Who bashed Daniel Andrews?


Have any readers seen news footage or photos of him in a hospital bed? 

It would appear Mr Andrews is telling a porkie about how he was injured. His injuries are consistent with having been kicked while prone on the ground. Now who would do that?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews may need surgery after scans confirmed he fractured his spine during a fall.

It is understood doctors will decide on Wednesday whether the 48-year-old will need surgery, after scans confirmed he has fractured the T7 vertebrae in the middle of his spine.

He also broke several ribs, although concerns he may have punctured a lung have not been realised.

Dan Andrews and wife Catherine. Andrews has been admitted to hospital claiming he fell down the stairs. His injuries are consistent with having been heavily kicked while prone on the ground

The surgery would require inserting screws or pins into his spine, with recovery expected to take weeks.

Earlier on Wednesday, orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Cunningham – who is not the Premier’s doctor – said injuries of such nature caused “significant trauma”.

“Speaking in general terms … a T7 fracture is actually in the area close to the spinal cord,” he told Melbourne radio 3AW.

“It’s very serious and should be treated with the utmost care.”

Mr Andrews was taken to hospital early on Tuesday after slipping on wet stairs at a Mornington Peninsula holiday rental while getting ready for work.

“Early [Tuesday] morning, I was admitted to hospital after slipping and falling on wet and slippery stairs,” he said.

“A CT scan has revealed several broken ribs and vertebrae damage, and subsequent medical advice has recommended I remain in intensive care for the next few days.”

Mr Andrews was transferred to The Alfred, in inner-Melbourne, for further treatment. 

Mr Andrews was initially treated at the Peninsula Private Hospital but was transferred to The Alfred trauma centre in Melbourne on Tuesday night after specialists assessed an MRI scan.

“This is a precautionary measure to ensure he has the most appropriate care available given the nature of his injuries,” a state government spokeswoman said in a statement.

“The Premier and his family thank the dedicated staff at Ambulance Victoria, Peninsula and the Alfred for their professionalism and care.”

Dr Cunningham said it was “quite sensible” for someone with the Premier’s injuries to be placed in intensive care or a high-dependency unit.

He expected the Premier to be off work for “at least four to six weeks”.

In Mr Andrews’ absence, Deputy Premier James Merlino will be acting premier.

Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said Mr Andrews was in “good spirits”.

“[His wife] Cath and the kids are feeling well supported and are very thankful. The Premier is very thankful for all the medical attention he has been in receipt of,” she said.

“He is in the very best of hands and I certainly wish him a speedy and full recovery so we can have him back on board as soon as possible.”

Mr Andrews fronted 120 consecutive daily press conferences during the state’s second wave of coronavirus.

He has been the leader of the Victorian Labor party since 2010 and premier since 2014.

The Victorian government is expected to provide an update later.

No date has yet been given for Mr Andrews’ release from hospital. Victoria’s Parliament next sits on March 16 – and Mr Andrews appears likely to be absent.

The Premier’s office has been asked if any plans are in place if Mr Andrews is still away next week.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. Could be an organized/planned distraction, as Andrews is facing a multibillion-dollar class action suit against him.

    With him out of power, it’s a convenient way for him to evade/bypass it.

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  3. My gut perception watching Dan’s facial and body expressions of late is that he is a person having reservations about his commitment to the program. Hope I’m off target, otherwise no doubt the other Premiers have got the memo too.


  4. Looks like his commie handlers ruffed him up to get him back into line.

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  5. Hang on, and I’ll get my violin!
    I know what it’s like with a L1 crushed to a wedge shape, after a light plane crash in Caloundra in 1994 [yeah; it was a ‘great’ joy flight!].
    Sounds like fake news to me [after he heard about the dressing-down he’s headed for!!
    Looking for the ‘sympathy vote’ eh?
    Won’t get one from me!


  6. Ian Richardson

    The day will come when he will face an execution squid and his God, for crimes against the

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  7. I tried to search for information on Dan’s Injuries and not one photo of Dan in hospital and not one article in relation to being bashed. Some of the news media mention was injured at home while this article puts Dan at Mornington Peninsula holiday rental place.

