Australian Electoral Commission deliberately giving false and misleading information to voters


Cairns News has been warning for many years the AEC and its state subsidiaries are the most corrupt bureaucracies in Australia. The electoral roll has tens of thousands of false entries and postal voting is inherently corrupt because there is no requirement to for a voter to establish genuine identity.

Another voter already on the roll can vouch for an elector making a postal vote. When there are so many unverified voters on the roll it’s open slather for anyone to make as many postal votes with false names but real addresses as they like. Just as long as another unverified voter guarantees the applicant.

The only remedy is to scrap the entire roll and for AEC staff to undertake a physical habitation check on every household in the nation and start a new roll. This used to happen door-to-door but the AEC, under political pressure from the ALP dropped physical habitation surveys years ago.

There is no point voting when the outcome, as we have seen in 2022, is known before the poll occurs.

Writs have been issued and published in each state as required by the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

This writ for the Queensland senate election was published in the Courier Mail on April 13. The instrument is of the Commonwealth with a Queen then what is the Australian Government seal above?

Which Queen does the instrument refer to?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Peter Russell, Another excellent summary.
    And re: “Thanks for all your hard work Harry Palmer, and please don’t go far away!”…
    Yes, Thank You Harry Palmer.
    Your legacy will be well noted.


  2. Peter Russell

    Yep when 2 weeks opened for pre-polling, the old left adage “Vote early & Vote often” had an easy run with no consequences. We saw the same people appearing in the queues, some on the left being impossible to “unsee” despite our best efforts.

    When the final numbers come in, be prepared for big voter spikes in key electorates that exactly match jumps for a particular party or candidate. In north Brisbane most people voted beforehand, voting day was a farce with greatly reduced numbers so where is the logic of manning pre-poll booths for 14 days before the big event? It must work for someone… that’s the only possible explanation.

    Conservatives in OZ have much the same problem as USA Republicans, now exposed in the “2000 Mules” documentary ( of how the left can steal an election in the absence of clean voter rolls, in-person voting with ID and ideally, facial recognition etc..

    We are forced to submit to all that for safe travel but oh no, not for safe & honest elections!

    But it ain’t over yet and with close to 12% of Senate votes we counted on the night going to local freedoms we might still get results we are hoping for. And at least Scomo has disappeared for good, the traitor.

    Thanks for all your hard work Harry Palmer, and please don’t go far away!

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  3. WOW!!!!! obviousbob, THANK YOU.
    Dwayne is the MAN!
    Gobsmackingly brilliant.
    Pure Occam’s Razor in beautiful balletic action.
    I can’t ‘wax lyrically’ enough.

    Yet AGAIN the Papal connection…the head of this stinking fish.
    And Dunn and Bradstreet…no surprises there with those serial despotic mongrels.
    Dwayne for the Nobel Prize.


  4. Thanks, Ed. Contract is the million dollar question. All governments are now commercial, so these governments, in order to have any jurisdiction, need to show proof of contract. No proof, no nothing.
    And if they do claim any contract, the magic bullet, both in this instance and in a court is the question: Have I been given full disclosure?
    No full disclosure, no contract-and courts must have you in contract in order to proceed with adjudication.
    That’s why they ask your name-when you tell them that, they have you in contract.
    And an interesting one:
    if your surname is in ALL CAPS and you answer to that name in Court, you are instantly guilty of perjury, and are sunk form the start. Why?
    Because the ALL CAPS surname is a state owned and registered entity: you do not own that name, only your upper case/lower case name.
    So never answer to your full name, just the first and second; then you will bang them up on contract, and not perjure yourself.
    It is all detailed here:

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  5. This is a good one, albeit from Facebook, but details some very pithy information:

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  6. Hi obviousbob, Yeah we’re in for a wall of pain for sure.
    Just as well he added the flags before he left hahaha.
    And as Ed and I agreed, what’s with Schwab protegé Ardern jetting off at the same time?! Both PM’s definitely up to something very nefarious. All planned.


  7. Albasleazy is off to a corporate jamboree to set up some hoke-pokey that is likely an attempt to hurt us even more.
    He couldn’t wait.

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  8. Riddle me this…How is it that Albasleazy can be sworn in at such warp speed, before counting has concluded and the government fully assembled, and then immediately jet off out of the country….whilst Robotdebt victims (who aren’t dead that is) are STILL waiting for their stolen money to be refunded 2 years later?
    The wheels of government can turn rapidly when it suits THEM.


  9. Got forwarded this link from Craig Backman’s facebook. He is the Victorian police officer who resigned and was very vocal at the Melbourne protests. Seems more stories re: the election and those working on site. I am not sure link will work but posting anyway. If you do facebook check out Andrew Trevaskis he has an interesting post, scrutineering in Hervey Bay. I tried to upload but wouldn’t work not even screenshot.


  10. Even worse is that the AEC is Deliberately ignoring the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (The Constitution) by enforcing the corrupt and unlawful ‘Preferential “voting system for the Federal House of Representatives.
    24. Constitution of House of Representatives
    The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth, and the number of such members shall be, as nearly as practicable, twice the number of the senators.

