NZ judge and health establishment scum refuse unvaxxed blood for baby


The mother, with her six-month-old baby and lawyer Sue Grey, surrounded by media outside the NZ High Court.

A NEW Zealand mother who wanted unvaccinated blood used in her baby’s heart operation has had her request refused by the High Court, ruling in favour of a children’s hospital, the NZ Blood Service and NZ Health (health department).

Some 30 unvaccinated people with compatible blood who are supporting the mother’s request, offered to donate blood but the big pharma lackeys of the “health” establishment ganged up together to get the court and a misinformed judge, to rule in their favour.

Lawyers for the health bureaucrats admitted in court they were worried about the precedent such a situation would present, not the concerns of the mother about a potential threat to the six-month-old infant from mRNA vaccine-induced spike proteins in the blood.

To label the health establishment “corrupted” in respect of their Covid-19 response is not just a cheap shot at authority. Health departments worldwide signed up to a corrupt Covid-19 agenda that violated its own pandemic response rules, covered up the origin of the SARS-Cov.2 virus, pushed half-tested but highly-profitable vaccines and banned the safe, inexpensive, non-vaccine treatments hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that showed positive results when used by doctors.

All the time, these same health authorities, operating under guidelines set up by the World Health Organisation and endorsed by the CDC, FDA, US health chief Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others, told us only these vaccines were safe and would stop the virus in its tracks – which, as it turned out, was not entirely true. And mistruths about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine continue, notably in regard to the lingering effects of the genetically-altered spike protein from the mRNA vaccine versus the wild spike protein from the virus.

Is it any wonder then, that the mother (identity protected) whose baby boy needs a heart operation, should be concerned about spike proteins in blood donated by vaccinated donors. She turned down the operation until the Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland could operate with blood free of contamination from the genetically modified spike proteins carried by mRNA shots.

Starship, backed by NZ Health and the Blood Service, would not come to the party because they do not delineate between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood, regardless of whether is was voluntarily offered. And to add insult to injury, they took the mother to court to gain intervention authority to take custody of the child and carry out the operation and transfusion without the mother’s consent.

High Court Justice Gault said he “accepted that the parents had genuine concerns about vaccinated blood” but then sided with the medical establishment, claiming the evidence of Canadian viral immunologist and associate professor Byram Bridle did not overcome the evidence of Dr Sarah Morley, chief medical officer of the New Zealand Blood Service. So, it appears that the concerns of an independent viral immunologist are subjected to the predictable opinion of a paid employee of a blood supply business that is a client of public and private hospitals.

Judge Gault made the following misinformed and flawed ruling: ”Dr Morley’s evidence (including her reply affidavit) is that there is no scientific evidence there is any Covid-19 vaccine-related risk from blood donated by donors previously vaccinated with any New Zealand approved Covid-19 vaccine, and there are no known or suspected harmful vaccine-related effects of blood from a vaccinated individual to a recipient of any age, after millions of transfusions around the world. There is no evidence that trace amounts of vaccine in blood or blood products could cause myocarditis. If there is any spike protein at all in blood, it will be in the picogramrange (one trillionth of a gram).”

In another “concession” to the baby’s parents, the judge ruled they remain his legal guardians aside from the medical matters covered in the order. He ruled two Starship hospital doctors “to at all times keep the parents informed of their baby’s condition and treatment”. The ruling was full of half-truths and red herrings and based on controversial, incomplete and ongoing research. The precautionary principle would clearly support the mother’s request for unvaccinated blood.

We don’t know if the defence lawyer cited academics apart from Prof. Bridle, but there are a number of studies cited by other prominent scientists and doctors who are concerned about lingering spike proteins in vaccinated people. Claims are made that because the messenger RNA in the vaccine produced a genetically altered and neutralised spike protein, it is safe, unlike the spike protein of the virus, but this is doubted by experts such as Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology.

