder?”

    Refer…. “This is the result of two generations of Labor’s state school socialist curriculum of indoctrination, teaching black kids to hate white people and that everybody except themselves owes them a living.”

    And… “It is typical divide and conquer tactics of the communist manifesto. The police, as much as they try, find their hands tied by the commos in the ALP.”

    Join the dots.

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  14. What has this got to do with the murder?


  15. PS lindesymonds,

    In case you still have any doubts you only need to check out the Ukraine show behind the scenes (see below link). This one refers to land control (as in “land, labour and capital” control) being transferred FROM the STATE to PRIVATELY OWNED FOREIGN CORPORATIONS. The exact opposite of Communist doctrines.


    It shouldn’t be hard for someone of your considerable intelligence to see through that little manipulation, right? Especially since the duopoly is pretty much in agreement and there’s next to no opposition. Not quite “communism” when government passes control of state land to ultimately private interests, is it?

    “Whose Grain Is Being Shipped from Ukraine? America’s GMO Agribusiness Giants to Take Control of Ukraine Farmland”

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  16. Dr: “Their natural habitat has always been the halls of State power, the vehicle through which they divert the people’s stolen money into their private coffers.”

    Yes, very much so. lol Their private laundromat is running 24/7 these days, both in broad daylight and in the dark of night. And the Average Joes are blissfully lining up in silence to be cleaned out.

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  17. This country needs to have ” CASTLE LEGISLATION” so that if you defend your home you cannot be charged. It is bullshit the police are saying call the police and wait til they arrive. So someone breaks into your home and attacks you with a knife, do you stand there and let them stab you while waiting for the police. At night the cops are way too bust sleeping to come and help you. I will never call police if I am having problems.


  18. Rightly so: but to my mind, the difference between night and day is simple, – is my wealth in my vault, or their vault? Last time I checked it was still in my vault.

    WHO they are is easy to determine, as they are very easy to pinpoint [if we are on the same page]. A bit like looking for dung beetles, – probably the obvious place to look is in a dung pile.

    Their natural habitat has always been the halls of State power, the vehicle through which they divert the people’s stolen money into their private coffers.

    Would I willingly share my wealth with these people?, er, – I think not!. Why should I ?,

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  19. Hehehe, lindesymonds, call it whatever you like, it’s going from State hands into Private hands…. in the opposite direction to Communism. You get the idea?

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  20. LOL yourself, daviddd2. What you are calling privatisation is what Karl Marx calls ‘rationalisation of the capital’.

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  21. “Avoid the spin, – and don’t get looted.”

    It helps to know the difference between night and day and WHO is WHO.

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  22. Nationalisation, collectivisation, etc, are merely ‘post-industrial’ intellectual terms for the upgrading of the former system of State theft, commonly known as tributes, taxation, etc. Nothing’s new under the Sun.

    Taxation is merely a ‘State nationalisation, or collectivisation of the collective wealth.’ And to think, the plebs never even noticed.

    ‘The weight of the gold in which Solomon recieveth yearly was 666 gold talents.’ (I Book of Kings. X: 14).

    ‘Let he who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, it’s number is six hundred and sixty-six.’ (Rev. XIII: 18).

    Avoid the spin, – and don’t get looted.


  23. My my, somebody messed up this story. The two MURDERERS are pixelated in the first picture(s) to disguise what everybody first thought and were subsequently proved correct. Too bad the second picture of the perp confirms it, Aboriginal! How marvellous it must be to be able to steal cars and other people’s property with impunity, even murder them if they happen to be white and all the bleeding heart politicians. lawyers and bleeding heart ‘civil liberties’ types will leap to the defence and blame ‘white society’ for their crimes, up to and fully including murder. Nauseating.

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  24. PS Ed,
    I’m not pressing the point but you’ll see the very same terminology also with the Nazi side which uses the term comrades as “Kameraden” . Comrade is not a term confined to the communists except in the MSM and Hollywood indoctrination programs to which we are consigned. .

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  25. Ed: “I don’t remember reading where Mussolini ever referred to anyone as Comrade.”

    Then I suppose you might appreciate the following images as somewhat of a surprise. 🙂

    Camerata fascista…. Fascist comrade (in arms)

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  26. Hi daviddd2, re: “What you’re referring to is pure and simple Fascism, evidenced SPECIFICALLY by social “collectivism” accompanied by “PRIVATISATION” as opposed to “nationalisation” of the country’s assets.” Spot on and worthy of reiterating! It doesn’t get any more concisely definitive than that.


  27. @lindesymonds: “The Communist Revolution is always about looting the country through the 5th Plank (rhymes with bank).”

    Yes, Marx was big on pushing the 5th Plank through the PRIVATISATION rather than the NATIONALISATION of state assets and divorcing for example the Reserve Bank of Australia from State control by giving it independence (NOT). lol

    That’s why the Australian State has also taken over the credit creation power of all the big 4 major banks by selling off the Commonwealth Bank (NOT).

    Empirical evidence and observation always kill ideological theories, no matter what flavour of ideology one subscribes to.

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  28. I don’t remember reading where Mussolini ever referred to anyone as Comrade. Every ALP MP in Qld calls each other Comrade,
    pure and simple and the idolise Karl Marx. Editor

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  29. @daviddd2 The Communist Revolution is always about looting the country through the 5th Plank (rhymes with bank).

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  30. Ed: “Collectivism as practiced by the ALP and Greens and to a lesser extent the LNP has been ingrained in school curricula for decades.”