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  11. Oh well, she can’t have missed it then. As long as she got it.


  12. She usually gets our stuff every post. Maybe she missed it. Ed


  13. What is on the way.
    I sent this to Alexandra, at FKTV a few days ago, and am glad it got up.
    This is one more reason why a real challenge needs to be made to this horrendously bogus election result:

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  14. Riccardo Bosi shows you the fraudulent election writs allegedly issued for the now-past election.
    No respectable criminal would ever try to pass anything like this off anywhere-from the 15 minute mark, but the whole thing is worth watching:
    I am curious that a recount has not happened, as I believe is meant to happen, and that the swearing in ceremony has already been-I watched it this morning, until it got too toxic.
    Here’s hoping that the protests-and Bosi said there will be many of them-get a revisit and a re-count.

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  15. Yes, Emi: you can see from South Australia that the new dictator has already mandated lockdowns, mask-wearing and massive fines and jail terms for people and businesses thumbing their noses at the prospective COVID rules.
    It looks like Malinauskas may be a WEF Young Global Leaders school graduate.
    Lord knows what will happen in Sth Oz?
    Should we get ready for another truckers convoy, and make it stick, this time?

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  16. It’s time to stand up and take our country back. This cannot just keep going on.

    Here is a lovely video to remind us all why we have to stand up…….our children

    *Great comment by the way Peter*

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  17. The elections were obviously rigged or the majority of Australians have only 2 neurones left (which is possible after the brave new world soma jab).

    Like in the USA in 2020, in Canada in 2021 and in France in April 2022: They don’t want a ‘Trump moment’ anymore so they rig all elections.

    Liberals/labor/green are the same and unique party, they have exactly the same total lack of program for Australia (the great reset/agenda 2030 agenda of their pimps).

    They have tortured the people for 2 years and voted for all the covid diktats, all of them.
    And they will do worse and Australians know it.

    Therefore, it is not possible that people voted for them, unless they really love suffering.

    The next step is to remove Australia sovereignty on May the 28.

    Change and freedom won’t come from elections, because the system is rigged from bottom to the top. It will come from us, from the streets.

    “Nothing gets done until there is blood on the streets”. — Bernard Shaw.

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  18. I doubt whether doing the rolls again would be to our benefit.
    Look at the last Queensland State election.
    Pluckachook sent the rolls to China to be printed…WHY? She could have used the govt.printer in Oz.
    Look at the outcome of that election.We expected Pauline to romp home but that didn’t happen.
    Having them printed in China left them open to have thousands of false names put on them.Anything could have been done to them.
    The same would be done to the Federal rolls, I’m sure.

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  19. Yvonne, report it to Clive.If the two OICs couldn’t answer that question,they should not have had the job.


  20. I am not surprised that Labor won.I think it was planned to work out that way.Morrison knew he was loathed…he and Albo were working together for the Great Reset…so ,for the sake of their communist masters, Labor had to win.
    I hope Clive and Bosi, and other leaders, do not let this fraud continue.
    As I have said before, Scytl technology is probably being used in the back room.IT IS USED IN MOST STATE ELECTIONS NOW and is just as dicey as Dominion was to America.It has been in trouble in other countries for falsifying elections.Its history is on the web.
    As for the lady who scrutineered, ONLY PRIMARY votes should be sorted on the night.What happened in her booth should be reported to her party leader, AND to Clive ,who has a legal team on standby waiting for anomalies.

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  21. If vote counting was done as some have claimed, then the entire process must be stopped until a full recount is done.
    The correct counting, is for all number ones to be done. Then the preferences of the lowest lot are counted out, then on to the preferences of the next lowest.
    All other counts are vote fraud.
    A full vote review must be held where such counting was done. Clive must act on this now.

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  22. Thanks Joy – what a disgraceful state of communism we live in.. The greens have increased their quota – the fix is in..


  23. I did predict three weeks ago that Labour had won the election. (crossed tense intended)

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  24. Step O'Rafferty

    To James Jones:
    If possible get that recording to Clive Palmer or to any legal team investigating. If the workers were told to say that a crime has been committed and the senate election is invalid.

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  25. Good evening

    Thank you for this wonderful News Updates. My experience scrutineering:

    I scrutineered for the first time. What an experience. Most of the Supervisors and sorters had never experienced this work either. I don’t believe it was done correct from what I’ve learned and watched on videos. I believe the whole thing is false. After tipping the boxes upside down on the tables, each AEC “employee” grabbed a handful and on another table they were sorted by the number 1 in the box. Where I was there were 6 piles of candidates and 1 informal pile. Next Labour Pile and the LNP pile where each pushed into a separate pile and all the rest of the candidates regardless of numbers etc where looked at for either labour in there preferences or LNP. which ever had the highest chosen number in front either labour or and the next highest say NLP where placed into 2 piles regardless of numbers chosen as preferences so 5 or 6 and they were added to the initial Labour or NLP piles. Nobody Counted the preferences. I was disgusted and questioned this but the Supervisor told me that’s how it was done. I don’t believe this. Seems it also happened in other electorates.