Prof. Bridle, who is a member of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance doctors’ group, has raised concerns over mRNA vaccines being given to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Data has shown the vaccine spike protein being transferred to the infants and because more mRNA spike protein is produced in metabolically-active cells, it multiplies more in the cells of growing infants.

Prof. Bridle told Rebel News conclusions should not be drawn about the safety of the spike protein in infants, nor was there proper scientific backing for recommending breastfeeding babies within the first 48 hours after vaccination. “We have no empirical data to declare that as as safe cut-off whatsoever, but hey, this is how we treat science theses days. We assume it’s safe until proven otherwise.” He said this completely reversed the entire principle of ‘do no harm’ and assuming a procedure was unsafe until proven otherwise.

About a year ago Cairns News reported on the alert raised by Dr Malone, who appeared on the web broadcasts Dark Horse (hosted by biologist Brett Weinstein) and TrialSite News. He told Dr Erin Stair from TrialSite “it might be that the known toxicities associated with the wild-type spike protein might be also associated with the engineered spike protein that is used as the antigen in these vaccines, and right now we don’t know if that’s the case for sure, but it kind of looks like it might be”.

Malone stressed earlier in the interview that reported serious adverse events (at that time) only occurred in a “small subset” of people and he also believe that the vaccine worked effectively for many people. “These vaccines work, they are saving lives, but in some people they’re having these adverse events and the odd thing is those adverse events seem to overlap with some of the symptoms of the disease caused by the (wild) virus.” However Malone, who received a Moderna vaccination, has stated he is suffering long-term, negative side-effects from it.

Malone told Dr Stair that the critical experiments on the bio-distribution of mRNA injections were not done to the usual high standards. “In regulatory talk they were ‘non-good’ laboratory practices as opposed to the normally required good laboratory (GLP) practices.” He said non-GLP practices were normally not acceptable and these ones were based on outdated Japanese data that was not rigorous and based on rodents.

“To say to the public no corners were cut isn’t really true, and that’s where I start to have problems with all of this,” Malone said. “I think the government owes it to their populace to be open and transparent about what’s true, known and what’s unknown because they are obligated, and the pharmaceutical companies are obligated to fully disclose all risks because this is a fundamental precept of bioethics in human subject research.”

And then there are the concerns of world-leading cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough who, in an article cited a study by Helene Banoun, pharmacist, biologist, hormer Inserm (National Reseaarch Institute of France) researcher, and member of the Independent Scientific Council, Marseille. The study showed that lipid nanoparticles that carry the mRNA spread throughout the body and “have been shown to be able to be excreted through body fluids (sweat, sputum, breast milk) and to pass the transplacental barrier.”

McCullough also cited the paper by Fertig and colleagues, that found messenger RNA circulating in blood for at least two weeks. “And the curves were not going down. That’s as long as they looked,” he told an interviewer. “Röltgen and colleagues has found messenger RNA in the vaccinated in lymph nodes for months,” McCullough explained further. “It looks like the body’s not clearing it out.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Here is an encouraging statement by Baby Will’s parents – accompanied by their toddler and Will’s equally beautiful twin brother. It is hinted that PURE BLOOD has been used in Will’s surgery.


  2. **This is a must watch, mind-blowing video by the force of nature, impassioned Liz Gunn. The heinous and criminal lengths that all Gov’t sanctioned minions are willing to go to.
    This is a prescient message to us ALL – not only for NZ’ers.


  3. At some point, somewhere in the world, a traumatised unknown mother, father, son or daughter, will completely lose it, be blinded by rage and go into kill mode on the police.

    Once done, there will be no turning back.

    This person’s actions will resonate with millions, and be seen as a righteous killing, it will serve as a catalyst for the masses and embolden them.

    It will happen, – and once the people get a taste of blood, – they will demand more.

    Just like a single killing led to WWI.

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  4. DJ, probably the most important post of your life. You are a great ambassador.

