Landowners in NSW lost their titles – parchment deeds gone

By Sydney National Review We are in the middle of a takeover. This is the framework, starting with the NSW government, of how YOUR LAND will be removed and how we transition as a Nation into the headquarters for the New World Order This is the most important message you will read in your lifetime. This is an EMERGENCY message. We are in the middle of a takeover. This is the framework, starting with the NSW government, of how YOUR LAND will be removed and how we transition as a Nation into the headquarters for the New World Order. Please SHARE with EVERYONE you KNOW.

Gladys  Berejiklian was the CEO of The Legislative INC. This will roll out to every state across Australia. (it happened in Queensland several years ago)They distracted you with ‘covid’ and in the middle of the night passed this through parliament. This is NOT a JOKE AUSTRALIA … WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY WHERE THE GOVERNMENT HAS ACTED ILLEGALLY against WE THE PEOPLE …
If you don’t believe it go directly to

Have you ever wondered why we have CEO’s in every SHIRE, with salaries more than the Prime Minister of Australia?

We are now a CORPORATION since Oct 11th, 2021. We are in the middle of a New World Order take over. There is no difference between Labor, Liberal, or Greens. They (the politicians) (including media) are ALL on the same team paid off ENORMOUS amounts of money to deliver this agenda. We are in an EMERGENCY SITUATION AUSTRALIA!!! If you don’t get it by now, please move over and let the rest of us get on with saving this country from a foreign power invasion.

Through a MEDIA PSYOP, they have tried to turn us against each other, encouraged each one of us to DOB in rule-breakers, and shame those who stood up against this tyranny but we are better than that! Many good people in LAW, in SCIENCE, in the MEDICAL field and many professionals worldwide have been trying to warn YOU and you haven’t listened. They always intended Australia and New Zealand to be the headquarters of the New World Order due to their strategic position, isolation, and small population.

They have carefully put every one of these leaders in place over many years and slowly turned Australia into a police state doing it over time so you didn’t notice. I am so sorry to deliver this message. Time is running out and I pray for everyone in this beautiful country. I pray that you have eyes to see and ears to hear. We are ONE people; we are NOT divided! Stand Australia before it’s too late.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. From Telegram
    [Forwarded from Heinos Hypotheses (Bobbie22)]
    THIS WAS SHARED BY A BARRISTER …. If we go into lockdowns again you may not be able to get home. Its true the Drs & Chemists up here (Northland) are on high alert – I checked. Sharing this. Brace Yourselves Remembering Ardern announced at the World Economic Forum she wanted NZ to be the for first to fully implement the new order. How much more proof do people need to wake up to this concocted scam. It has to be stopped. Lockdown already planned for January 2022. The fiat banking system of which everyone uses is going to be collapsed from mid 2022 onward therefore all mortgages will be ended and the NWO digital currency introduced. Titles will be handed over to the State Government and lease agreements will be introduced for the property’s people once owned. This will bring in the social credit system whereby you have to fully comply or you lose points and the privlage to continue the lease on your property or business. Failing to fully comply means they can simply cut everything off from you by the push of a few buttons leaving you with no access to any money to feed yourself. This is how they have planned to remove people from there property’s especially the rural areas. Remember Ardern saying the days of dairy farming are over? Well this is what she meant by it. All assets will be owned by the State. Welcome to the first time the western world was ever pushed into Communism and we are the generations that allowed it by not standing up to fight against it. Ardern, Helen Clark, and all the commys of the party’s must be laughing there heads off at how stupid the people have been to totally get sucked in and comply their way to full Communism and just handed their freedoms away because of the common flu. All is done and dusted in the next few months unless all the people stand up and fight back. Everything you ever worked for is about to be all taken from you. Anyone silly enough not to believe it then tell us all how they took three water assets from us when most councils said no.(because they had already made the sale to multi corporations) Explain how legislation got put through to remove titles and why they would do so. Explain SNA land grabbing and tell us what can’t be classed as significant area. Explain why a health Minister can now order the destruction of buildings on your property just by saying so. (Covid Response bill) Either rise up now or we might as well just hand over everything we have. Once the banks are collapsed try proving you are the rightful tittle holder. Because unless you hold the original copy with proof you owe nothing on it they will be seizing the titles and only offer a lease agreement back. That’s if you are taking your 3 monthly booster shots of which will probably be monthly or weekly by then. Refuse and lose, that’s how China control the people by the social credit system. Anyone who applied or applies for a jab passport has entered themselves into the social credit system. Now do we understand why the push to jab everyone including the children? Because they need everyone done to be coded for the new system. Remember the push for digital ID of all animal stock and how they used a so called deadly disease to encourage all the farmers to enter into it at a cost paid by the farmers and after compliance just what happened to that fatal disease that they had to slaughter whole herds for of which no cows had died only were slaughtered and killed instead because of so called positives. Funny that, because the PCR test also gives close to 100 percent false positives. Sars-Cov-2 which is covid 19 was patented in 2005 and in 2012 recorded in medical journals as the common flu. That’s why we all never died of a deadly virus people. Yet while they had people locked down fearing for their lives they rushed new laws through to remove our freedoms and rights.


