Rumours of Woo and the imminent collapse of the petro dollar world wide

by Alexandra Bruce

The singularity of officialdom’s narrative collapse is here, censorship is off the charts and Clif High says that we’ve now entered a period of increased novelty (aka “events”) that won’t trail off until sometime in February.


Clif says that Evergrande is now defunct and owned by the CCP, indicating that the Powers-that-Be are no longer able to maintain the Petrodollar financial system that has ruled the world during our lifetimes.

He says, “The US dollar died with the Evergrande. The willingness of the CCP to take the US dollar was the last thing that was propping-up the Petrodollar. The Evergrande dying off means that they can no longer afford to take worthless dollars for anything they do… 

“The ability of the central banks to control things is gone now,” and the central banks will not be able to survive this bond crisis, because the deflationary trend is juxtaposed against an organic hyperinflationary trend.

He explains that we’re in now a deflationary environment, driven on the one hand by the restructuring of Evergrande by the CCP and on the other hand by the escalation of the vaxxine die-off.

He notes that the die-off is neither ubiquitous nor uniform and that certain geographic areas, such as those surrounding Silicon Valley are being spared, while other areas are seeing two and a half times as many people dying per month as during this time last year, many of them elderly because they were the ones vaxxed first.

“The die-off is moving up. This is deflationary. All of those people that are dying are not sucking up resources anymore; they’re not competing for resources, so there’s no pressure on prices relative to them…

“Deflation, basically in a financial system means there’s weakening demand and a consequence of that is falling prices. The central bankers can’t have deflation.”

He describes how when faced with a similar scare in 1932-1933, Roosevelt consulted with the central bankers in London and proceeded to seize the gold from American citizens.

He explains how hyperinflation is a function of resource deprivation and how hyperinflation in prices can come about from either the hyperinflation of the currency, which reduces its purchasing power; or it can come from too many people rushing at a limited-supply item and bidding up the price, which may partially explain Joe Biden’s deliberate destruction of US energy independence and his deliberate collapse of the supply chain.  


“They wanted to have a war, they wanted to kill off billions of humans, in order that they could get us into this Great Reset that monster, Klaus Schwab says that ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy.’ They wanted all of this. This was necessary.

“They didn’t get their war. Trump and the Self-Organizing Collective f*ed them over and they didn’t get their war. Hillary Clinton was not allowed to destroy Seattle, she wasn’t allowed to destroy Austin with nuclear weapons and claim it was the North Koreans at the behest of the Chinese and that ‘we lost the war’.

“They weren’t able to do that. Obama didn’t get to take our guns, so all of their plans are really getting f*ed-up and now, they have to deal with stuff that had been set in motion when they were certain that Hillary Clinton could not lose.

“So Evergrande’s current situation originates from Obama’s time…and it built up a giant mass of financial instruments that were supposed to be used by the Chinese to seize most of Australia and seize other parts of other countries in a giant bond debacle – not the bond debacle that we’ve got now – but a different kind that would be relative to the created hyperinflation that they knew that they would be able to engineer after Hillary had destroyed a couple of cities in the United States, after Obama had seized all the guns and the CCP could say they ‘won the war against the United States’ and our Constitution was no longer valid and that we had to live under their rules and they would have just come on in and invaded.

“We’d be just like Australia. We’d have no guns to repel them. It would be a terrible situation. But that didn’t happen. Universe doesn’t want that sh*t to go down, in spite of the fact that the CCP does not grasp this and the Globalists don’t grasp this…


“The Evergrande bond debacle that the CCP is in now is different from what they had anticipated. In the one that they’d anticipated, those people that had taken currencies – loans, in essence – would be seized; they’d have all their properties seized. As the…borrower failed, the lender would seize the assets.

“Now, we have a situation where the lenders’ bonds are not being able to be paid. So all the investors outside of China are f*ed. CCP is simply not going to pay them…

“They’ve already been hardening China, in restricting access and bringing their people home over the last 4 months, 5 months, in a very accelerated fashion, that tells people like myself that they knew this day was coming and they needed to harden things up, because they’re literally going to use force – navies, armies, etc. – to say, ‘F* you. We default,’ to all the foreign investors that had pumped-up the Evergrande.

