Man is man and woman is woman

Letter to the Editor

Some appear to have difficulty in defining a woman, why— It is very simple.

A WOMAN: a member of the Homo sapiens species having two XX chromosomes, which allows development of a body capable of reproduction of the species.

A MAN: a member of the Homo sapiens species having one X and one Y chromosome, which allows development of a body larger than a female with more muscle and bone structure and the ability for internal fertilize a female egg allowing her to reproduce the species.

A HUMAN: a creature defined into two sexes either having two XX or one X and one Y chromosomes. Each sex will develop specific hormones that permit developmental shape and organs for procreation.

The one having two XX chromosomes produce specific hormones to develop a procreative body for reproductive development and mammary glands that secrete nourishment for the reproduced offspring.

The other one having one X and one Y chromosomes produce specific hormones to develop large heavier bone and muscular structure for protection and food provisions of their family.

The chromosome structure is permanent, alteration of body appearances and its usage may allow pseudo role reversal and role playing, but not reproduction.

Viv la difference

from Gil May

Forestdale Qld

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Sanity at last!!!!!!


  2. The Natural and Divine law – more from Mike King’s pen:
    The Supreme Court, er, should we say — a military-run “Supreme Court” (?) — is … handing down these astonishing, “controversial” and unexpected 6-3 rulings.

    Last Thursday, the “Supreme Court” struck down New York State’s gun law prohibiting concealed carry. On Friday, Roe vs Wade was killed — and now, they have restored the right of a High School football coach to lead voluntary prayers on the field. Can restoration of prayer in the schools be restored soon — at least voluntary prayers?

    God is pleased — and if stuff like this keeps up, He may yet bestow blessings on a undeserving nation that had turned its back on Natural / Divine law.

    And Justice Thomas wants the Supreme Court to revisit libel protections to make it easier for public figures to sue media organisations.
    Papa Clarence & the “Supremes” Strike Again! – The Real History Channel


  3. robirobrobyn

    Not the full story here.
    Missing is hormone levels.
    Both male and female bodies produce male and female hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen in all of us. Not as simple as chromosomes in of itself.


  4. denitomkinson: “Don’t go tarring all of us with your bigoted, hateful opinions!!”

    Bigots are not tolerant, Gus clearly states that he is tolerant. As for being “hateful” for not being in favour of “Communist ideology promoting the destruction of the family unit” … So what!? Any ideology promoting the destruction of families is not welcome by most reasonable people. But you are of course free to support it if you so choose.

    As for “we”, it follows that Gus is referring to the same reasonable people who display the tolerance he cites.

    Pay attention next time and refrain from being knee jerk nasty because someone isn’t buying what you have to sell.

    Instead, show some tolerance and reasonableness yourself. Gus is as entitled to put his opinion forward in a civil manner and he has certainly done so. It’s a pity you couldn’t offer your contribution in the same vein.


  5. denitomkinson….you mention Gus said “we” when referring to the gay movement? You do not know who he was referring to…it could have been just he and his partner.
    I often include my husband in my comments and say “we”.
    Apart from that, Gus has every right in the world to make that comment, just as you do.
    A shame you ended your comment on a very nasty, spiteful note .


  6. “But what if we told you that the foundation for all this was wrong? That Judaism recognized not two, but as many as eight genders? The Mishnah describes half a dozen categories that are between male and female, such as saris or ailonit — the terms refer to an non-reproductive version of the male or female body, respectively — and categories that refer to ambiguous or indeterminate gender.”

    Yeah, what IF all this (man & woman) is ALL wrong?

    “A woman who is 20 years old who did not grow two pubic hairs shall bring proof that she is twenty years old, and from that point forward she assumes the status of an aylonit. If she marries and her husband dies childless, she neither performs halitzah nor does she enter into levirate marriage.”
    Mishnah Niddah 5:9

    Eventually “truth” will be “truth”. Give it just a little time and programming! (says the scriptbook)


  7. I asked my 11 year old grandson if he could define a woman, and he immediatelysaid “You and mum Nana” and I’ll be a man when I get bigger and P, his sister will be a woman. So then I asked him about all this debate about transgender, gay etc and he said “if you are born with a penis, you’re a male and if you’re born with a vagina, you’re a female. That’s it Nana” Out of the mouths of babes, thank goodness.


