The video posted here was removed by YouTube which now gives credence to its authenticity. Unfortunately we did not obtain a copy for our library.


US military are reportedly on the move in a big way internally, with larger and more frequent than normal convoys of flatbeds carrying APCs and other equipment westwards. High-level officers have also reportedly been warned to “get their houses in order” and stock up for something coming in August.

The reports have come from the American Patriots Movement via America News24H and the BekTV show The Right Side with Doug Billings. Billings has a reasonable level of credibility, running interviews in recent weeks with General (Ret.) Michael Flynn and Lieut. General (Ret.) Thomas McInerney, who referenced a World War III of irregular warfare.

On a recorded hook-up posted on July 26th, an unidentified contributor from South Carolina reported seeing the convoys every five to ten minutes heading west on a major highway. Large military convoys are not unusual in the US, and reports of “unusual military movements” have been around for years, but these were said to be unusually frequent.

“It was convoys of six or eight vehicles, most of them crowd control vehicles (APCs) …. we ran into them every five to ten minutes.” He called a friend about the sightings, who suggested it was an exercise between Greenville and Columbia South Carolina. But when they drove through Columbia the convoys continued from the east to west.

The man said there were military tankers, Humvees, APCs then back up and supply trucks. “If this was an exercise it was the biggest exercise that any of my friends have seen,” he said.

Similar sightings were also reported from Salt Lake City, Utah. Tactical vehicles were being stockpiled in unusual locations also. Other military vehicles were off transport and heading east under their own power.

The hook-up group then played a video (not visible on the YouTube version) of a person calling himself ex-military who said his source was in close contact with active and retired military. “As I’ve been telling you for a long time, things are getting really nasty. You see what’s happening with the supply chains … with the ships offshore and containers not getting materials transported to them and the railway lines being slowed down or even stopped. In other words ladies and gentlemen they’re turning off the economy.”

The contributor went on to describe the soaring price of petrol over US$4 a gallon, cyber attacks on the grid and energy pipelines. “In other words they’re attacking us on multiple fronts, in-depth and with full spectrum dominance.”

He further stated: “I don’t know about the enlisted ranks, but apparently amongst the officers, especially among the higher-up officers – 04, 05 etcetera – they’re being told to get their houses in order for what’s coming. What they’re saying is they need to go out and get food and water and supplies now.” The second contributor could not suggest any specific scenario ahead except to say that officers and their friends were now stocking up at the big stores.

Suggested scenarios range from a military-backed return of Trump and even a deep state assassination of Biden and Harris, which would carry serious political implications for conservatives and Republicans. A China move or a massive financial collapse are also suggested.

In fact there’s a rabbit hole of scenarios made difficult by the split in the US military between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces such as General Mark Millie, the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who is pushing the globalist/socialist critical race theory in the military. Tucker Carlson called him a lunatic who deserves to be fired.

And then there’s the Q scenarios supposedly playing out, with White House empty and Biden operating from the White House replica in Georgia, and various key players in the global pedophilia ring like the Clintons being taken to Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba and executed. We are unable to confirm those reports at this stage.

The warnings correlate with those made on the same channel recently by Lieut-Gen. (Ret.) McInerney, although General Flynn has not specifically backed those comments, despite appearing on the same show with McInerney. Flynn has instead focused on the election fraud battle but has dropped Q-like references such as this one: “We are in a battle between darkness and light… move toward the light.”