Who is Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath referring to when she talks about “these teams” who knock on people’s doors and vaccinate “whoever is eligible to be vaccinated”?

Yvette D’Arth, another female megalomaniac of the Queensland Labor Party corporation

Was she referring to the coercive “visits” to Aboriginal communities by government vaccination teams backed up by the Army? Is she suggesting that forcible vaccination was somehow OK for them and OK for the rest of the population because “that’s what we have to do”?

How many members of those Aboriginal communities suffered injury or death following vaccination, like Bevan Costello, the elder from Cherbourg who died six days after getting his much publicised jab?

Forcible medical treatment without consent is a criminal act. It’s actually assault to force a needle into someone’s body without their consent. As stated by the Australian Law Reform Commission, it’s part of the law of trespass. “Under the law of trespass, patients have a right not be subjected to an invasive procedure without consent or other lawful justification, such as an emergency or necessity.”

To suggest that “teams” are going to go from door to door forcibly injecting households is a threat of property invasion and violence against Queensland families and this minister must be made accountable for that statement.

Calling the Covid-19 outbreak an “emergency” is not justifiable, especially with a death rate of less than 1% of those infected and deaths which mostly occur with co-morbidities or old age.

Please share this with a view to lodging a complaint (perhaps even a criminal complaint) against this rogue politician.