Some of the Australian patriots who bring impassioned calls to fellow Australians to support Freedom Day, September 5th.[0]=AZWJWcC_kZG1jujXnnmDdFamYSCf3m9mrB4r3-K1N9-lIebiYX8HQ2amFm1QI0iGlQ7yCUSLUatTWKwgjYwojdRIKVLSeTTmY4q1Ypo5lpKSLZJuLnTaIGW0MZUR6yhKDz4&__tn__=-UK-R
A NUMBER of Aussie patriots have joined together to call on Australians to celebrate September 5 (tomorrow) as Freedom Day. A brilliantly produced video doing the rounds is doing just that. It features heart-felt, sincere and angry responses to the massive psyop being conducted across the globe by the Gates-Rockefeller-Davos crowd. Their game is up as people across the planet wake up to the obvious from the genetically-engineered origins of the “novel coronavirus” (or SARS-Cov-2) to the deliberate suppression of the cheap medicine hydroxychloroquine, that can effectively prevent and cure the viral attacks.