Queen Lizzie has thrown us to the Rothschild wolves and their New World Order

History shows that Elizabeth the First, Queen of Great Britain and her Colonies brought civilization, the rule of Law and the knowledge of The Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to heathen lands across half the world. She opposed the Pope and all he represented to the point of constantly living in fear of her life.. 

Her legacy was a Empire bigger that the Empire of the Romans. 

Elizabeth the second, has refused to accept Petitions of Right from her Australian subjects, against her own Coronation Oath to end this ongoing treason

Elizabeth the Second has provided over the destruction of that great Community of peoples who held to the protection afforded to their lives and property by English Common Law. 

Her Masonic/ Jesuit courts and Governors have replaced The Magna Carta, The Habeas corpus, The Bill of Rights of 1689 and The Right of Petition of 1601 with corrupt Statute Law. (see result of recent NSW Supreme Court Covid mandate challenge)

Whilst this Globalist Papal agenda has progressively been implemented She has been silent.

Her son Charles and other family members, have become captive to the forces of eco fascism and the Rothschilds ” great reset”. She appears to support this criminal agenda. Elizabeth the First would have had the lot of them take a trip to the Tower.

Elizabeth the second even granted a audience to the infamous Bill Gates recently. Knowing what his agenda is Elizabeth the First would have had a Warrant for his arrest issued for crimes against humanity. 

When Holt, Whitlam, Hawke, Keating and Fraser committed acts of treason of astounding proportions Elizabeth the First  would have had their heads removed. Elizabeth the second did nothing.

These criminals removed our Nation and its Parliaments and Courts from the protection of the Constitution and Common Law and created the legal fiction or a “Australian Government ” not of the Commonwealth.  

It is nothing more than a private company,  registered with the American Securities Commission. There is no Law. This is what our corrupt Army and so called Police forces are protecting. They have no lawful authority whatsoever. 

All the states become emboldened by Elizabeth’s inaction and got in on the act. Now we have Dan Andrew’s and all the rest of the thugs. Elizabeth the First would have had their heads, literally.

Elizabeth the second, has refused to accept Petitions of Right from her subjects, against her own Coronation Oath to end this treason.  Elizabeth the First wouldn’t have even allowed it to start. But then Elizabeth the First wasn’t enmeshed in the Popes Masonic cesspool. 

I believe that we have arrived at the time in history God detailed in Revelations Chapter 17 verse 12-13. Elizabeth the second has clearly given her power over to the Beast. Along with the rest of the so called world leaders at Glasgow and before at Paris etc.

Elizabeth and the rest of these self important types should read verse 14. Gates and the rest are held bent on jabbing the whole world’s people with their poison to achieve their goal of Agenda 21.  Attenborough, the High Priest of Satanism applauds them. Elizabeth is silent. 

Elizabeth, attends Church regularly, this is good but Christ Jesus warns us to be doers of The Word not just hearers. Sometimes the doing becomes painful and dangerous to our lives, but like the Prophet Daniel we must serve God not the Lodges or public opinion. Especially public opinion created by Jewish socialist media. 

from the part time Philosopher.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Queen Elizabeth the 1st together with John Dee….


  2. Let me make a prediction based on what I have learned from history and bible prophecy. The current hellish situation and oppression we are experiencing. 1. Both vaxxed and unvaxxed could become so angry, destroy their oppressors and be ready for the One World Government ruled from somewhere. OR 2) A Saviour will arise and rid us of the oppressors because in reality it controls the police and the military everywhere. In both options, we will be ruled from Rome as have been for many years.


  3. It’s only one revelation (apokalupsis) of Jesus Christ.


  4. “Remember Queenie knighted Charlie’s pedo buddy Jimmy Saville! Royal Family should have been defunded long ago.”

    Oh dear! Many at the BBC and beyond knew Jimmy Saville was a pedophile satanist except the Royal Family, its advisers and MI5?

    Another intelligence failure. Has poor old Jimmy been stripped of his honours posthumously or is Charlie waiting to do it on the quiet?


  5. I am a descendent of King Edward 1st…registered in the UK college of arms…and I seriously hope I’m NOT related to her and hers. She’s a traitor to the Commonwealth people. She’s totally reneged on her oath of promises!!


  6. Whilst I acknowledge all the comments above let’s not become to antagonistic. We must take a higher path otherwise our time will be taken up criticizing and not doing and supporting those who are working on our behalf. We may find ourselves left behind, bitter and empty. We’re looking to make people aware. When you are trying to change a person belief it is better to be calm and kind and present the facts rather than to rant and rave at them. If someone is a Royalist, which being Scottish, I am not, you will not change their minds by telling them the Queen drinks blood from abducted and sacrificed babys. But if you present facts that they can check or read for themselves and be steadfast, the outcome will be more positive. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took me years to help my daughter see through the deception of modern life. I have to accept that our life journey is individual, we can give the information, what happens after that is for them to figure out. “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”
    Be calm and kind.

