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Fluoride has really screwed up a lot of Victorians after decades in water supply

Premier Dan Andrews is a prime example of how fluoride affects the head

Desperate Dan Andrews resorts to doctored photos to keep deceiving Victorians


This is the “recovery photo” posted by the staff of Victorian Premier and “superman Dan” Andrews. It looks like falling down steps, cracking vertebrae, breaking ribs and spending a few days in ICU just wouldn’t keep him down. Dan seems almost ready to go out for a jog.

MORE rumours are swirling around Victorian Premier Dan Andrews. Some have him being arrested, others that a “former Victorian Labor Minister” beat him up at an “undisclosed location”, possibly near Lindsay Fox’s holiday home at Portsea where he was staying. Others suggest he was drunk when he fell down steps – leaving him seriously injured with three broken ribs and fractured vertebrae.

But now Andrews has dug himself even deeper into his hole of lies and deception around his role in the Melbourne hotel quarantine debacle. He has posted a photo of himself allegedly getting examined at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. The problem is that the photo does not align with even the official story about his injuries and is a Photoshop job to boot.

A Twitter poster named James Anderson said he ran a metadata check and a healthy, almost radiant-looking Andrews head had clearly been lifted from somewhere else and placed on the body. “This is what happens when the king of spin is away, the work experience kid is put in charge of Photoshop, FAIL! Rule 1: Remove metadata from image…” Anderson said.

According to The Age newspaper, Andrews was taken to the specialist trauma centre at the Alfred on March 9th after being transported from the Peninsula Private Hospital near Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula. But Andrews’ Twitter “recovery photo” about four days later shows him unmarked and wearing some sort of brace while a nurse attends.

Another poster called “Trump Won” said a contact in the nursing community said Andrews had face injuries as well: “Yes, that’s what I heard from an ICU nurse…said his face was battered and bruised.” Others were convinced that Andrews, known as a big drinker, was drunk and fell. That’s quite possible too, given that Andrews is under all sorts of pressures, almost all entirely self-generated.

The Twitter comments were prompted by City Lawyers, a Melbourne-based account connected to the local legal fraternity, which questioned whether Dan’s “accident” was in fact a bashing. “The bashing location can remain undisclosed but the basher was an ex ALP Minister. Can we see the medical reports in a state where we can’t even see the budget papers?…Now WHO would want to bash Dan ? And why? Draw your own conclusions,” City Lawyers posted. Cairns News can only speculate who that ex-minister that might be and City Lawyers were not prepared to put out a name for obvious reasons.

For a premier to fake a photo is a big scandal in itself. You might call it criminal deception and yet another stain on Victoria’s Labor government. And don’t hold your breath waiting for it to be investigated, given the compliant Melbourne media club that willingly played Andrews’ economy-wrecking lockdown game for months.

Who bashed Daniel Andrews?


Have any readers seen news footage or photos of him in a hospital bed? 

It would appear Mr Andrews is telling a porkie about how he was injured. His injuries are consistent with having been kicked while prone on the ground. Now who would do that?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews may need surgery after scans confirmed he fractured his spine during a fall.

It is understood doctors will decide on Wednesday whether the 48-year-old will need surgery, after scans confirmed he has fractured the T7 vertebrae in the middle of his spine.

He also broke several ribs, although concerns he may have punctured a lung have not been realised.

Dan Andrews and wife Catherine. Andrews has been admitted to hospital claiming he fell down the stairs. His injuries are consistent with having been heavily kicked while prone on the ground

The surgery would require inserting screws or pins into his spine, with recovery expected to take weeks.

Earlier on Wednesday, orthopaedic surgeon Dr John Cunningham – who is not the Premier’s doctor – said injuries of such nature caused “significant trauma”.

“Speaking in general terms … a T7 fracture is actually in the area close to the spinal cord,” he told Melbourne radio 3AW.

“It’s very serious and should be treated with the utmost care.”

Mr Andrews was taken to hospital early on Tuesday after slipping on wet stairs at a Mornington Peninsula holiday rental while getting ready for work.

“Early [Tuesday] morning, I was admitted to hospital after slipping and falling on wet and slippery stairs,” he said.

“A CT scan has revealed several broken ribs and vertebrae damage, and subsequent medical advice has recommended I remain in intensive care for the next few days.”

Mr Andrews was transferred to The Alfred, in inner-Melbourne, for further treatment. 

Mr Andrews was initially treated at the Peninsula Private Hospital but was transferred to The Alfred trauma centre in Melbourne on Tuesday night after specialists assessed an MRI scan.

“This is a precautionary measure to ensure he has the most appropriate care available given the nature of his injuries,” a state government spokeswoman said in a statement.

“The Premier and his family thank the dedicated staff at Ambulance Victoria, Peninsula and the Alfred for their professionalism and care.”

Dr Cunningham said it was “quite sensible” for someone with the Premier’s injuries to be placed in intensive care or a high-dependency unit.

He expected the Premier to be off work for “at least four to six weeks”.

In Mr Andrews’ absence, Deputy Premier James Merlino will be acting premier.

Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said Mr Andrews was in “good spirits”.

“[His wife] Cath and the kids are feeling well supported and are very thankful. The Premier is very thankful for all the medical attention he has been in receipt of,” she said.

“He is in the very best of hands and I certainly wish him a speedy and full recovery so we can have him back on board as soon as possible.”

Mr Andrews fronted 120 consecutive daily press conferences during the state’s second wave of coronavirus.

He has been the leader of the Victorian Labor party since 2010 and premier since 2014.

The Victorian government is expected to provide an update later.

No date has yet been given for Mr Andrews’ release from hospital. Victoria’s Parliament next sits on March 16 – and Mr Andrews appears likely to be absent.

The Premier’s office has been asked if any plans are in place if Mr Andrews is still away next week.

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