Outspoken vaccine supporter Dr Peter Hotez testified in Congress about coronavirus vaccine dangers. “Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity,” Robert F. Kennedy Jnr of Children’s Health Defense, commented: “Are you willing to take the risk.”

By Tony Mobilifonitis

ONE of the leading vaccines that the media talking heads, chief health officers and compliant politicians claim we are all waiting for is little more than a very dangerous human experiment.

On March 3rd, the US FDA approved Moderna’s RNA or mRNA vaccine as the first “vaccine candidate” to advance to the first phase of a clinical study. But this vaccine wasn’t even tested on animals before it was given to the first 45 human guinea pigs, and now it is in a Phase 3 trial involving 30,000 patients aged from 18 to elderly Americans.

A previous attempt to develop a vaccine for SARS failed, and animals used for testing became very sick. Is it any wonder that scientists and others who left Moderna (some apparently made a killing on its shares when they skyrocketed) were warning against the product?

RNA or mRNA is the “instruction manual” in every living cell that creates protein and these vaccines contain synthesized “messenger” RNA to “prompt” the human body to make antibodies to fight disease. It sounds all very good but it is very dangerous.

Is that the claim of some “antivaxxer”? No it was the warning from Suhaid Siddiqi, a chemist who previously worked at Moderna. “I would not let that [vaccine] to be injected in my body,” he told CNN journalists. “I would demand: Where is the toxicity data from the lab?”

And then there was the Australian scientist who warned against it – Professor Nikolai Petrovsky at Flinders University Adelaide who, interestingly, has been working with Oracle to use computer models and AI technology to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.

Professor Petrovsky told CNN the US government had taken an unproven vaccine and “put (it) straight into humans…It’s a double game,” he said. “An unproven platform for a new disease with no animal testing.”

If not convinced about the safety of RNA vaccines, sceptics should then take the word of an outspoken provaxxer, Dr Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, who tried to develop a vaccine for SARS.

According to the CNN report, “some of the animals he vaccinated wound up sicker than the ones he didn’t vaccinate, once they were exposed to the virus”. Hotez also told Reuters news agency he believed the Moderna trial should conduct animal studies prior to injecting the vaccine in humans. “If there is immune enhancement in laboratory animals vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, that’s a showstopper,” he said.
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