    I think from what I read in the handbook this was done incorrectly and needs looking into. warm regards Joy Prins

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  26. I have a recording on my phone of the supervisor at Runaway Bay QLD giving me false info. When it was pointed out she said yes but that is what we are told to say. Cheers James Jones

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  27. This election result leaves me to believe Austrians have no hope..Neo – feudalism here we come.

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  28. Thanks, Ed. Good to hear.


  29. We are told Clive has a full legal team on standby ready to move on whatever anomalies he can find. Ed

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  30. I do not know if this is illegal or unlawful, but recent arrivals should not get a vote, until they have spent a decade or so here and made a contribution to the welfare of the country.
    I don’t see why immigrants living on welfare should get a vote, except that it might benefit the political status quo.
    You can add immigrant citizenship to the branch stacking fiasco of the Andrews Labor government-it’s all a jack-up job.
    And this is not to disparage the immigrants, as they are only doing what they have been enabled to do, by our dodgy government weasels.

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  31. Time to stand firm on id voter bill


  32. I will be waiting , with great interest, to see whether Riccardo Bosi and Clive Palmer make legal complaints about the validity of the election.
    Monica Smit and Morgan Jonas and RDA seemed to have a lot of backing from somewhere,and must be suitably miffed about the result.
    Furthermore, there has been little information so far (unless I missed it) the “in doubts”, etc, so perhaps a bit of extra vote tickling is going on?


  33. Yeah. Same thing happened at the voting booths. So I asked ‘what do I do with the blank boxes above the line’ and was told No you don’t vote there; we don’t know why they are blank’. This reply was from the Officer in charge and Second in charge. I have reported it.

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  34. When I received my senate paper I was told “it’s six above the line or twelve below the line, either one or the other”. The words ‘at least’ were left out. This is deceptive because you can number more boxes than that. Getting people to vote 1-6 or 1-12 is designed to dilute the power of votes for minor parties.

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  35. Step O'Rafferty

    It is very hard to believe that the AEC would employ people who did not understand the senate voting paper. ALL of the call centre staff in the recording were absolutely clueless. Other government departments employ people who answer questions correctly or if they don’t know the answer they put us on hold while they find out the correct answer.
    I was hoping to see many independents elected to the senate but now it may not be the case.

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  36. ALL OZ …………..look at the History of OZ?
    The ABUSE of…….

    CHILDREN……….Child Supported by Our Gov

    ABUSE of NATIVES……….GENOCIDE….Millions of RAPE ( inc children)…. MURDER….By OUR GOV”s !!!!!!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHAT HAS CHANGED ???…………………………

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  37. ronda hodgins

    I agree.
    Plus Dominion machines received in last 6-8 weeks is mote corruption.
    No great seal of Australia on the Writ, which can only be seen online.

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  38. All the names on the Electoral role are gender neutral. ie, Legal all caps names, therefore fictitious names and when the man/woman contracts with the AEC and/or ECQ they joinder with the fake name, they are a business, a corpse… Go figure.

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  39. All of these problems can be solved by forming a new nation of North Australia, and the more people who move north to join the freedom state the stronger it will become, and more impervious to military defeat.

    But before we shape this new state we need to be aware that the globalists will send in sleepers and activists to destroy it from within.

    The key to success is open community discussion of every issue, which can only happen with a free media and free education, the curriculum of which is designed by all of the parents.

    There can be no partisanship. No dictatorial impositions of policies or directions. All decisions must be those of all of the people.

    Everybody also needs to know exactly how much indoctrination and propaganda has been hammered into us, to the extent that we believe these to be self-evident facts. Open community discussion can expose these.

    We need to outlaw ‘experts’, especially medical authorities, and those considered to be above the law (and above the people), and those who accumulate power: “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” which, by the way, is how we got into this crisis in the first place.

    We need to understand firmly that the word “leader” is defined exactly the same way as we define “dictator”. Both terms represent “unilateral decision-making”, as opposed to multilateral… which means all of us. This nation belongs to all of us and our future is ours to determine. All we require is access to the same information and we automatically form consensus. It ain’t hard. Contrary to what extremists say, we all just want our families to be happy.

    We will encounter those who not only dispute this, they will fight to prevent the principle from ever being tested, knowing they are finished if people learn the truth.

    As we speak, the suggestion of a north Australia will be being discussed in Brussels, and plans will be made to destroy it before we can begin.

    This is not the first time we have been down this road. The Eureka Stockade of December 3 1854 was about the establishment of a democracy in Australia… the real thing, not some electing of a corrupt representative to do our thinking for us. The Rothschilds panicked and got the British to kill it off militarily, which revisionist history tells us was about gold-digging licence fees.

    Eureka is unfinished business and so let’s do it now.

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