Dictator Dan sends cops on hunt for ‘virus denier’ who exercises rights at checkpoint as fear and panic ramped up

By Tony Mobilifonitis

THE medical establishment, political parties of Australia and their media chums, are doubling down in their deception of the public with a renewed, frantic push for another big shutdown based on ramped up COVID-19 numbers in Victoria.

Dan Andrews, who is now not only the Communist Party of China’s most loyal Australian asset but a fascist dictator as well, sent the Victorian cops to hunt down Eve Black, a young woman who exercised her rights to not talk to police at one of Dictator Dan’s Victorian checkpoints around Melbourne. She told the cop she had no legal obligation to answer questions if not identified as a crime suspect.

Before the encounter (left frame) she crossed herself Catholic-style and prayed briefly for strength to stand up “not only for my rights but the rights of all my brothers and sisters on earth”. She was being coached for the encounter and had a written legal script to work from. A video of the checkpoint went viral, prompting Andrews to direct police to hunt her down and issue a fine.

Other Victorians defied Dictator Dan’s face mask “directive”. Activists say the directive is merely that, and not a law passed by the Parliament. One young Victorian copper seemed to think it was Commonwealth law but was quickly corrected. The situation has TV news anchors frothing at the mouth over “virus deniers”.

Meanwhile Professor Nick Talley, editor-in-chief of the Australian Medical Journal, has been playing his part to ramp up the fear. He told media via Twitter recently that the latest round of “cases” in Victoria and NSW is not the second wave of COVID-19 – it’s only the first.

Back in March in a recorded video, the professor gave his full endorsement to the panicky government-directed lockdown in response to what he called “the coming surge” of COVID-19 cases. That surge came and went, like a first wave. So why is this esteemed medical voice pushing more health-threatening lockdowns and harm to the economy? Since Talley has been the University of Newcastle’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Research, since 2017, one might ask if he has strings attached to the Davos-WHO-Gates global health complex that planned the current pandemic response?

Also, why aren’t medicos like Talley making sure that cheap generic drug treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Budesonide (steroidal inhalant) are available to treat the small number of sick COVID patients and vulnerable nursing home patients? One would think high-level medical people would rush to utilize the first medicine they found to treat an apparently rampant virus like COVID-19. But they haven’t – in fact quite the opposite.

But the medical establishment, media and governments are pushing the COVID narrative we’ve heard on our media multiple times: “Life cannot get back to normal until we find a coronavirus vaccine!”

Suburban doctors across America did not buy into this and started using the common anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat their COVID-19 patients. Most notable among them was the New York doctor Vladimir Zelenko, who treated some 2000 patients with HCQ, zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin when required. Zelenko created quite a sensation when he reported a 99% reduction in mortality among COVID-19 infected patients with only one suffering death.
But it soon became evident that the work of this “upstart” in healing something that “only a vaccine could save us from” was not appreciated by people in the same medical-political-media establishment. Zelenko was attacked for “lack of correct protocol” in his recorded results.

Then, during the week of March 19, President Trump touted HCQ as “a potential game changer”. The media went into a frenzy of vilification and mockery of the idea. It didn’t work, was dangerous and could kill you from heart palpitations, the big media channels spouted.

“Neither of the two drugs Trump mentioned is a proven treatment for COVID-19, the deadly disease caused by the coronavirus, and neither is likely to be publicly available in the near future, as the head of the FDA said in gently walking back part of Trump’s comments, which painted a far rosier picture,” reported the LA Times. Ironically, it was in China where 20 clinical trials of HCQ completed in February were saying the opposite. It had proven effective in 100 patients and the data caused China to recommend chloroquine in the National Guidelines for the Treatment of COVID-19.

Meanwhile Dr Zelenko, in a letter to Trump, very frankly laid out his concerns: “This is World War lll (virus vs humanity). Under these circumstances, we don’t have the luxury of operating as we do in peacetime. Waiting for the results of clinical trials while people are dying is unethical. Millions will die and the economy will collapse while we wait.” Apparently politicians, media and medical experts in Australia want us to forget about effective existing treatments and just “wait for the vaccine”.

