The Bromleys in a happier moment and below, the scene inside the home on New Year’s Eve. On he left is the cupboard where the gun safe was torn off its mounting.

AN outspoken New Zealand pastor who has repeatedly attacked the Ardern government’s response to the alleged Covid-19 pandemic has suffered an unannounced raid and ransacking of his home on New Year’s Eve by police in suburban Christchurch.

The visibly upset and angry Pastor Carl Bromley recently appeared online after coming home from a New Year’s Eve outing with his wife. Drawers and personal property was strewn about and the pastor’s 0.22 rifle cabinet ripped from a cupboard wall. Five hundred rounds of ammunition was stolen, apparently by the same intruders.

What was particularly outrageous was that the same police had previously failed to pursue an investigation in the theft and gutting of the pastor’s car and an assault against him by a well-known leftist agitator. Bromley also complained to police over defamatory statements posted against him online. The complaints were dismissed.

The pastor has been outspoken on social media over the treatment of unvaccinated Kiwis, such as the woman with ovarian bleeding who was refused entry to a medical clinic in Auckland and instead examined in a nearby boat shed. Such is the irrational Covid hysteria spread by Ardern, her Health Minister Hipkins and the chief health officer and WHO lackey Ashleigh Bloomfield.

The politics behind the raid are clear. Ardern, a New Left globalist, has launched a frontal assault against so-called non-compliant churches, threatening massive fines against pastors refuse to be vaccinated contrary to government orders. Ardern is the South Pacific pet politician of the Gates and Clintons and others in that circle.

Bromley, who was previously a registered nurse & mental health worker, reported the New Year’s Eve break-in to 111 and took photos of the damage. He then discovered that a voicemail had been left on his phone by the intruders – the NZ police.

A constable advised that the raid had been conducted under section 18 powers, stating that they had “responded to an event regarding your suitability to be a firearms licence holder”. The constable said police would be in contact regarding his “suitability”.

Bromley has never had police charge him with any crime and has a clean record with no mental health concerns and has worked extensively within the mental health field alongside police in a pastoring and counselling role.

New Zealand alt media outlet The Daily Examiner reported Bromley was shocked at the display of force, and a nearby resident reported “six to eight units turned up, even with a dog”. A local resident reported he could “still hear the hammering this morning”.

Pastor Bromley spoke about this event on social media the following morning, outlining his concerns about the complete lack of apparent cause for the raid and its aggression.

The Daily Examiner reported that the raid resembled the 2020 armed police raid on Mr Dieuwe de Boer in South Auckland, when more than a dozen police marched through his front and rear door where he, his wife and young children, including a newborn, were spending a quiet evening.

Mr de Boer, a Presbyterian and like Bromley, a proflific political commentator, did his best to protect his family as police separated them, read them their rights, and then demanded information on a .22 lever action rifle, commonly used in New Zealand for rabbit and oppossum control or for targets.

Pastor Bromley’s wife was left traumatised by the raid and contacted the Victim Support group. She has been struggling to sleep due to feeling “violated”. The Bromleys are talking about moving out of their home.