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  5. Boring. If you don’t understand by now that this is democide, and that the only remedy is to kill all of those supporting it, I don’t want to know you. You are clearly demented or sociopathis.

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  6. Hi Sunny, Yes it is “absolutely appalling”. However, what many are unaware of here in Australia, is that these types of unlawful child abductions by ‘authorities’ (termed “upliftings” !) have been perpetrated regularly for many years upon countless Māori whānau (families) right across NZ. All conducted under the flimsiest or more often, completely false pretexts of “protecting children”. Essentially a modern day extenuation of similar acts perpetrated during colonisation. It’s NZ’s deep, dark secret and very ugly underbelly.
    On this occasion they finally went too far. If not for the medical and controversial vaccination aspect of this particular case – it may have gone relatively unnoticed.
    The system and the authorities involved have now exposed themselves – and I pray it has at long last opened a Pandora’s box.


  7. That is horrible. My thoughts and prayers are with Will and family. NZ hospital and police should be ashamed of themselves. How absolutely appalling. The terror the mother is clearly experiencing having her baby taken from her … no words.

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    Pity the NZ judge didn’t witness this video before they made their decision.
    I truly hope the parents find a way out of this nightmare.

    Please stand up NZ and support them


  9. Blisskitt

    Sorry to hear your message when MIA! I probably would have scrolled right passed it but thanks for putting an effort in to write it.

    Cheers mate!


  10. D Johnson

    Of course you would love to control the ‘eject button’ because some comments don’t suit your narrative.
    I’m just holding a mirror up to you and you don’t like what you see!
    You dominate these pages with your endless self important BS and I’m just pointing it out.
    By the way, how is your cousin Johnny Depp going?
    I remember you told me in these pages that you where related to him!
    As I mentioned before, self important BS
    Maybe you should have searched Johnny Depp Satanic before you made the Oopsie!

    Now back to the subject of our dear little children and how we can all do our bit to keep them safe.


  11. Hi Editor and Blisskitt, Am fairly certain most of us on CN would currently luuuuuv this mysterious ‘disappearing comment’ glitch to be far more justly selective and specific in it’s targeting!…kinda like a toxic abuse ejector button lol


  12. Ed. As I said I don’t believe at all was Cairns News fault, but thanks for your email. I believe perhaps just a glitch in the system. As I work from home now, it appears regularly and is a common occurrence, Technology hey?


  13. Can’t find your reply. Ed


  14. Fed Up
    I did post a lengthy reply tp you it disappeared. I am not blaming Cairns News at all. I think most here, probably agree with you. Baby steps for those who for years who are just as guilty because of blind eye turning and as such have created the society we now live in. Bit hard to swallow for them. Probably why they lined up for the jabs to redeem themselves.


  15. Further information on the international SafeBlood. Interestingly most African countries and most US States allow “choice of blood donor”. We’ve become more than Third World down here.


  16. Oh by the way. nobody gives a ‘Jack Shit’ about your education when children are dying

    You fuckers should have stood up ages ago if you knew this shit was going down

    This is all about the children, not about your ego!


  17. Pity you mob didn’t pour more energy into protecting the children from the whoa go! instead of bragging about how clever you are now the shit has hit the fan

    Your diplomas/ university degrees will mean nothing when Nesara/ Gesara kicks in….


  18. The hemaviews that I am looking at of unvaxxed persons are looking more and more like the hemaviews of the vaxxed. Also the D Dimers are indicating microclotting which is confirmed especially by the mottling on the legs.

    Those who are running this genocide with patented biotech spike protein mRNA recombinants always knew they were never going to get even 90% vaxxed. All they have to do is get a critical mass vaxxed and the mRNA biotech will transmit the prions that the vaxxed are now coded to make.


  19. *Correction to my earlier post: “But as CTH editor Kit Knightly astutely raises in the following link/article:” Kit Knightly is the editor of OffGuardian not CTH! as apparent in the provided link. Doubt Kit would be offended.


