The communists of the Queensland Labor Party are going to stitch you up as best they can
“A Digital Driver’s Licence is coming. The new app will be password protected and will allow Queenslanders to store their driver’s licences, photo identification cards and marine licences digitally on their mobile phones.

Queensland communist Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk unfit for the job. Toss her out as soon as you can

The new digital licence will be considered an ‘official document’ that allows you to drive and will also be accepted as a valid form of identification at a range of other places including the bank, pubs and clubs, pharmacies and car rental agencies.

The Queensland Government said the licence would provide a ‘better and safer way for Queenslanders to validate their identity digitally’.

While no specific dates have been announced, it is expected the app will first be rolled out in Townsville at the end of the year, closely followed by the rest of the state in early 2023.”

What a shame many drivers don’t have a cell phone.