The Coalition saw swings against it in urban centres and across regional Australia, amid perceptions that the Nationals were reluctant to embrace action on climate change.

Former leader Barney Joyce was previously a vocal opponent of a 2050 goal for net-zero emissions, but led the Nationals into a net-zero agreement with the Liberal Party.

Mr Littleproud said the leadership vote was not about “lurching” left or right, but finding the “sensible centre”, and he would uphold the net-zero commitment.

“We have made a sensible decision to be part of the global community; the global community asked us to sign up to net zero by 2050,” he said.

The Nationals party room spills the leadership positions after every election.

It kept all 16 of its lower house seats at the election, but the majority of its MPs suffered swings against them.

Independents are the new norm in Australian politics who rallied against the mRNA genocidal plan agreed to by the LNP, ALP and Greens which has already caused the deaths on many thousands of Australians and growing in numbers each day.

For whom did Littleproud think the million or more protesters in Canberra would vote for – the National Party?

It is just as much a dead loss as the others.