The Black Lives Matter apologists of the Queensland and Federal Labor Parties have another death on their hands after two 17 year old mulattos allegedly knifed a husband and wife during a Brisbane home invasion.

North Lakes mother of two, Emma Lovell, 41, was stabbed to death and her husband Lee was wounded while trying to defend their young children, their home and their lives during the violent break-in.

The alleged murderers were dressed in body suits, a new concept in policing. Some readers suggested the new attire might be an attempt by the Labor mob to hide the real identity of the suspects. Certainly television editors fall into line by obscuring faces. Pics Channel 9

Police tracked the pair down to a half-way house and arrested the culprits.

One of the offenders was responsible for the stabbing of a man in his St Lucia home in Brisbane last year.

The then 15-year-old was charged with attempted murder, was sentenced and has since been released from custody.

It is also understood one of the boys was arrested on Christmas Eve this year and charged with multiple offences.

Emma and Lee Lovell

In spite of police objections, a softie Magistrate released him on bail on Boxing Day, hours before he allegedly stabbed Emma Lovell to death.

On Wednesday, it was also revealed two other teen boys – aged 17 and 16 – who were under investigation over the alleged murder of Lovell are facing stealing charges related to a separate incident on the afternoon of Boxing Day, December 26.

Decades of violent home invasions, car theft and street violence have clearly demonstrated tougher laws cannot prevent such crimes from occurring. Cairns residents have lost a shocking 1265 cars to theft so far this year.

If these allegedly harsh laws worked as the Marxist Premier keeps saying they do, then the latest murder would not have occurred.

Innocent home owners as first respondents must be able to defend themselves and their families and to do this they must arm themselves with firearms. A double barrel 12 gauge shotgun would be a sufficient deterrent for any potential home invader.

Others could use a chemical fire extinguisher which can quickly disable an assailant if discharged in the face.

We can hear the cries of “red neck racists” from the pathetic political party duopoly but when it’s their turn for a bashing or slashing they will agree with the dialogue which has been all over Facebook.

While the black population is over-represented in the state’s jails, some Magistrates tend to go easy on Aboriginal or African offenders because the government funded Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service sheds crocodile tears in court about the accused’s probable alcohol and drug abuse during their upbringing.

Many younger Aboriginal children suffer from malnutrition hence huge behavioral problems. Little that we have seen is being done about this problem in Cairns or Townsville. Proper diets are almost non-existent.

Good and responsible Aboriginal elders and parents have told Cairns News over the years when researching the same subject, that nearly all black kids have lost any respect they may have had had for others.

“Their parents are seldom good role models although I know there are some who try hard but if they are drunk or full of drugs, a lot of the time the kids escape homes from abuse and hunger,” a respected Cairns elder said.

“Adults can’t teach their kids respect or traditional values because they themselves have not been taught and it has become a generational problem.

“There are few role models I can think of out there who could take kids onto country and teach respect.”

Aborigines are suffering from political party paternalism, no ownership of homes, few job opportunities, easily available sit-down money and total loss of respect because the communist Labor Party is trying to reinvent and sanitise Aboriginal history, which has led generations of Aborigines into the urban wilderness.

They have been deliberately de-sensitised to ‘living on country values’ and had drummed into the heads of those who attend state school that Aborigines own all of Australia and that “white bastards” stole your kids and your country.

This is the result of two generations of Labor’s state school socialist curriculum of indoctrination, teaching black kids to hate white people and that everybody except themselves owes them a living.

It is typical divide and conquer tactics of the communist manifesto. The police, as much as they try, find their hands tied by the commos in the ALP.

Yesterday the brainless Premier said she will toughen up juvenile justice laws as a knee-jerk response to the public backlash. Nothing was said about prevention, just more draconian policies for a mopping up exercise.

Cairns criminal lawyer Scott Osbourne told the Cairns Post the changes to laws sounded good from a political point of view but would do nothing to prevent crime.

He said increasing the penalty from seven years to 10 years for stealing a car would have little impact.

Jails are full to overflowing and there is no more room for black or white juvenile offenders. The Premier said there would be two new juvenile detention centres built to accommodate these criminals but what is the point of closing the gate after the horse has bolted?

And the rudderless, inept and dopey Labor PM Albanese wants to enshrine these pitiful values by referendum?

Albanese wants a black Voice, but it won’t be that of these poor sods. -contributed

Military enlistment could be a part of the solution: