More US news to watch with Ukraine updates

Readers no doubt will make up their own minds about the veracity of information in this video.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. I’m sure Fed Up’s phone decided to change ‘resonate’ to ‘resignate.’

    I have noticed some cringeworthy undesired re-wording of some of my own comments, and others. So annoying.

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    Similar news but Mary ad’s her own bits that may resignate with some of Cairns News readers

    I’am just sharing info, take from it what you want.

    It’s hard to get news out their when we have been taken over by the cabal at every level including MSM

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  4. does a similar report every day and posted on many sites and has done for the past few years and increasing on more and more sites yet the crimes continue and increase. Their reports inspire others to investigate and do their own and they too are increasing, but nothing seems to be done to bring the perps to justice, and more reports. Kevin Annet’s expose of the Canadian Indian schools’ genocide has been running for more than a decade yet no significant prosecutions. This shows how deep and wide the crimes have been occurring and for probably centuries. I vividly recall my parents’ attitude toward local aborigines was shocking to me as a child given that most people perpetuating the discrimination went to church every week which I found, as a child very confusing given the sermons in church. The church I went to brought natives from around the world and celebrated them, yet never brought local natives, did not even mention them. I befriended the local natives and, well, they were people just as anywhere. Much later in life I became an Investigations Officer in a large international organisation but this group had a very workable Ethics and Justice system where people could come to terms with their crimes against others and indeed could make amends to individuals and groups they had committed misdemeanors and crimes against depending on the severity of those transgressions of our moral code based on Christianity. Our Justice System is extremely lacking in that regard. What is the point of jailing some one for murder, for example, yet their time spent in incarceration and the work they do does not benefit the victims of their crimes committed? In the organisation I was employed in a Justice & Ethics role the perpetrators had to give back to victims a significant % of their daily lives totally unlike our prisons system where crime victims are never compensated by those who committed crimes against them, knowingly or unknowingly. The perpetrator must compensate the victim, directly!

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  5. x+767 identifies the ultimate and fatal flaw of this plan… what is the point of arresting the 2IC and all those below in rank, whilst ignoring the prime instigator? which is the Zionist Investment Banker Alliance led by Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Sassoons, and Soros, and their specially created nation bank state, Israel; plus the City of London and the Bank for International Settlements (referred to in the doco as Basel II, III, IV)

    This cannot be proved until after the arrests, but I am very sure I know the nature of the problem:

    Two months into Trump’s regime, he suddenly and inexplicably went from taking no nonsense from Israel to supporting the capitalisation of Jerusalem… the ultimate betrayal of Christianity and Islam; not to mention, Palestine.

    There can be only one reason.

    The Zionist blackmail strategy suddenly paid off for Israel. The global honey trap snapped shut on Trump. He was one of the hundreds of powerful people videoed in a sexually compromising position by Maxwell’s organisation, supported by the Mossad and CIA.

    This was the technique used to control thousands of politicians in the western world, to ensure unanimous support for the PCR fraud and mRNA jab mandates. It is now being used to guarantee Trump inaction.

    No other scenario explains the hold-up.

    US Patriots need to face the fact that Trump is no use to them. They must risk civil war and move now, or lose America forever. The rest of the world cannot be expected to perish while generals naively presume Presidential integrity. Let’s face it, there has been no President of of even off-white integrity since 1961.


  6. Nit sure what happened to roberts post, but can I suggest to him that what is crap to him is not necessarily crap to others.
    Just keep doing what you did Robert…. If you don’t want to see something/don’t like what you see, switch it off. We all have that option.
    It’s what we are all fighting for…. Freedom of speech etc etc etc


  7. They’ve supposedly been making arrests for a long while now and they say they have all the proof to prove election fraud… well, it’s time to make it all known to the world.
    And I’m sorry, but if there are people still asleep, it’s time to rock their world and shake them awake as the rest of us can’t live this forever. Most of them will never wake up and while I feel for them, it’s too bad.
    All countries are going downhill so fast and it could get so bad for many, there will be no coming back from it.
    Once the USA starts the ball rolling others will follow. Putin has made a good start, now let’s carry it on.

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  8. crisscross767

    This Day in Jewish History Reuters’ Founder Is Born

    By October 1845, Josaphat was part owner of a German-language publisher called Reuters, and was married – apparently in a civil ceremony – to one Ida Maria Elizabeth Clementine Magnus, daughter of a Lutheran pastor from Berlin.


  9. crisscross767

    Why did the speaker leave out the real culprits?

    Controlling the Israel Message

    Philip Giraldi

    … Hill was fired by CNN within 24 hours. The message is clear. You can criticize Christianity, Muslims, white males, Donald Trump and the American government at will … but never, never go after Jews or Israel even indirectly if you want to keep your job … To be sure, CNN is pro-Israeli in its reporting and, more important, in terms of choosing what not to report. Its lead political anchor is Wolf Blitzer, a former American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) employee, who speaks Hebrew and has lived in Israel. Like most major American mainstream media outlets, CNN has numerous Jewish employees working to select, edit and produce the news stories that actually air, well placed to manage what does finally go out to the public. Reports critical of Israel or Jews are not welcome anywhere in the U.S. national media …

    Jew Media Masters
    The mind-bending power of the masters of the media
    The media-power in Great Britain and elsewhere
    By Nick Griffin
    The Mind-Benders is an analysis of the media power in Great Britain. Written in 1997, it details how (and why) the information we receive via the media is censored and distorted.
    If we are to avoid insidious totalitarianism we must be aware of the enormous control over every form of mass media the Jews possess and – in any democratic society under such powerful influences – who are the real manipulators of political power.
    A power greater than government?
    ” … the freedom of the press belongs to those who own the presses. And it’s true.”

    CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky- Jewish.

    CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat – Jewish.

    CDC Chief-of-Staff, Sherri A Berger- Jewish.

    CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe – Jewish.

    CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek – Jewish.

    COVID Czar, Jeff Zients – Jewish.

    COVID Senior Advisor, Andy Slavitt – Jewish.

    HHS Secretary. Xavier Becerra – Jewish.

    HHS Assistant Secretary, Rachel Levine

    (a Transgender- Jewish

    Head of Pfizer – Albert Bourla – Jewish

    Moderna’s Chief Scientist – Tal Zalks- Jewish.

    Blackrock CEO – Larry Fink –Jewish.

    Blackrock President – Rob Kapito –Jewish.

    Vanguard CEO – Mortimer J. Buckley – Jewish




    MAJOR MEDIA. [show less] [show less]

    Communism Was Created by Jews and Serves Only Their Interests

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