Tablelands residents have become more determined than ever to rid the Far North of vile and unlawful vaccine mandates imposed by the socialists of Queensland Labor.

Mareeba has a meeting of anti-mandate crusaders in Centenary Park every Sunday morning at 9am. All free to attend.
A number of vaccinated people have also been attending say organisers.

The Labor/LNP duopoly has managed to terrify Queenslanders into believing they have to wear dangerous masks, unlawfully put tracking devices on their phones and tell shopkeepers if they have been jabbed with a deadly poison, all to satisfy a global agenda of genocide.

Small business has been decimated, families split, school kids bullied and sick people refused medical care because they haven’t had a deadly, experimental, mRNA, gene altering inoculation that world-renowned epidemiologists such as Dr Judy Wilman and Dr Delores Cahill warn, eventually will severely debilitate or kill.

These respected researchers have been so successful in their education about the plandemic that Google has placed a bounty on their heads which surfaces when doing a search.

Now the sick Health Department and the Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk want to come after your healthy 5 to 11 year olds with a deadly concoction that could maim them for life.

If you want to save your kids then join in the rallies, do letter box drops, call talkback radio, write letters to politicians and the newspapers, telling them the Covid insanity has to stop.

For an ailment that has a proven 99.7 per cent survival rate, far better than the common flu, then people must make a stand.

Join the meeting and rally in Atherton at 10am on Saturday, January 15 at the Railway Reserve park near the new RSL club.


The following Saturday, January 22, Cairns will hold a meeting and rally at the usual venue along the Esplanade starting at 10am, march at 11am.