  20. This is another exceptionally incisive article by the naturopathic nutritionist Lucy Davies.


  21. As a naturopathic practicioner I am immensely encouraged and filled with admiration for Swiss naturopath George Della Pietra regarding his work in founding the SafeBlood unvaccinated blood bank. This can only gain much further momentum worldwide.
    In unsurprising diametric opposition is of course guess who?….Red Cross. Another long-term WEF/NATO minion. As so astutely pointed out by commentator Lionel in his earlier comment here on CN: “Red Cross is part of the problem, a massive part –”. One can see this very clearly in the astounding statement by American Red Cross ‘Director of biomedical communications’ ??!! in the last two paragraphs of this article.


  22. Oh look everyone, not only to the teacher “child groomer” but to the people that are his minions, enablers, sycophants, including parents, protecting him

    …and you all wonder why they are coming after our dear precious little children and get all up in arms because Cairns News reported on this one incident out of millions.

    Stand up for ALL our children ALL THE TIME and not only when it suits you and your ego because someone reported on it.

    This shit is happening all the time, all around the world….think of our third world little children that fall under the radar, and also our first world children for that matter, that go missing every year.

    But all of a sudden media report on it and you are all of a sudden outraged and offended by one incident.

    God bless this little child and all our dear little precious children.

    Stand up and fight for ALL the children

    Go on, try drown my comment now arseholes!

    Wake Up FFS!


  23. Welcome to the’Rules based Order “ if they don’t like you they will rule against you, if you find them violating the law they will dismiss that law with a ‘new rule’.
    Personal autonomy will be against the rules, rules will supercede laws. Laws are cumbersome they require a proposal, arguments in parliament, acts of parliament blah blah blah, too slow for government’s that take months to process even the most basic procedures, rules are instant, arbitrary even retrospective if “necessary “
    Rules are so convenient because the rules can’t make rules but the rulers can with impunity.

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  24. These satanic people sacrifice children and now suddenly everyone is up in arms because they cannot believe the fake corporation government did this to a dear precious little one.

    I hope NZ rises like Brazil

    …and you all wake up out of your self righteous MK Ultra!


  25. I am glad this has been reported here, this just sickens me to the core. As a mother of 3 children (and no I don’t espouse to have done everything right by my 3 by any means), but I cannot comprehend how this is not outright child abuse by intervening authorities. There is not any mid to long term data on side effects from vaccines, vaccinated blood, vaccinated breastfeeding mothers etc etc. And they ignore the short term data which is already proving to be disastrous. No one has any rights over that child bar the parents. If this isn’t enough to get the masses angry then nothing will. Pray for Will I say and his parents and hope GOD is on his side. Because sure as shit the medical professionals who are meant to uphold firstly “do no harm” 100% aren’t. Whilst, acknowledging yes they probably on the payroll, if you ever really analyse some of these with “medical degrees” from “reputable educational institutions”, they are so arrogant they actually believe they are “GOD”. Fools. As the old saying goes “better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and speak and remove all doubt”. This is going to backfire badly I believe on all those who have thwarted the parents concerns. Maybe Will, “will” be the catalyst.

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  26. Charles Wessels

    I am very thankful for your open and honest reporting.


  27. Hi Phil, re: “Well actually, if the baby dies it would be a disaster for the NZ ‘health’ establishment.” Well no actually…since they would undoubtedly most likely certify cause of death as being due to his health condition. Or another “died suddenly” – or due to having contracted the fictitious ‘virus’. It would all be covered up. Just as was the case with another baby ‘Alex’? (if I recall) – who after receiving lethal vaccinated blood began coughing up blood clots. Those records have apparently been “expunged”.


  28. Hi Lionel, Well stated. And re: “Red Cross is part of the problem, a massive part –” ABSOLUTELY.


  29. The VERY DIShonorable Gault. As with fellow POS the NZ Police Commissioner Coster – another Ardern appointed minion. As with the American Democrat appointed Court Judges and the DOJ. Everything is connected – either directly or indirectly.

