by Alison Ryan

MSM has since 2017 gained the dubious services of RMIT ABC Fact Check.

RMIT ABC Fact Checked and then reported this news > ‘Sonic weapons’ were used by police in Canberra’s protests, but only to broadcast messages rather than do harm.

MHR Craig Kelly on the tail of the now dodgy AFP over deployment of LRAD devices being used against protesters in Canberra

The RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) ABC Fact Check Unit is based at RMIT’s City campus. I wonder who is sponsoring this teamed effort?

Apparently, the RMIT ABC Fact Check is funded jointly by RMIT University and the ABC. Because the ABC is a publicly funded, independent media organisation, RMIT ABC Fact Check is accountable to the Australian Parliament and operates as an agenda-free zone.

RMIT FactLab says it does not seek to influence voters or push for a particular outcome or be a dispenser of “truth”.

But because all government education and learning – Education for All, (EfA) and Lifelong learning (LLL) – is now under the UN SDGs, RMIT FactLab fixates on data and on experts.

What about eye witness evidence? Ah, this must be fact checked by data and the experts.

UN does indeed have an indoctrination base and a faith, and those who are ensnared by it can never come to a knowledge of the truth. Ironically, and sadly, RMIT FactLab say so. They are not “a dispenser of truth”.

On 17 Feb 2022 Craig Kelly MP asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives:

1. Did the AFP positioned one or more Long-Range Acoustic Devices, in the Parliamentary Precincts, with the intention that it be used as a sonic weapon against protestors that included nurses, school teachers, paramedics and Indigenous leaders?

2. Did the AFP seek approval from the Presiding officers to deploy such a device?

3. Where Long-Range Acoustic Devices used against the protestors on the day?

We wait to hear.

Editor: It seems whatever answer Commissioner Reece Kersahw gives to Kelly, few would believe it after Kershaw’s performance answering questions in senate hearings from senator Malcolm Roberts.

The RMIT has long been a cesspit of leftist ideologues of the same calibre as Dangerous Dan the hot dog man aka Premier of Victoria.