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  7. Thank God she is a past event(:


  8. Remember Queenie knighted Charlie’s pedo buddy Jimmy Saville! Royal Family should have been defunded long ago.

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  9. Lizzie baby abdicated 3 days after her inauguration. It’s a famous case, is it JAH vs THE CROWN? around 1963 from memory, do some research maybe? So why does anyone give her any respect and assumed authority as QUEEN? Maybe it is in charge of all the Territorial CITIZENS on behalf of the pope?


  10. Queen Elizabeth is a druid. I’ve seen old black and white video of her initiation as a young woman.
    She’s a defender of her faith. Just depends which one you think it is.


  11. Queenie herself is queen of nothing. While she is presented to the world as figurehead for ‘The Crown’ and nominally rules parliaments in Great Britain and beyond, the Crown itself is a corporation. But it does not belong to the Royal Family or British Monarch. The Crown resides within the City of London, a city state, not subject to the Parliament. The City is the financial hub of the world. It is home to Britain’s financial institutions and is dominated of course by the Rothschild-controlled ‘Central Bank of England’.
    Check out https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_globalelite177.htm

    Apart from being a figurehead at best, Queenie, according to the notorious David Icke, is a blood-drinking Satanist who regularly presides over black magic-rituals which include the sacrifice of children. Such ghastly practices confer upon their adherents black magical powers which are the source of their mind-control over millions around the world. Or so they believe. Ever read Lord of the Flies?
    Another source of credible information … https://thegoodlylawfulsociety.org/presidents-popes-queen-elite-illuminati-pedophilia-child-sacrifice/

    And of the course the ‘elite’ appetite for the blood of traumatized children is almost the stuff of mainstream reportage… “What was once taboo to discuss and was formerly relegated to the “conspiracy theories” parts of the darkest places on the Internet, is now becoming mainstream: the harvesting of blood from children and babies and marketing products derived from them to allegedly help people stay young, and theoretically give them immortality.”

    Queenie is known to enjoy a taste of ‘Adrenochrome’ as much as any other self-glorying overlord. So let’s be honest … is Queenie likely to come to the aide of benighted citizens in Australia or any other Commonwealth nation? According to celebrity psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, Queenie will die next year, leaving the gormless Prince Charles to head up The Firm. According to Hamilton-Parker, Charles won’t last long. He’ll be replaced by William and Kate who’ll be the last monarchs of Britain. I suspect characters like Hamilton-Parker are fed the lines to promulgate to the hoi poloi as prediction. Another form of predictive-programming.

    In short, if we want any semblance of freedom back, we have to take it back. We only have our numbers. We need to get behind Bosi and Kelly.

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  12. I also remember Melbourne that time when Liz toured as a kid. What I find amazing is the composition countries makeup of England, all with historic hatred of each other, is referred to as a UNITED KINGDOM?

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  13. The Rothschilds threw Queenie at us so it’s only natural she throws us back to them in celebration of the coming Festival of a 1000 Points of Light. It’s nice to see families stick together. A real privilege, dare I say. Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah) to them and to the future King of Jerusalem.

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  14. I entirely agree. In QEII’s first Christmas Message she said that Queen Elizabeth the First was a despot. So I re-read Churchill’s book History of the English-Speaking Peoples chapter 30 titled Good Queen Bess. I failed to find much to condemn her and an awful lot to praise her memory. No, it’s sadly turned out that Bess Two is the despot and we are her victims. She got off to a bad start by lying to the people and God when she pretended to be coronated upon the real Stone of Destiny when in fact it was a fake. That brought a curse upon her, her family and the empire. https://britishfortress.wordpress.com/2021/10/24/out-of-bounds/


  15. I truly believe the queen is already dead and buried, as the deep state await an appropriate time to release these details as they always do, everything is set by ritual and to work against humanity.


  16. This post is a great conversation starter on the subject of the Australians.

    Yes, it is important to determine the question of who are the families of the sovereign money power that established the Empire of the City of London Corporation on its Joint Stock Co. of the Bank of England 1694. ( If only because all 193 UN member nations are today owned as corporate assets of their central banking cartel ). All of that is back on another post.

    For me, this post from the part time PHilospher opens up the more important question of : the Australians in heritage and founding stock. This nation of distinct Celtic, English, Scottish and Danish people which , as a population, became the founding stock of the Australian state from its beginnings in the UK penal colony of Botany Bay in the arrival of the First Fleet: 20 Jan 1788 . Who are these people established as convicts on this continent under the Admiralty Law of the UK and what became the British Empire.

    The event of the transport occurred in the distinct time frame of English history when the Westminster system of law and government laid by St Edward the Confessor in the 10th century had entered into its mortal conflict with the sovereign money power based in The City of London Corporation. And even then, the older system was being extinguished. Even so, even at the end with all institutions entirely subverted, the last defenses of Westminster would prove very strong as we have seen in the last century and our own day.

    Forget ideas about cutting the swell in the well known Old Bailey and stealing the loaf of bread and go back to the War of the Succession also called the War of the Three Kingdoms 1688 – 1746 (Culloden) – and its antecedent the English Civil War 1642 / Irish Confederate Wars 1641-1657. That is when Regime Change occurred in the nations I am talking about.

