Australian hospitals overloaded with vaccine injured patients

20 people per hour presenting at a Melbourne Hospital ER for chest pains etc after the jab.

ICU & emergency departments full of ‘vaccinated’ people with adverse reactions “- Australian nurse  

“The hospitals are full of quacksinated patients with adverse reactions. They’re saying it’s CV and D-Variant.. Guess what Delta-Variant is? It’s an adverse reaction.. They’re trying to KILL people..”.

from Gil May

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s a really great testimonial from this health care worker, a real insite into what’s going on in the health care system. So I have read a lot of information myself, it’s all just opinion but here is mine and bear in mind this is only my opinion. If you look at the original vaccine which was designed for the first Covid strain, now let’s look at the MNRA type experimental vaccine specifically. If the MNRA vaccine was designed to work with your DNA to generate antibodys continually to fight the original incoming virus if it enters your body, then it stands to reason, I think that a drastically new different strain of the virus (Delta and Omicron with about 30 different spike proteins) may not be recognised by your body as it’s now been trained to look for “the original Corona virus”. This is why I think and its only my opinion that the hospitals are filling up with the unvaccinated. Now I think the worrying thing is that because people have reprogrammed their immune system with the MNRA vaccine to fight the original strain of Covid then the only way they can fight off different strains is with a new MNRA vaccine programmed and redesigned specifically for the new versions, currently Delta and Omnicron. This will I think leave the vaccinated people very vulnerable, in the unvaccinated their immune systems will operate as intended, that is it will fight whatever strain of the virus it encounters and alter accordingly to fight a different version. But with an MNRA permenantly altered system generating continuous antibodys, its quite possible that your original immune system may never return to normal and the virus could change so quickly that the even new MNRA vaccines given to these people couldn’t keep up with the mutation changes. Also their is some opinion that the MNRA vaccinated person may also alter an incoming virus and pass on a different version, it could do this when a MNRA vaccinated persons immunity (against the original strain) starts to drop and a new strain interacts with it!. Either way, if this things been man made, vaccinated or unvaccinated, the world will face some big challenges to wipe it out.


  2. Dr, Artis knows. His very first few words states the protocols which the majority of the West adopts as their own medical policy schedule.

    The whole point is that we are not being told the truth by the people who pretend to care, It takes pointing our the facts directly to the hospital medical staff to keep the staff them from acting as the hospital accountant instead of a medical practitioner.

    Who in Australia would make those types of accounting decisions? Because the hospital medicos must be knowingly doing their malpractice deed for exactly the same greedy and unethical reasons.

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  3. There should be 26,000,000 Australians marching and protesting and demanding an open public inquiry on how and why this nefarious mess was created and by whom!

    And why is treatment demonstrated to be successful in other countries being stymied in Australia. Political heads should roll for the ugly side of this nasty and evil scandal.

    Informed consent my arse!

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  4. In response to Hope, just a reminder that the NIH is an American site and the lovechild of Fauci.
    It is his baby.
    Remdesivir (which NIH also recommend) causes liver and kidney damage.

    It still begs the question as to why Ivermectin (an anti parasitic) even works for those diagnosed with ‘covid’.
    I guess this Country won’t get to find out.

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  5. Lets not forget that’s the same Nurse as from last weeks footage. Can l get clarification this footage is from Adelaide? On side note, great website, first time poster keep up the lovely work you do Mr editor!!

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  6. I have been saying all this year that the purpose behind the gene therapy treatment , it to cull mankind.Bill Gates has openly said he will use vaccines to depopulate the world.
    The Great Reset agree with him.
    Gates also said that ‘worst pathogens are coming and the death rate will be much higher’!
    He has poured millions into media and laboratories so totally controls them.He is also making billions from our grief.
    Why is he allowed to get away with this! Watch his videos.
    He is a megalomaniacal, egotistical narcissist who knows he can’t be touched.

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  7. Here’s one for the Could Not Make This Shit Up file. Pravda [ your ABC ] promotes medical advice and vaxx advocacy from Big Bird and silences the medical professionals prepared to defend their vocation against Communist subversion of the Australian health system and the Internat’l CoVID Regime.

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  8. Yes, I’m not surprised. And we all know friends and family who have had it. SAD!!! I see the WA g0v are going door to door after Abos and unvaxd. Lock your doors people or run and hide.

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  9. “They’re trying to KILL people”- no shit, Sherlock? They ARE killing people, have been from the start.

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  10. That’s why I included the links Dr. Artis mentioned- Treatment is specific and Yes, it’s for COVID19 – scroll down the page.
    I thought his video was pretty specific also. So the eugenicists are simply not playing by ANY rules.

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  11. Hope, I think I heard they approved but then withdrew approval of Ivermectin for ‘covid’ specifically?

    I assume it is still allowed for treatment of parasites like toxoplasmosis which many people have and just don’t know it because it was never tested for.
    Cat poo and uncooked pork is enough to introduce this parasite into the body.

    Swollen glands, temperature, flu like symptoms in the acute phase.
    No harm in checking this with one’s Doctor.
    I think it just requires a blood test.
    Could save you from being diagnosed with lymphoma….or ‘long covid’.

    If it is toxoplasmosis, then Ivermectin, the anti parasitic is a known treatment.

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  12. Yes seeing the same in Townsville!

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  13. SO terrible they are all, can we stop this from happening 😢

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  14. Ivermectin is APPROVED by CDC for covid-19 treatment since June 2021 (see Dr. Artis video on Telegram)

    Why are they still mandating vaccinations???

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  15. Truth! only the truthful will tell. we are waiting for MSM to finally tell.
    Thank you dear People!

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