Senator Rennick slams Greens for mocking deaths or injuries from mRNA vaxx

December 1, 2022

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It already has. On Wednesday 98 countries were reading CN. Ed

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  2. Great article Cairns Post.
    Hope this goes Global.

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  3. And speaking of Waikanae Watch… how’s this ripper – if you run out of mischief over the silly season…

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  4. Hi oldjacksopinion, Thanks for the respectful correction. Yes, most of the NZ sites regularly feature Aussie events – political and otherwise. Love your closing suggestion by the way 😊


  5. Obie
    That should have read D Johnston

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  6. Obie
    (For Oz sites) Apart from Cairns News, as they and their articles and contributors have some great links/sites to follow, commentators links are golden, probably all you’ll need to see truth. is worth a look. D Johnstone recommends Waikanae Watch, great site, not just for New Zealanders either, well worth the time to look.
    For the infiltrators commenting on Cairns News for the purpose of entrapment & inciting fear & hate, they should try fuckyoujack (they can put a .com there if they like, that’ll represent my middle finger)

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  7. Thank you to John Alexander for posting this link. I have been banging on about NZ Dr’s Mark and Sam Bailey since early 2020. Few probably listened.
    They have both been an indominitable force of nature against the scamdemic and death shots. Sam was one of the first doctors (amongst many other international doctors and scientists) to also comprise the Team – spearheaded by the equally intrepid Nick Hudson. Again, few probably listened. Their tireless ongoing data analyses and research blew the lid off very early on and they’re nowhere near done yet.
    As I’ve continually stated ad nauseum – ALL of this information has always been easily accessible to EVERYONE…if they simply chose to look.


  8. Thanks for the link, John Alexander, it’s certainly stacked with very interesting issues and lots of food for thought..


  9. David: “We need to protect good men like Senator Rennick and others who take the time and effort to help people understand what is happening to our country. More power to Cairns News too!”

    Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. And not just protect but assist in the process as well. Well said, David.

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  10. After several months in development, Dr. Mark Bailey has just published an important paper that completely dismantles virology and the existence of viruses. 💣

    This essay is a monster at over 28,000 words! However, it puts the final nail in the coffin for the virus promoters.

    Check it out here:

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  11. It seems to me that the soul of our country is being ripped out. Power and control is the goal of the puppet masters and our medical, media and political puppets are dancing to their tune. The last time they tried this approach in the 1940’s it didn’t work out so well for the puppets. Most Australians are good people, generous and courageous. They are getting tired of the fear campaigns and lies from the puppets and when 30% of the population decide enough is enough, there will be a day of reckoning. The puppets will find they have no where to hide. We need to protect good men like Senator Rennick and others who take the time and effort to help people understand what is happening to our country. More power to Cairns News too! Make these puppets squirm…

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  12. Lynelle, sorry to hear of your situation and I hope medical specialists find a solution soon for all who were tricked or coerced into getting injected.

    The injuries are by design. In relation to nano-technology and the induction of strokes, a lecture was given by Prof Giordani (DARPA) at Georgetown Uni 12 June 2017 ‘Brain to Battlefield’. It should be on BitChute or Rumble. The question is, was he was aware this kind of weapon would be used against his own countrymen? I don’t know.

    32) Nano-neuroparticulate agents so small they go through brain-blood barriers are used to create a haemorrhage disposition in the brain, and thus, strokes.
    34) Neurovascular hemorrhagic agents (for in-close and population use as “stroke epidemic” induction agents) are highly disruptive.

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  13. “Something is seriously wrong when young/middle aged people who have been jabbed die of sudden heart attacks and strokes; literally drop dead.”

    True enough! In fact, something is even MORE seriously wrong when the Government, the MSM and the medical fraternity are not interested in something so seriously wrong!

    And it gets even MORE THAN MORE SERIOUSLY WRONG when they FURTHER threaten people with POLICE ACTION AND INTERVENTION if they dare to say something about it.

    But who is there to right the wrong? Senator Rennick can’t do it by himself. Who else is interested enough?

    Not too many by the look of it, and THAT is not just seriously wrong but SERIOUSLY TRAGIC!!!!


  14. Lynelle Grace Bayfield

    Thankyou Senator Rennick for doing the research and showing up the government for what they really missed. Very disapointed in Sarah Hansen-Young. My son was one of the vaccine injured. He will recover but many I know won’t. Many are dead. Something is seriously wrong when young/middle aged people who have been jabbed die of sudden heart attacks and strokes; literally drop dead. Time to recognise the problem and at the very least abolish mandates that are illegal in the first place.


  15. Thanks D Johnston. A lot of good links at that site. Australia’s going to have to lift its game, though. If Sky News and Avi Yemini (!) are the only alternative news podcasts this country has to offer, then we are well and truly stuffed.

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  16. To Pat from glad to see you mention the pedophilia.I have a copy of a newspaper cutting from 19th August, 1991 ( SMH) where the case is discussed…he got off with a slap over the wrist.
    No wonder he spent $120,000 to eradicate anything derogatory from newspaper files when he was PM.
    He is the lowest form of amoeba on the planet.


  17. Hansen Young, Thorpe, Bandt… humanity gone wrong.

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  18. @Pat from Vic, Sigh! …yes, of course you are most likely correct.


  19. Puil said – “That Hansen-Young woman is such a despicable bitch.”

    True dat – and yet someone allegedly voted her into office.

    Then Phil said – “I wonder if she is fully vaxxed-up?”

    C’mon Phil, get with the script!

    None of these pollies was ever “mandated” to get the fake “vaccine” (like Hillsong paedophile Scotty from marketing liked to smirk, “that’s not the sort of country we are”), and if any of them were or did, you can be 100% GUARANTEED that whatever they got was NOT the bioweapon.

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  20. That Hansen-Young woman is such a despicable bitch. I wonder if she is fully vaxxed-up? I certainly do hope so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she ‘bafflingly’ dropped dead from Sudden Adult Death syndrome (SAD’s). lol

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  21. Thank you, Sen Rennick! Great example of common sense, principle and courage to speak up. Something most of the treacherous politicians in parliament are incapable of supporting let alone demonstrating. Remind me again who they serve?!

    And speaking of treachery, here’s a great example of how it operates to fool the public they pretend to serve:

    “As many people must now realise, the word ‘Green’ has been hijacked.

    It used to mean ‘natural’, ‘diverse’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘human scale’.

    That was while bona fide ecologists still held sway over the way the word was used.

    ‘Green’ meant taking a responsible position concerning the management of planetary resources; having empathy for nature, fertility, ecological food and community involvement.

    But then in 1992, ‘The Earth Summit’ (Rio Summit) happened, along with ‘Agenda 21’. And something called ‘Sustainable Development’ became the catch-all promotional spin to sell the prescribed medicine. The deception.

    That was the beginning of the end of the ‘Real Greens’ and the arrival of the corporate, banker-backed ‘Fake Green’ agenda we live with today.

    (much more at….

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  22. Hi Obie, best for you to check out the array on offer across the ditch in NZ. The Counterspin Media site actually provides a list of other blogs and links available both there and internationally. Waikanae Watch is an excellent site with a discussive forum on offer – as is The Platform and BFD. Without CN we would be totally stuffed here lol

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  23. Good video…Nothing happened, because no virus exist. The Vaxx is the Killer…Surely the Queensland JOG knows…No discussion… Period… Only LIES & LIES…

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  24. Apologies for posting off topic, but does anyone know some good current Aussie alternative news/discussion podcasts? Please post links to them if you do.


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