  8. This came from a fella in QLD. Anyone you know need a tutorial? LOL xx M ________________________________


  9. “I gotta simpler take. Wimmin turn me on. Men don’t.”

    lmao Must be sumthin wrong with ya, Mate. lmao


  10. Health bureaucrats probably get paid by the hour. ED


  11. tonyryan43, golden again! But here’s the thing and I love this beautiful Australian banter and it is truly Australian. I pulled up to get the very expensive (no excuse for) fuel for car this afternoon and I was behind I think Winnebago campervan. I thought yep just got enough room will reach. The man with his camper was filling up and said yeah you be right, they got a bit of reach. NO!!! I said to him can’t believe it I just need another inch. He said that’s what’s we all say! Aussies are still here, we need to use this fantastic humour to our advantage. Like the cough in to the elbow and then elbow punch. Hilarious!!!


  12. I gotta simpler take. Wimmin turn me on. Men don’t.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. lol And there I was thinking a woman might be a female human being of adult age. Never realising the REAL question might be what is a female? AND OF COURSE i WOULD REQUIRE A SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION ALONG THE LINES OF IT BEING A CONTESTED SPACE. lol


  14. daviddd2, you and I may not agree on everything but we all have a common ground. It is completely and utterly ludicrous that a supposed Professor (always an over rated title – if you ask me) fails to provide a simple definition. I actually watched the Senate estimates when Alex Antic asked the question, it was embarrassing to say the least and as an adult female who has aged from a child female biologically, a complete insult. But look at the way I worded that, yes to take the poiss but completely how our world has become. I am a university student second time around and I remember well why I quit 30 years ago. Academics with not an ounce of sensibility, commonsense or even the f…ing science to back them up. Fancy wording, complicated english text but at the end of the day Mumbo jumbo BS at it’s finest. He is apparently ‘by trade’ a kidney specialist, well let’s see him investigate the hepatitis occurring in children and do something he is supposedly credentialed for. As suggested by some it is linked to the sanitiser kids have been plastered in for over 2 years with 70% alcohol in it? I would suggest that’s plausible.


  15. “It’s a very, it’s a very … it’s a very contested space at the moment”

    Oh what?! It’s the 21st century and Science still hasn’t managed to figure out the difference between a man and a woman. lol Brendan Murphy needs to remove the Dr from in front of his name. Why do we permit these fkwits to pollute our psyche environment and pay them for it to boot!


  16. That is simply an honest. straightforward definition of the two human sexes. Gil are you a professor or merely a lay person with a brain? Because like most I am sure you have seen the ludicrous definition given by our ex Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy in recent days. One can only ask Professor of what ? ”

    Excerpt from article on by Frank Chung.

    “Australia’s top health bureaucrat has taken nearly three months to come up with a 78-word definition of “woman”.
    Health Secretary Brendan Murphy was asked for a definition of woman by Liberal Senator Alex Antic during Senate Estimates in April, but chose to take the question on notice.

    “Look, I think there are a variety of definitions,” Dr Murphy replied after an awkward silence.

    “It’s a very, it’s a very … it’s a very contested space at the moment, Senator. I mean there are obviously biological definitions but there are definitions in terms of how people identify themselves, so we’re happy to provide our working definition on notice.”

    Senator Antic says that 78 days later, he received a 78-word response from the Health Department “which read like a position statement from a gender studies department of a woke university”.

    The official definition provided by the Health Department reads, “The frameworks adopted to define a person’s gender include chromosomal makeup, the gender assigned at birth, and the gender with which a person identifies. The Department of Health does not adopt a single definition. Health policies and access to health programs are based on clinical evidence and clinical need for all Australians, regardless of gender identity, biological characteristics, or genetic variations. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and to provide better health and wellbeing for all Australians.”



  17. “Ah if only life were so simple…”

    It is! There’s never been any mystery to it before the spin doctors decided to start gaslighting the sheep (both male and female) to suit their agendas.

    No, you’re not keeping an open mind, you’re simply being gaslit! You decide whether successfully or not. LOL


  18. denitomkinson

    Gus, you said this:

    “we tolerate the Gay movement attached to the Communist ideology promoting the destruction of the family unit.”

    Who is this WE you speak of?
    Don’t go tarring all of us with your bigoted, hateful opinions!!


  19. Homosexual pairs cannot reproduce together. It appears that this is a psychological burden they must carry for Homosexuality is not natures demand of species survival.
    Parallel to other destructive ideologies who destroy what they cannot have we tolerate the Gay movement attached to the Communist ideology promoting the destruction of the family unit.

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  20. Ah if only life were so simple… not all men look like The Rock and not all women look like Dolly Parton. Infinitely complicated mixes of hormones in human bodies even with XX and XY chromosomes.


  21. Gil always speaks good sense.


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