    There’s nothing “Marxist” in QLD or Australia. What you’re referring to is pure and simple Fascism, evidenced SPECIFICALLY by social “collectivism” accompanied by “PRIVATISATION” as opposed to “nationalisation” of the country’s assets.

    Ask Mussolinis Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown shirts how it was done! Dachau originally was not built by the Nazis to exterminate Jews, it was built as an indoctrination camp to bring into line those who didn’t accept Fascist “collectivism”!

    No sirree bob, when they start “nationalising” things then you can start talking about communism and Marxism. Until then you’re dealing with pure and simple FASCISM!

    Anyone who has lived under BOTH systems and felt the sting of both on their skin can attest to that. Anything else qualifies as academic indulgence and regrettably steers people away from the evident reality.

    Perhaps you yourself may have fallen prey to it and may have been misguided by the constant kicking of the “communist” can by so many shills who would rather you look for the “communists” rather than discover the fascists? 🙂 The old “nothing to see here, look over there” gig!

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  31. The current Race Industries of support for Black entitlement to crime are failures by every social metric. They will virtually step into the role of co-governance if they are empowered by amendment to the 1901 Constitution in the Voice Referendum.

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  32. Brendon,I was about to write the same.


  33. Hi Comrade, as the Premier addresses her minions, perhaps we could have used the term Bolshevik, or Trotskyite or Stalinist
    but generally they all mean the same. Collectivism as practiced by the ALP and Greens and to a lesser extent the LNP has been ingrained in school curricula for decades. The Premier who is not elected as such, but nominated by the ALP factions as Premier, is an avid follower of Karl Marx. Now he was the original commie, he and Engels invented it.
    thanks Ed

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  34. Just an idea ?? What would be happening to those white privileged supremacists very heavily suntanned in a place like Singapore ??
    Anyone can say ??


  35. Education, Education, Education. In Cuba in 1959 only 49% of the population was literate. First and foremost in the minds of the revolutionaries was Education, Health and a place called home. Anyone who could read or write was sent out to teach the illiterate, it is said that even 10 year olds who could read and write helped. Also racism was discouraged. Cuba in spite of over 60 years of cruel embargo stands at the top as one of the most literate nations, which are the Scandinavian countries. They stand in rank higher than the US/UK/EU and the rest of the five eyes.
    People travel freely around their island when they couldn’t under US puppet and criminal Batista. All education is free from Kindergarten to University, also the teaching of extra curriculum skills are free.
    Prisoners are taught to respect society. Without a guard in sight I witnessed them making the bricks for the homes that had been swept to sea by a tidal wave in 2008.
    In September 2008 not one but hurricane fives hit the island within hours of each other. Because of their well trained army whose priority is to protect its citizens only 7 people died. A very elderly couple who didn’t want to be evacuated to safety, 2 people who were electrocuted by a falling power line and 3 others. For example take Super storm Sandy, which also passed over Haiti and Cuba. The death toll in Cuba was very minimal in comparison to the US and Haiti. Where’s our army when it’s needed here??? Young people need people to give them hope for a secure future. When politicians and the law is corrupt what kind of example do these kids have? Look at the mainstream media. Murderers and wrong doers make the headlines. In Cuba they are quietly removed from society and shot, if it is positively proved they have murdered in cold blood. A quick execution for causing death is better than languishing in jail for years as they do in the US. That could deter home invaders who kill.
    I certainly don’t condone what so many young kids are doing but adult prisons
    are not the answer either. I haven’t seen any type of reform or rehabilitation in Australia since the prisons became owned by foreign corporations. Maybe sending them to an isolated bush camp where elders can teach them skills and the old ways and rules could be one answer. When you take a look at what has been going on in Queensland in the last 3 years, would anyone have any hope for the future???

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  36. Dear editor
    I agree with most of your comments.
    Do you really know what communism, socialism & Marxist mean and represent.
    Or do you just through these words in to catch the attention of your readers?
    So that you don’t miss interpret the true meaning of the previous, could you please use the correct terms in the future:
    Democratically Elected premier.(we all know what the true meaning of democracy is today just a few words come to mind: dictatorship, police state, corruption, narcissists,mass murders………..
    Democratically Elected Labor Party democratic, imperial, capitalist system.
    Labor state school democratic, imperial capitalist curriculum indoctrination.
    Labor state divided and conquer tactics of the Present democratic, imperial capitalist system.
    Your socialist comrade

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  37. Wonder if Palacechook might change her ideas from Wellcamp being for the ‘unquaksenated’ to – for juvenile offenders!

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  38. The judge needs to be charged as an accessory – what is judges name that released offender – previously charged with attempted murder – out on bail?

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  39. Good report. I wonder why the full story is not told in the media we are urged to trust.
    No good increasing penalties: I can’t imagine these kids thinking “No, I won’t attack that Whitey because the likely penalty has risen from X years to XX years in jail.”
    We have to stop the attacks. Fire extinguishers is one way. But keeping potential attackers away from their potential victims is another.


  40. It is evident that indigenous and African children/teenagers are no longer deemed accountable for their criminal behaviour. Indeed, the WA Supreme Court recently held that a 12-year-old indigenous boy did not understand that viciously attacking an adult male, was unlawful. It beggars belief!


  41. We urgently need to end this nightmare of government ( Federal, State and Local). The death of the cabal can’t come soon enough.

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