  2. Are only hope is in our Heavenly Father JAH.
    We need to repent, be baptised and pray to him daily.
    Above ALL study his word the Bible and it will guide you in all things and give you comfort,joy, and above all his shalom(Peace) Bless you all brothers and sisters in JAHSHUA our saviour and king. Lol from Australia


  3. Hi Ed
    Yes, the C OF T does state:
    Estate Fee Simple


  4. The background for Queensland:

    On 26th March 2019, a Bill was passed in Qld Parliament amending the Land Title Act 1994.

    The amendments meant that, as of October 2019, paper CTs no longer had any legal effect.
    The electronic title held in the Titles Registry at that time would continue to be the point of truth for ownership and other interests in land in Queensland.
    Only about 11% of titles in Queensland still actually have a paper CT in existence.

    This change meant that as of October 2019, a paper CT will now only be an item of historic or sentimental value and will no longer need to be deposited with the Titles Registry when a transaction is lodged over the title.

    As of that date, there will be no requirement for disposing of any existing paper CT, they will not need to be destroyed or brought in to the Titles Registry, nor will they need to be dispensed with for a transaction to proceed.

    From October 2019, there has no longer been an option to lodge a Form 19 – Application for certificate of title.

    As per EV Dann (paraphrased details)

    Registrar of Titles and
    Registrar of Water Allocations

    53 Albert Street
    GPO Box 1401
    Brisbane QLD 4001

    Titles Registry on 1300 255 750

    ….the question still remains….why did the Land Title Act even need to be amended?


  5. Yeah Alison the Constitution, if anyone takes notice does protect fee simple land owners. Do these two words appear on your deed? Ed


  6. I have a paper CERTIFICATE OF TITLE – VICTORIA. It’s probably a photo copy. It states: Under the Transfer of Land Act 1958, I certify that the registered proprietor is the proprietor of the estate and interest in the land subject to the encumbrances, caveats and notices described. Then a signature from someone at the Registrar of Titles, Office of Titles Victoria.

    It also states: This certificate of title is a valuable document that is protected by overt and covet security features, including a thermochromic icon on the front of this document.

    When the states started to roll out the smart meters the Stop Smart Meters website explained what we could do to retain our analog electricity meters. That involved saying no to the utility provider (who were very, very, very persistent and at the end I would say, threatening) and also contacting the Minister of Energy.

    There has been no referendum re people losing their land ownership and that is the bottom line. Isn’t it???

    Doesn’t the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia trump any conflict with the States?


  7. Proof of land ownership is now at the discretion of government bureaucracy. If you can’t prove it you no longer own it. But you’ll be happy. The treachery of the duopoly knows no bounds.


  8. In the State of Qld, the Premier cancelled the Certificates of Title on19th Oct, 2019.

    History shows us that bad ‘Kings’ and ‘Queens’ reign only for a time, and since the beginning of time.
    In the end, the people rise up against them.

    If we need to have our own Velvet Revolution then the people of this Country will decide that.

    Hurt their children, take away their land…..