    And here is the focus. Every nation (if it is a nation) and without exception has its own natural and spiritual aristocracy. This distinct group is not necessarily the king or the state or the nobility with position and title or whatever. But there are times in history when the events of the times will select for that particular group and cause them to stand and be recognized across all classes. Even centuries later in the pages of history written by their enemies they can be identified and seen for exactly who they are: the strongest bloodstock of the nation, the most based in their culture, law and traditions – especially their faith, the most resilient and determined against the foes of their nation, the most adaptable and canny. If their nation is defeated in war and their foes take possession by right of conquest – they are going to be the most ungovernable and hostile to the new regime.

    These people are the natural aristocracy of the nation, any nation.

    So in the War of the Succession, when usury became the basis of the economy and the Bank of England created a whole new landlord class with new fangled title deeds, the Commons of the new estates were closed (again) by Act of Parliament. The English who have been living in their parishes on those estates since the time of the Roman Empire were being impressed into the Navy or herded into the industrial slums or the collieries of the UK. But among them , there remained that distinct group of English who didn’t exactly accept the terms of the Parliamentarian surrender of 1688 and resisted the new normal by every means. They closed down sweatshops and fortified the shambles against the impressment gangs. Then there were the Irish – the whole nation under penal law – a tax on all lands, even every tool and implement of trade, even every window of every house. The wearing of the Green was illegal – a hanging offense. Again, most people are going to do what they have to do to survive. But from among them, another and quite distinct group is also apparent. This is the group which goes their hangings singing rowdy songs wearing the Green, they organise themselves to seize the tax monies from the new landlord class and they continue to oppose the new regime. They haven’t surrendered either . And up in Scotland the story is pretty much the same. It matters not a jot that the Scottish Convention of Estates is now part of the UK and the Highlands are supposed to be surrendered after Culloden – where the Clans fought with no quarter. But for the government, the problem with the Highlands continued. In order to pasture the Cheviot sheep, the new UK landlord class had to clear the Highlands of its parishes and villages by fire, musket and sword. Inevitably they came into conflict with that distinct and particular group which makes it their responsibility to insure this is no easy matter for King Willie’s muskets. They ambush them in the bye-ways, kill the cheviots and generally make life hell for the new landlord class and their titles.

    Thus, the natural aristocracy of England, Ireland, Britain and Scotland – bloodied but unbowed after the War of the Succession. What solution to the problem of the natural aristocracy of these nations might the UK have hit upon ?


  17. Lorraine Phillips

    Different families… Elizabeth 1st a Plantagenet, Elizabeth 2nd a Hasbourg- last remaining Plantagenet lives in Oz. Elizabeth 2nd dtr of an archer while king away at war. Elizabeth 2nd a knight if Malta -Rosacrucian.


  18. I am in no position to prove it, but information came my way that there is provision in Magna Carta, that the “Barons” have the power to dispossess the Monarch of the crown if he/she fials to address treason within the kingdom within 40 days of knowledge of that treason.
    That might explain why Buckingham Palace is empty, and the coat of arms has been removed from the gates. They SAY it’s for renovations, but one excuse is as good as another when nobody can prove otherwise


  19. Different families… Elizabeth 1st is from the Plantagenet family and Elizabeth 2nd a Habsbourg, an descendant of an archer, while the King was at war. The true descendants of Elizabeth 1st live in Australia , the last Plantagenet. Do your own research


  20. How far the Queen has fallen. Her Coronation Oath means nothing to her. Nor does her title ” Defender of the Faith ” I recall when I was a child. we children lined the streets of Melbourne, waving flags,in honour of her ” Royal Tour .” How exciting it was . And we her royal subjects , bowed in awe.Of course being children , we believed the brain-washing. How could we know the difference ? It was the same at school. The nuns told us all about the greatness of the pope.and his picture was on the wall in every class room., and we prayed for him every day .
    At the top of every page in every exercise book, we wrote A.M.D.G. Latin if course, but means ‘ All For The Honour and Glory of God .” Now these two characters are two of the lowliest people on the planet.Have they changed or were they always as they are now ?
    I have been following them , and others of course, since Vatican Two. The respect I had , has long gone. I find it hard to believe millions still believe they are great people.The Devil deceives.I still had some faith in the Queen until the Australia Act , I kinds of believed she had been deceived by our wicked politicians, but of course she knew every damn thing that was going on. What a predicament we are in with thehelp of these traitors. I say off to the tower with them.( And their lackys.
    Come in spinner.

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  21. Lizzie is just another global elite POS doing her best to destroy her part of the world, just like pedo joe biden is doing to America. They are, along with many other country non-leaders doing the bidding for the scumbag Rothschilds and all the other filthy rich families that are running and ruining the world. THEY think they will do well in the end and have the world to themselves once they kill us all off, but God will get the last laugh! I pray they all suffer horribly as that is what evil should do!

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