Arizona state senator and former Marine Sonny Borrelli (right) is interviewed by online citizen journalist Lyle Rapacki of Prescott e-News, after a court ordered the Arizona Senate and Maricopa Board of Supervisors to work together on an election audit. BELOW: Convicted human trafficker and former county official Paul Petersen.

REPUBLICAN Trump loyalists in Arizona are closing in on a proper audit of voting machines and voting data from their suspect election, allegedly won by the crooked long-time Democrat and deep state political operative Joe Biden.

But they are being fought every step of the way by the “Never Trump” Republicans who are as deep in the swampy mire as the Clintons, Bidens, Podestas and others on the Democrat side. One example is former Arizona Republican politician Paul Petersen, who has been sentenced to six years jail after pleading guilty in federal court in Arkansas to conspiring to commit human smuggling.

Petersen worked as an adoption attorney and his crimes involved making money off an adoption scheme, i.e. farming out babies mostly from Marshall Island woman paid to come to the US to give birth. He is awaiting further sentencing in state courts in Arizona for fraud convictions and in Utah for human smuggling and other convictions.

On January 7, 2020, Petersen resigned from his six-year role as Maricopa County assessor. The Republican-controlled Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has been fighting subpoenas issued by patriotic Republicans from the Arizona State Legislature Senate seeking an audit of November 3 election data. The resistance to the subpoenas casts the county and its establishment Republicans in a highly suspicious light.

The county incorporates the City of Phoenix, population 1.6 million, and is one of those big ‘Strong Cities Network’ municipalities, signed up to UN sustainability programs and the like. The supervisors pushed through the election certification of the precinct votes, despite strong protests by poll workers and voters and their attempts in courts to challenge results.

The Arizona Senators pushing the audit of the suspect votes are led by state GOP leader Karen Fann and the down-to-earth Senator Sonny Borrelli. The senators were far from satisfied with the supervisors’ assurances that everything in the election was above board.

The establishment Republicans called the subpoenas “shocking in scope and far in excess of the power of the Senate President or Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman to command. The requests ought to send chills down the spine of every freedom loving Arizonan as they threaten one of the core tenants to our republic, the right to a secure ballot,” their counter lawsuit stated. But Fann, Borrelli and the Senate prevailed, proving that the state legislature has sovereign authority over the county, which is merely a subdivision of the state. What a blow to their “Strong Cities” egos.

The deputy county attorney Tom Liddy, is squirming like a snake in a bag, claiming that “no final agreement has been reached, let alone one that hands over everything the Senate originally sought”.

Arizona has other notorious deep state Republicans like Governor Doug Ducey, who arrogantly muted a call from President Trump while rushing to certify Biden as the state winner. The US media hailed him a hero for this. Ducey has also been pushing the COVID lockdown scam and co-opting churches to push lethal COVID vaccines.

And then there’s the late and notorious anti-Trump, pro-ISIS Senator John McCain, a senior member of Petersen’s circle; McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain (who co-hosts The View), and congressman Jeff Flake, who resigned in 2018, because his anti-Trump stance made him a no-go or reelection There’s also Liz Cheney from Wyoming, Senator Mitt Romney from Utah and others in the Midwest among the 10 in the House of Congress who voted with the Democrats to impeach President Trump.

Senator Borrelli expects two companies to be chosen shortly to conduct separate audits and has pledged the abide by the findings. He said any sign of meddling with voting machines between the election and now would be “a huge red flag” and throw out the election. “Somebody would go to jail for that,” said Borrelli.
If the Arizona audit can confirm the anomalies including the foreign hacking of machines as identified in Fulton County Georgia, and other states follow suit, Biden is going to be under severe pressure to stand down and new elections called. In this scenario, with the US military still loyal to Trump and reportedly denying Biden complete command and control, the Democrats had better not push their luck.

The tentative agreement released by the Senate include security arrangements that anyone who audits election machines or software is certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and that election equipment meets a “logic and accuracy test”.

The Associated Press, reporting on the battle, repeated the compulsory mainstream media talking point from day one that “many Republicans have made unsubstantiated claims that the election results were fraudulent, despite multiple court rulings rejecting such allegations”. In fact, no court has yet judged the evidence in any cases. Courts are reluctant to overturn elections for fear of disenfranchising voters, so they ran for cover, throwing up procedural issues to avoid being embroiled in hugely controversial proceedings. In the case of Texas, Chief Justice Roberts threw up the dubious excuse that the state had “no standing”. There are serious questions about Roberts.

The AP went on to take sides with the county, suggesting an audit of voting machines and the software used to count the ballots was unwarranted because of “numerous checks and hand-count audits done by county and state officials before and after the election”. Yeah right, that guarantees no corrupt actors would ever get access to the system! And they went on to suggest that information bringing Biden’s win into question “was rendered moot when Congress confirmed his Electoral College victory on Jan. 6 after mobs supporting then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in an effort to prevent the final act of certifying Biden’s victory.”