Victoria Police outside James Bartolo’s unit bring a ramming tool to his front door.

By Editor, Cairns News
VICTORIA’S reign of terror continued today (Friday) as police broke down the door of Melbourne activist James Bartolo’s residence to charge him with “incitement”.
“Reign of terror” was the term used by conservative Sky News commentator Andrew Bolt as he fumed on Thursday night over the earlier arrest of Ballarat-district woman Zoe-Lee Buhler, noting that Victoria had become world famous as a police state.
Before his arrest Bartolo warned police they would be charged with trespass, saying courts had found in seven cases against police using unlawful entry.
But Bartolo later told his social media followers not to go to the protest because it would be used by Daniel Andrews an excuse to extend lockdown. Andrews will on Sunday announce his so-called “roadmap” to recovery – which is interesting timing, given that September 5th was announced as a protest date about a month ago.
The backdown of Bartolo and another prominent organizer who appeared on a video promoting Freedom Day September 5, has thrown organisation into confusion.
It may be the case that Victoria Police are “gaming” the opposition by stirring up a big turnout, but regardless of its size they will likely use it as an excuse to extend Andrews’ version of the diabolical Gates-Rockefeller-World Economic Forum social engineering project. On the positive side, a big turnout would encourage of the people of Victoria, embolden more protest and further destroy the overblown fakery of the COVID-19 narrative.
Meanwhile Premier Andrews and the Victoria Police assistant commissioner Luke Cornelius squirmed and dodged in a press conference when the arrest of Zoe-Lee Buhler was raised.
Andrews claimed he hadn’t seen the video (it was viewed 7 million times, worldwide) and AC Cornelius tried to defend his gushing support of the Black Lives Matter march in Melbourne in June, as opposed to his hard line against the anti-lockdown protest.
AC Cornelius claimed Ms Buhler’s Ballarat protest was different because it was being held during a stage 4 lockdown. In fact Ballarat district is still in stage 3, as with the BLM protest.
He also falsely claimed her protest, “unlike the BLM one”, did not encourage social distancing and mask-wearing. In fact Ms Buhler’s Facebook post specifically did.
And then the AC went on to completely contradict himself. “While this deadly virus doesn’t discriminate, we won’t discriminate and we can’t discriminate, in holding people to account.” Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine jumped into the debate on Twitter, calling AC Cornelius “a fool and a disgrace”.
Comment on social media suggested none of the charges were likely to succeed in court as Victoria Police are not allowed to carry out duties in a manner that breach the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, which includes the rights to “peaceful assembly and freedom of association” and “freedom of expression”.
Neither is the Crimes Act she is alleged to have breached allowed to be applied in a way that infringes on her freedom to politically communicate. “This is a well-known constitutional law doctrine in Australia, and state law is limited on this basis,” one commentator said.