    Either case why would the stairs be wet and slippery first thing in the morning. Incase was a bashing then I’m sure face would also be severely bashed too and how many bashed Dan as well. Only time will tell when Dan is back in the spotlight if will be wearing a face mask that so life like now. If someone who is acting like Biden can wear this kind of mask how hard would it be for Dan to con Australia as well. These masks are so realistic it is like watching Mission Impossible when they need to wear masks.


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  8. “With him out of power, it’s a convenient way for him to evade/bypass it.”

    Not so, it is Dan Andrews that is being sued for crimes against humanity, not the premier’s office, so whether he’s in office or not the MAN still stands accused.

    As an also ran, many years ago a pollie , I think his name was Bauldwin, had the tripe bashed out of him in Balmain Sydney. That was in the early days of trying to ban guns. He was beaten up so badly that as soon as he got out of hospital he resigned as a pollie, proving that if you piss off enough people for long enough SOMEONE will retaliate.

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  9. truthtellertonni

    Pitty he didn’t break his neck and die.

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  10. Do you think he has been arrested? Just a thought

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  11. “Broken ribs on a slippery steps fall’… this would be quite possible for a frail elderly person but it seems pretty unlikely for a healthy man. In this event, there should have been elbow injuries as well.

    It really does sound like he got beaten up by somebody very angry. Psst… I think I know who it was. It was a Victorian bloke.

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  12. Angela Eisenhauer

    It is consistent with passing out or having a seizure, and falling down stairs. Often happens after a v. Ask the girls in the illegal h p v trials in India. Falling down wells, or drowning or getting hit by a bus are all just those “coincidences” caused by the big v.

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  13. I was thinking that maybe he’s been arrested..is there any real proof of him being hospitalised?


  14. We havent seen any proof he is in hospital. Your assumption could be correct. We doubt his story about falling down the steps too.Ed

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  15. I did a web search for Daniel Andrews gets vaccinated and all I found was this:
    “Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he is more than confident the coronavirus vaccine works, but he won’t be jumping the queue to get it.” – ABC Feb 2021
    My first thought is he was lying, he probably has already jumped the queue and has had covdi 19 jab. He is now having reactions and is very ill. Karma!
    I am sure we will see many high profile persons getting very ill/dying form the covid 19 jab over the next few weeks/months.

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  16. I find it interesting if the likes of Andrews doesn’t know the real deal about these so called vaccines. If so why would he even consider having it… or Hunt… or Scomo???


  17. It’s more likely Dan Andrews was bashed that is why in hospital allegedly as far as getting the Pfizer Vaccine not possible when getting a subcutaneous injection with the orange hub. Should have been the intramuscular injection even then could also been a Placebo though.


  18. truthtellertonni

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.
    Sarcasm intended.


  19. Still Missing – Where is Dan Andrews ???


  20. Not in Heaven thats for sure,Ed

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  21. truthtellertonni

    Lmao at Ed’s last comment.
    And for those of you who aren’t awake yet; YES OF COURSE the government know what is in the vaccines. They are also a part of the UN agenda. Time you woke up.


  22. Peter Fox did an excellent job on the perverted premier of Victoria’s face. Mess with a mans teenage daughter and pay the price!


  23. Spoke with a mate tonight in Politics. According to him, Andrews was out on the piss that night and had a one nighter with a lady from a prominant wealthy Melbourne family.

    This was an assault and in his own words said, “Andrews will not be back – his days in politics are done.”

    I guess we’ll see.