“This is going to have some consequences that are going to be very far-reaching. Some nations may decide to send warships to China, because they’re so desperate to seize assets from China, once the bonds default.

“But now, the CCP will not be able to seize the farmlands and the lands of Australia. If they want it, they’ll have to invade it, because they won’t have any legal claim to it, as they would have in this other scheme…


“And so the deflation here is going to prompt the remaining central banks; the Chinese central bank, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of London, the Vatican Bank…all of these banks are going to have to pump for hyperinflation like you would not believe, because of the amount of deflation that we’re going to get from the Evergrande debacle.”

And all of this hit the cryptocurrency market, causing them to drop relative the US dollar price notation.

“So the message from the deflationary event that we’ve got going on now is that we’re moving into a world of solid, hard currency. In a solid, hard currency world, everything changes.”

For example, he says that in a solid, hard currency world, you would have to give gold or silver to people to get an airplane go pick up people in Haiti to take them to our Southern Border so that they could sneak over and invade the US, because these pilots will no longer do that for US dollars. So this kind of activity will no longer be happening.

“So many people and institutions will not be taking Chinese currency or US currency…[that] those countries that have resources will be able to grab those resources and say, ‘F* you!’ to China and their quasi-legal claims, through the phony bond markets.

“This is also going to hit the derivatives, it’s going to crash banks, it’ll hit real estate globally, massive deflation in real estate globally, as a result of this, pockets of hyperinflation as the currency goes thrashing around, here and there, in response to what’s going on, both the die-off and the machinations of the CCP and the other central banks, trying to create more hyperinflation, because that’s all they’ve got.

“If they can’t kill us off in a war and then reset the economy as a result of that, then we’re all looking at them, as the purchasing power of the dollar drops, as the purchasing power of the yuan – of all currencies – drops to nothing, we’re all looking at the central bank, saying ‘OK, F*ers, you better open up that vault and give me some of that gold, or we’re going to come and take it!’

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Frankly: yes it is a shame. But that’s how ‘they’ ‘they’ view people – unfortunately.


  2. What is going to happen with our population ?
    The Agenda of these figures speak for them selves.

    Australia by 2025 decrease = – 34.6 Use to be Christian
    U.S.A by 2025 decrease = – 68.5 Use to be Christian
    United Kingdom decrease = – 77.1 Use to be Christian
    Ireland decrease = – 72.4 Use to be Christian
    Germany decrease = – 65.1 Use to be Christian
    Canada decrease = – 26.1 Use to be Christian
    However compare population of
    India increase by + 4.9 1,280,000,000 / Pagan
    Pakistan increase by +13.3 193,240,000 / Moslem
    Indonesia increase by + 2.5 266,580,000 / Moslem
    China slight decrease -1.6 1,380.000,000 / Communist
    Russia slight decrease – 0.5 142,500,000 / Communist
    How will they achieve this … ?
    Vaccine mandates for every one, now do you understand ?
    Our governments are complicit in this agenda to depopulate
    us, the future for your children is bleak. William.


  3. Hermann, shame to look at the human race as a commodity. Have always said that’s all we are “a body as an asset value”.


  4. I suppose the article could be summarised as such.

    As the global elites tried to reduce their mega-debt via inflation (low interest rates), . . . which clearly failed. The western currencies are now debased and effectively worthless, and because they cannot raise interest rates to reduce inflation, without increasing their debt, they are seemingly forced into another option, i.e., . . .to reduce the population, which will have the same financial effect as raising interest rates (i.e. deflation), – thus, re-valuing their worthless currencies.

    Those that survive the cull, will not only be alive, but they will also see their wealth increase via increased spending power [if they still own assets],

    This is merely standard market mechanics as practiced by the big players, involving the two principles of ‘dilution’ and ‘accumulation,’ where respectively, wealth is either distributed among a majority group of shareholders (dilution), or conversely, concentrated within a minority group of shareholders (accumulation). As the majority are squeezed out, the minority not only own more assets, but also, see a corresponding increase in the value of the assets.