    I can’t see that ending well…..
    They know too much now.


  9. Thanks Dick re:

    To quote Kim Beasley in federal parliament “the United Nations has given the federal government a mandate of ownership for housing, property, farms and business to government control once the republic has been proclaimed”.

    To quote Bob Hawke “the Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism, the abolition of private property, in this case to own land”.

    Despite these two quotes, we still have the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act in force, albeit the latest version.

    In 2014 former PM Tony Abbott started the Federation White Paper process but it fizzled out.

    Why? The “feds gave up when they realised it would probably miss the original deadline of late 2015 and may not be finished before the election”, “federal reform was treated as something that concerns a very small range of stakeholders — governments and bureaucracies,” and “There was no consideration that this is something that affects the lives and wellbeings of all Australians”.

    Indeed, there was no response to the average Aussie when enquiring on its progress.

    Interestingly though, the Mandarian (in 2016) says, “work on the federation will continue through the Council of Australian Government”.

    The expert panel for the Fed. White Paper consisted of Prof Greg Craven, Cheryl Edwardes AM, Dr Doug McTaggart, Alan Stockdale, Ms Jennifer Westacott, Dr John Bannon (dec) and key areas of reform were health, education and housing, homelessness.

    Of note the Terms of Reference stated: ‘Within the constitutional framework, consideration will be given to:
    – the practicalities of limiting Commonwealth policies and funding to core national interest
    matters, as typified by the matters in section 51 of the Constitution;
    – reducing or, if appropriate, eliminating overlap between Local, State and Commonwealth
    – achieving agreement between State and Commonwealth governments about their distinct and mutually exclusive responsibilities and subsequent funding sources for associated programmes; and
    – achieving equity and sustainability in the funding of any programmes that are deemed to be the responsibility of more than one level of government (emphasis added).

    We should watch NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet who is saying “Australia needs a federal review informed by the past two years of combating the pandemic”.

    The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act protects against acquisition of property on unjust terms Section 51 (xxxi), and cannot authorize any form of civil conscription re medical services Section (xxiiiA).


  10. I love reading all the comments, I love commenting. Now what the hell changes. They have us by the balls.I, We , are full of hot air it seems. Do we make a difference ? Or are we wasting time.? No, we must believe free seech makes a difference,


  11. Unsure of any losses but now all departments are corporations and have been for years a fee is required to look at your computer print-out. Ed


  12. He doesn’t even know about it. Ed


  13. Evergrande is bankrupt and its going to be a domino affect including BHP and RIO TINTO that are attached to this company. These tyrannts trying to bring in the new world order will end up OWNING NOTHING AND THEY WILL BE VERY UNHAPPY! ….Karma
    This mob can try to pass through in all the bullshit laws they want and try to take over Australia but big mistake trying to take on the whole world all at once, especially when you are dealing with formidable leaders falling under the global radar….

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  14. In 2005 or 2006 after I had paid off remortgage of my home I asked a solicitor to get my certificate of title back and he said no can do as they all held at titled office. I was very concerned about that but nothing could be done!! I could not get my own certificate of title. Alarm bells then.

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  16. Jackie Belfort


    Sent from my iPhone



  17. Two specific points stand out to me on registrar site notes:
    1. A subscriber must follow strict obligations, such as verifying your identity.
    This will no doubt include vax passport, mygov id, mask wearer, good social credit.
    2. We will continue working with stakeholders to ensure the cancellation of CTs and the transition to 100% eConveyancing is seamless.
    ‘Stakeholders’ now common terminology of all involved with WEF.


  18. Brian Johnston

    What has Bob Katter done to help? I believe politics is a hobby to the likes of him.
    Don’t get me started on Hansen.


  19. Hi Editor Every State took ownership of all land when every State agreed to join the the Status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation* Republic* in 1985. Under Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted we are a Constitutional Monarchy. Under this Constitution we have all rights known to man. Under the Treasonous Political Parties sovereign, independent and federal nation *Republic* we are nothing.

    Kim Beasley in Federal Parliament in 1990, quote, “The United Nations has

    given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, property,

    farms and businesses to government control once the *Republic* has been proclaimed.”

