Our Constitution

Our Constitution was written long ago
By godly men who were in the know.
They knew evil powers, given a free hand,
Can devastate our country, the Great South Land.

We, the people, the substance of the Constitution
Have rights and freedoms given by its institution
To live out our lives in freedom, truth and trust,
To prosper this country and not go bust.

But what have they done to destroy our rights
Telling us what we’re to do day and night?
Don’t go here, stay at home, do not gather together,
Don’t work or interact with your Aussie sister or brother.

Just believe what we tell you, don’t engage your brain,
Just get aboard the Common-Good-express-train,
Rushing to destroy our people and our nation,
All in the name of worldwide vaccination!

This virus is a fear-trigger for worldwide control
By the forces of darkness who will take their toll
Of lives that are lost, through death in some way,
To pave the path for their own great victory day.

Don’t allow them to take what is rightfully yours,
Your life, your family, your country, fight the cause!
To reclaim this nation, making it great once again,
The Great South Land under God and His reign!

Make them accountable for all they do,
For their actions, destroying lives of me and you.
They must return our freedoms, obey our laws,
And stop illegal decrees that dig in their claws.

Do your research people, and use your brains!
Don’t be led and fooled by their corrupt aims!
Can’t you see this crisis has absolutely no gain,
Except for destruction and evil’s reign?

Read the UN Agendas, the GAVI aims, and the like,
You will see that it’s clear they are after your life,
To control and subdue, tell you how you must live,
And determine every vaccine that they will give.

No longer will anyone have any control
Over our lives, our thoughts, our bodies, we’re told,
As it’s all taken care of with expert A.I.
Watching us all with their 5G world-spy!

This virus is a front, a deception untold,
To bring all the world under tight control.
The numbers are skewed, the test is flawed,
Deaths are mis recorded as virus caused.

Many hospitals are empty, the pictures untrue,
False numbers escalate to fear-control you!
Economies are ruined, lives are now lost,
As people can’t survive with their little lot.

Wake up Australia before it is too late!
Return to our Constitution and make it take
Us to its right end of freedom and peace,
Allowing people to speak and say their own piece.

Return us to law and the rights of the free,
As our Constitution permits us all to be.
Repent as a nation and return unto God
For His ways are best, they’re ALL for our good.

Amanda Martin
Mother’s Day