    “Justice Gault was admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales in 2001 and is a Commissioned Officer (Major) in the New Zealand Defence Force Reserves. Justice Gault was appointed a Judge of the High Court in 2018 and he is based in Auckland.”


  30. Well actually, if the baby dies it would be a disaster for the NZ ‘health’ establishment. To avoid the risk, perhaps they will now covertly have to use unvaxxed blood. The evil fools stuff-up, to the mothers (and bubs) advantage hopefully!?


  31. The dilemma of the NZ family is a potential for all, with a few exceptions. The exceptions are high-ranking politicians, judges, hellth officials & associated psychopaths. I bet that group have teed up access to unvaxxed blood.
    Most in the medical professions, media, and gov agencies likely either feel backed into a corner of self-preservation, believing they cannot speak out due to fear of being seen as complicit in a crime against humanity or, as is the case of the few, outright corrupt and onboard with what is happening. Courts and the justice system are just as shite and can’t be trusted to solve this problem. A few legal experts are speaking out and taking action but it seems most of the profession are waiting for the whole show to fall over and then go in hard with Class Actions like good little vultures.
    Red Cross is part of the problem, a massive part –

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  32. The judge and all those pig-headed beauracrats will all be complicit in the deliberate premeditated murder of that poor little baby. Every last one of them should be publicly tied to a post and summarily shot.

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  33. Hi Leigh, to contact a NZ landline you need to prefix the number with 0011 then country code 64 and omit the ‘0’ at the beginning of the number. This also applies to cell phone numbers – where the first ‘0’ should be omitted.


  34. Arderns office numbers are – Auckland 098451919 &
    Wellington 048178700
    Not sure of correct access codes, what i have tried does not work.


  35. Hi Keith Thomas, re: “So delineation and separation mechanisms are already in place in the Blood Service.” PRECISELY! And therein lies the overt double standards and hypocrisy…yet again.


  36. Thank you CN for finally addressing this. Myself and other commentators here have been discussing this abominable case under another thread.
    Without reiterating and/or re-posting links, this is simply further governmental/bureaucratic minions’ persecution and erosion of human rights – whilst playing God with peoples lives. Complete with blatant double standards and hypocrisy which we constantly see being applied to everything else.
    Had this situation been in the reverse, and Baby Will’s parents requested only the use of lethal vaccinated blood – one can guarantee their request would not only have been granted, but all measures taken to facilitate it.
    But as CTH editor Kit Knightly astutely raises in the following link/article:

    “In fact, the minimum age for Covid “vaccination” in New Zealand is 5 years old. So in administering vaccinated blood to a baby, the hospital would potentially be going against both the WHO guidance on Covid “vaccines”, and their own government regulations.”


  37. Take all these bastards names including but not limited to the nursing staff and all the Polly’s that did nothing, for their day of reckoning will surely come and Pray that Will, by the grace of God gets uncontaminated blood.

    Candle light vigils outside these tyrants homes as a silent form of protest…

    Shame them.


  38. Take all these bastards names for future trials.
    Things are happening around the World as the sleeping masses awaken.
    My prayers go out to Will and his brave mum, their day of reckoning will come…

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  39. Today I ordered more flowers for the 3rd family funeral in the past 2 weeks, I asked the florist if her business in flowers for funerals had picked up – she replied yes enormously.


  40. This Family need to go to the Humans Right Commision or put out a Global protest

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


  41. My heart goes out to this family, I’m devastated. I hope they’re held accountable for their actions in the future.

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  42. #ucken evil as monster’s can be PURE ! this nonsense is really starting to burn 🔥 my piss …. how is this even still a thing


  43. “Starship, backed by NZ Health and the Blood Service, would not come to the party because they do not delineate between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood,”
    But they have the procedures in place to delineate between doors with different blood types. So delineation and separation mechanisms are already in place in the Blood Service.

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