  24. Tony Mitchell

    Daniel Andrews is evil to the core. He must be stopped.
    Can I ask how a Drug peddling hotdog seller that sold hotdogs as a front, covering his selling of cocaine and speed outside the tunnel night club in the early nineties became Premier of Victoria and even after himself admitting it, is still the Premier. Honestly what the f#*@ is going on. He has devasted Victoria and has his personal security contacters (the Victorian Police) running amok and causing absolute mayhem to all Victorians regardless of any of them commiting any crimes. Stupid new rules implemented that would see the rest of the world laughing at us all are created daily. If rumours are correct about these 2nd Pfizer vaccines having microchips in them, then the Victorian Police must of been amongst the first to have them. Listening to them speak is robotic like. For example, I watched a video taken by a guy that got followed home in Victoria by six black Public Response unit SUV’s. He pulled up his driveway got out of his car and asked a Senior Seargent, what was the reason for this. The senior Seargent realising that he is being filmed, stammered, the guy asks again, and the Senior Seargent replies,” Because you were driving on a highway”. It was like his robotic memory bank had a minor melt down when quizzed, obviously a flaw that would need to be repaired. Thats not all either. They have every single cop focussed on the roads with booze/drug busses , camera cars, marked police cars out everyday and night with more road blocks than anyone would ever of seen. Thousands of people are being fined and or losing demerit points to a degree where there will be no-one left driving on our roads. I said that to a few people recently and bugger me three days later it was reported that the Victorian Police have flooded our trains network , fining people for not wearing masks, but best yet, arguing. Even the people that were wearing the masks being fined for arging.
    Its totally out of control here in Victoria and I knew The Victorian Police are a registered business as to declare their incoming funds but since when did they become Contrators for the Victorian Government ? I thought they were employed to uphold the law and protect the innocent but now I see they are no more than a private security company being paid by the Victorian Government who are the biggest crime syndicate in Victoria if not Australia.
    We need a Coup as nobody is helping us.


  25. Adem Somyurek

    OFFICIAL: The person who bashed Daniel Andrews (and good on him for doing so) is
    Luke Sayers. Luke is a former CEO of Price Waterhouse Coopers. Andrews got beaten
    up for sexual assault on Luke’s daughter’s friend while at a high flyers party at
    the Portsea (Mornington Peninsula Victoria) mansion of Lyndsay Fox. Andrews is
    currently in hiding in his parents farm in Mansfield. (Country Victoria). His wife
    Kath has left him, his kids dont want to know him. The State and Federal Labor Party
    will go into meltdown real soon when they are accused at both levels of politics for
    trying to conceal the truth. They knew about this but didnt want to get rid of the
    “Favourite Son Of The Left”. Here comes an early election when the Governor dissolves
    both the upper and lower houses of parliament. The Labor Party are now in a position
    where they cannot govern with the confidence of the state.


  26. I heard Luke Sayers kicked his ass actually.


  27. Can we just confirm which legend kicked his arse? I want to send them a slab.


  28. Geez mate don’t send VB will make them sillier


  29. Luke Sayers.
    Word has it, he got a little too personal with Sayers daughter recently..


  30. He’s probably dead.


  31. Adem Somyurek

    At 4minutes and 32 seconds of this video the lockdown protestors are yelling at Police all they
    want to do is go home now. They were previously given a move on order by Police and after verbal
    backwards and forward about the legalities of the lockdown and the Police powers, the protesters
    did leave. When walking down the street to their cars, the police ran over the road and violently
    assaulted them. Earlier in the video the Police did not arrest them. What the protesters were
    doing was complying with the move on order. If there was no need to be arrested during the
    earlier discussion regarding the Police threats then why did Police feel the need to ambush and
    run over the road and violently and aggressively bash and arrest the same people who were not
    posing a threat to Police. You can see quite clearly the protesters were leaving the area.

    Another video that is worth watching is of Pastor Paul Furlong from a church in Victoria.

    Pastor Paul is today sitting in a Prison Cell along with Nick Patterson without being charged
    with committing a crime. Both Pastor Paul and Nick were in violation of no laws and had
    committed no crime. Both asked Police “what law am I in violation of”?. Of course no answwers.

    Today Sunday 13 June 2021 both Nick and Pastor Paul are in Melbourne remandCenter for committing
    no crimes or violating any laws. Daniel Andrews and this Labor Party today have two people
    sitting in Prison as Political Prisoners and Political Dissidents. All these two citizens did
    was question Daniel Andrews and his political party. Nick is in prison to stop him being able
    to sue Vic Pol for breaking his collar bone during the attack on him for waking down the street
    following a move on order. This is not Communist China, Russia or North Korea but today in
    Australia. This is what will happen to the rest of Australia if the Loony Left of the Greens and
    the Labor Coalition get voted in on a Federal level.