    This is nothing new, it was all the rage during the Roaring Twenties, and they intend to repeat the process in the Twenty Twenties.

    P.S. The UK daily papers recently wrote, that for this tax year (2020-21), the Inland Revenue had its biggest haul of inheritance tax ever: £1.5 billion more than previous years, and that’s not including additional taxes, such as capital gains tax from the sale of the deceased properties, etc.


  5. Dirk

    I finally decided to start a group on Telegram so as to get off of Facebook and all the other platforms.

    Please join here as I share the things that I see and we are joining together

    Sent from my iPhone



  6. The difference being 80 per cent of Australian guns are registered with the political parties. The US guns largely are not, thank God. Ed


  7. Write a story about it please oldmate.Ed


  8. Interesting take and agree with most of it, but to simplistic to think China can just default and choose not to fulfil their obligation to International bond holders. China would be crippled in every way imaginable, war, sanctions, seizing of global assets etc.
    A Global political topic I like to follow and following are my thoughts –
    China is in a worse position than many people think. The growth in China with Western IP over so many decades could have been all part of a Globalist plan with controlling the CCP.
    This became evident last week when Evergrande finally declared bankruptcy. Defaulting on 300bil owed to bond holders with one of the most significant foreign bond holders being Blackrock group. of which now one must assume has a controlling interest in all of Evergrande’s real estate and business assets in China now. CCP may put on a staunch face but do they have enough bail out funds for all these companies that will follow the same path. China’s biggest problem will be its own people turning on the CCP when this global slowdown combined with the example above of more of the top tier companies with similar financial structures possibly folding. I am guessing the Globalist become the administrative power of the CCP and its industrial mega nation to carry on with the status quo on their terms but this is not what they want us to see.
    Would the CCP and it’s people choose to default and go to war or succumb to the Globalist and their directive of Global operations.

    Smoke and mirrors people!


  9. Clif High is very entertaining and his predictions have sometimes been amazingly right ($64K Bitcoin was notable, esp as that was made when it was around $100, I believe).

    However, he does come out with some doozies that are way off ($600 oz svr by now)

    Also, the fact that he thinks the World is controlled by a huge praying Mantis – that he met whilst ‘high’) – is a bit disconcerting.

    But as I say, very entertaining.


  10. Further to the Woo, the International Banking Cartel with its foundation in The City of London Corporation and asset: Bank of England 1694 and Apex in the Bank of International Settlements should be what is in view.

    This cartel owns nation states / governments as assets of its corporate structure. Their Reserve Banks (private credit monopolies), for example the Federal Bank of the US, always bankrupt themselves before the major event – like World War II which they machinated. Consider the remarks of Congressman Louis T McFadden, Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee of the House of Representatives for more than 10 years.


  11. It will be the government members who will take the the biggest hit for China Evergrande fiasco. After all they are the richest. And the Party Elders!
    CCP actually means Chinese Capitalist Party.
    If you go there, or any one you know has spent considerable time there, it’s in your face! You’ll be very hard pressed to find anything that resembles communism, other than the annual military parades.


  12. Where did this total BS originate from,”We’d be just like Australia. We’d have no guns to repel them”? I’ve seen as much fire power here in Oz per head of population comparable to the USA! But on the other hand it’s in our advantage also to let the world think that we’re defenseless and watch any invaders sh*t themselves when they invade!


  13. I believe all of that article, remember what Trump did to the Fed and the debt in the USA, there is a new financial system coming and it’s not the Great Reset that the WEF and UN psychopaths want, we will have everything and be happy.


  14. I read most of that post and I would say it’s mainly gibberish.

    I wouldn’t count on it.

    The fact that China allowed Evergrande to default is proof that CCP did not take it over.

    Sent from my iPhone



  15. That was probably the best article I have read in Australia, by an Australian. Nah. Simply the best article.


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