Letter to the Editor

Interesting that only last week I dug up my references to Aust police some years back adding these devices to their armouries around the nation.
They are now being used by the indifferent police – police who once were at arms length of politicians for the very reasons we now experience, and who are now effecting political agendas by force.

I seem to know about this behaviour in history – recent history …. and here we are – on THAT path again.

So bad a state we are now in, that I see both the devices and the operators of those devices as a long range targets.

But any satisfaction would be momentary to justify ALL their ‘toys’ to be rolled out and ruthlessly used … but that could be a good thing to bring the curtained police state out in the open and let real civil unrest sort it out. After all, that’s how the USA rid themselves of British oppression. The only way ultimately was violence – and the yanks know it, hence their 2A.

But remember – we are “safer” because we people no longer have appropriate firearms and have assigned all real power to government and their muscle – police.

And you thought you had freedom of association and freedom of expression that’s what it states in the Constitution! Silly you!
Not any more – we have no Constitution because the scum at the top (Morrison down) and the mindless black ninga dressed cops have dissolved it.

And in a few months, our badly structured political system will require you to vote FOR those very people again … and that my friends is supposed to be Democracy.

P Cunningham