    Treasonous Political Parties claimed a *Republic* by the Australia Acts (Request) Act 1985 for their sovereign, independent and federal nation *= Treason*.

    *You have taken a long time to wake up, that’s if you’re awake now.* :Dick

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  20. I say again, the answer is .762 or 12G


  21. Thanks Ed. Can we access our title deeds online to check this government interest in our land? What form it takes and so on? Has anyone done this and has anyone lost their land as a result?


  22. Your titles are held on privately owned computers held by one of three (3) Public Companies in Australia, known as Electronic Lodgement Network Operators (ELNO’s). Who will have the complete database of who owns property in Australia, they are as follows:

    Property Exchange Australia Ltd. If you go to Statement Financial Position, Assets. Cash and cash equivalents 6 $402,451,929. Wonder what assets they have worth that amount?
    Purcell Partners Pty Ltd.
    Sympli Australia Pty Ltd.


  23. graeme walters

    Nothing new here we lost our land ownership years ago


  24. Hi David a land title, eg Deed of Grant in Fee Simple has existed for centuries on parchment evolving from the feudal system. It was the first system used in Australia. Anyone with a parchment deed has a negotiable instrument and if the land owner has it in his possession it means his land is unencumbered. It is still in use in the US but for how long don’t know. About 15 years ago one of the best ever District Court judges in Queensland said in court the state has an interest in all freehold land. How did this happen without it appearing on your parchment deed? It was not on it of course so they got rid of the paper and now we have to take whatever they give us from the computer printer. The LNP is also complicit in this and so is ever other MP who was in state parliament when the communists passed it.Ed


  25. Few believed those who warned of what has been planned by our new NWO tyrants and their lackeys. – they did not believe it had already been put in legislation in Queensland.

    For those who did not know of or believe that, they will take your land and your house – welcome to the real world, the NWO.

    If we do not stop what they have planned for us, it will all be put in place, it will happ

    “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” Klause Schwab, World Economic Forum..

    They are now warp speeding their plans, they will take the land and houses well before 2030.

    There are those who ask what sort of world will we be leaving for the kids? If we do little or nothing, most of the kids will not survive long enough to be able to look back on what we failed to do..


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  26. I had a At last it is being spoken about.n Dec 2018 I sold my house in Victoria.Settlement Feb. 2019.That is when I found out about electronic titles.They burn the old titles , to destroy the evidence I believe. What happens if the grid fails ?
    In Queensland the same rules apply I was told one can get a copy by paying $20.A friend in Mackay said. I don’t know about you but it P….s me off big time. I worked liked hell to buy my home.Not a fancy one ,but something I could leave my kids when I die,.So after all these years I only own the house and stuff in it. They have stolen the land, And, if we listen to Klaus Schwab , we will own nothing and be happy .The plan s to hook us into the 5G system. Microchips in our bodies and they will control our moods needs , desires. It sounds insane, It is insane. And the New Masters of the Universe actually plan this for humanity. Go to your Goverment websites to find out their plans and what they have locked us into. Did they ask your permission. ? Like hell they did.

    Check out the Fabians,A few of them were B.Hawke Whitlam Gareth Evans Graham Richards Rudd. In fact nearly all the Labor ites.They wanted no on,Traitors. e to own private land, They who all sucked off the Taxpayers and will till they die.Strewth ! There are so many ways we have been betrayed it sickens me. I am no spring chicken , the least I can do is write and talk. So many people refuse to consider anything other than the MSM , and what the lying politicians say.
    Would everyone who is awake spread as much truth as they can.We have to beat this takeover other wise our kids are in for a rotten life if servitude.
    God Save Australia..SOS.

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  27. While paper title deeds may be gone, just as paper bank ledgers of your bank transactions haven’texisted for decades, how is that a problem other than if they get illegally hacked or the Internet goes down? I can appreciate how a tyrannical government could wipe all evidence of people’s title deeds, which is a concern, but you seem to be suggesting that people have lost their land title simply because titles are now digitally stored. Can someone elaborate?


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