    The decimation of the Victorian economy and the business community of Victoria are being
    smashed because of the Greens Samantha Rattnum and Ex Prostitute Fiona Pattern along with
    the Animal Justice Party Andy Medick. The irony of the Animal Justice Party is the amount of
    people in Victoria who purchased pets to keep them company during the lockdown have abandoned
    their pets because the thought the madness of this Labor Greens Coalition was over. This is
    documented and has been reported on by melbourne media. They actually did report on something.
    Business are being smashed because of dirty back room politics with The Reason Party Prostitute
    Fiona Pattern and her desire for Drug Injecting Rooms in Melbourne. What must be rememberd is
    if the Prostitute didnt vote to continue this State Of Emergency victorian madness it wouldnt
    be happening.

    The problem in Victoria is also the issue with the Liberal Party, Michael O’Brien needs to be
    providing the Victorian public with an alternative Government strategy. Michael needs to be asked
    if he will
    1) Reign in the violence and agression perpetrated upon the Victorian citizens by Vic Pol and
    will he make Vi Pol liable for criminal proceedings?.
    2) Will he renew employment contracts for Brett Sutton, Allen Cheng and the other nameless
    health public servants who provide Government with this so called Health advice. He needs to
    make it clear to the Public that he will not renew Brett Suttons contract because it’s the
    belief of the Liberal National Coalition that it would be within the best interest of
    Victorians to appoint a qualified Epidemiologist.
    3) Will the Liberal Nationals tear up the terrible rules and laws imposed upon Victorians by the
    Andrews Government and dump the State Of Emergency Legislation?.


  32. Are we even sure high profile people are getting the same vax the community are getting? I heard a rumor these people are just getting saline injections because they know the real vax is dangerous?


  33. Yanta, the jabs you see filmed on television, are not really being done. They say this is OK, as it is “for the camera” and takes a few times to get the filming correct (???) Mainstream news have already admitted that. Usually the cap is still on the needle, or anything. Its all a mirage.


  34. Who Cares .


  35. Exactly the Prime Minister ScoMo and even Dan Andrews are in the Secret Society of the Freemasons just like every top World Government Officials including Bill Gates, not to mention nearly all Movie Stars and Singers they all receive the Placebo injections that are not even a Vaccine. The Freemasons got a plan in motion and only 500M will be part of it the rest is all about Depopulation. This involves 5G and Experimental Gene Therapy Injections which are really Bioweapons. Covid 19 was never about a Virus…


  36. Educated Australian.

    On very good information, Andrews Never fell down stairs,
    The media reports,
    Andrews is on Rape Charges.
    After an incident at a Beach side house..we’re he was Beaten for the rape 17 year old member of the Fox famerly……
    The main stream television don’t report this incident. THAT WOULD THRO A SPANNER IN CORONA AGENDA……!


  37. His wife looks like she was dragged off the wall at the cross…drag, cross…what a lovely old queen she is.


  38. The sooner the inevitable demise of ALL the “little Hitler” state premiers occurs the better.
    Scot Morrison, pack your bags too!


  39. We need to finish this fucker off, next time crack is skull open with a crow bar.


  40. Let’s do a thought exercise. What activity by Dan would cross all boundaries of acceptable behavior to cause a prominent family, or associates of that family, to dish out a life-threatening bashing. What activity would also be so horrendous that Dan wouldn’t press charges to keep it quiet. Who bashed Dan? I suggest looking at *** family friend there that w’end with a 13 year old daughter.


  41. Would these injuries be caused by his chinnies mafia business partner? maybe they kicked the shit out of him catching him before infidelity happened with the chinnes mafia partners young daughter. That’s the word on the street


  42. He may have tripped over the doorway when entering the mothership taking him home ..ED2


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