It doesn’t matter that Dr Zelenko and other doctors in the US and elsewhere treated and cured thousands of patients with hydroxychloroquine combinations. Dr Richard Bartlett of Texas cured his 12 COVID patients with Budesonide, the steroidal inhalant used to treat asthma. He says the treatment is being widely used across Asia.

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  1. Interesting >> Kylie Minogue and ALL HER CREW.
    >> Nicole Kidman and ALL HER CREW………where allowed to enter Oz
    go to a hotel….2 weeks later > Enter the Gen Population……shopping doing there thing!!
    And I cannot leave the Country……..even If I can prove I am Virus free and 2 weeks in hotel.


  2. BRAVE WOMAN.Take my hat off to you!!!!!!!!!

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  3. This Communist Chinese Dictator in Victoria is insufferable . must be removed by the People . NOW!

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  4. “Health Canada thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (Kari Stevens): COVID-19 and it’s testing is officially a complete fraud. Health Canada response file: A-2020-000208 / BH under the Access to Information Act R.S.C. says that Health Canada has no record describing the isolation of any Covid-19 virus.

    This means that ‘COVID-19 has not been isolated – which means that all COVID-19 response is fraudulent, Covid-19 testing is fraud, media hype is just propaganda and the daily press briefings by the Health Officers is fraudulent.

    If the virus has not been isolated then what are they testing for?

    What are they pretending to diagnose?

    What are they pretending to cure?

    What are they making a vaccine for?

    What are they pretending to prevent through mandatory masks?

    Anyone still trying to say its a ‘conspiracy theory’ here is the original letter pdf for download to scrutinize:

    Click to access Health-Canada-FinalResponse-A-2020-00208-2020-06-13.pdf

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  5. I hope that when “Desperate Dan’s” goon squad issue an on the spot fine she instigates a prosecution under the Imperial Proclamations Proclamations Act 1986 (which makes on the spot fines illegal…check it out), and also, does not challenge the charge, but challenges the existence of a LAW upon which the charge relies.
    Then file against the police for fraudulent misrepresentation.


  6. Brave young Eve is protected under the Crimes Act 1914 and gets some information about lawful fines from the second articlein the attachments.Some information about dealing with the cops is also attached.


  7. Hello Robert Brave young Eve is protected under the Crimes Act 1914, which protects one’s political rights and duties.Eve made a lawful political protest by challenging the policewoman.If Eve is to be fined, then why not the copper?Eve gets some information about lawful fines from the second article in the attachments.Some information about dealing with the cops is also attached.Destroying Commonwealth property also means trashing the Constitution by not observing it-as Andrews has done. Gary


  8. Push back can be a bitch – this is a constitutional lawyer filing a suit in the Ontario Superior Court challenging the premise of the scientific basis of the covid-fraud and the power of the State to infringe rights based on a fraud.


    Does anyone have a link for the video of the Eve Black’s walloper interaction?


  9. Very well written


  10. Mr. Editor, Many years ago I bought a book on our True Constitution, and what is says and means, from Tasmania. It has been lost amongst my boxed up books that date back to the sixties. It related a lot of information similar to ‘oldcodger’, ‘obviousbob’ and yourself.
    I need a refresher course!
    Can something be printed up [or PDF], that can be used for reference in TODAY’S CLIMATE of CRIMINALITY by those ‘in control’?
    I’m more than willing to pay for your efforts.


  11. Hi Ray we will ask one of our law experts if we can give you his email address. Editor


  12. I came down with a flu virtually every one of my adult years up to about fourty, then discovered that I could fix that simply through easy to do diet adjustment, including avoiding all those very many supermarket foods that contain toxic additives, boosting vitamin A, C, D, etc, ozonated water, MMS, etc. The result being that I have never been ill in the twenty years since and know full well that the likes of cancers, viruses, have next to no chance of taking hold. It is a ‘Scamdemic’ red flag in itself that the public is not being told of this easy to do protection? NB. A person with a medical degree recently told me that the only way to boost immunity is through a vaccine, further highlighting just how programmed that profession can be.


  13. Please do; sincere thanks. Ray


  14. Andrew Summerton

    This lady is very brave. Kudos to her. I have also learnt a lot from the legal advice above. Thankyou.


  15. Sometimes you can feel alike a voice in the dark,people dont listen cos there SO programmed!

    2 examples

    In RBWH some years ago….I was recovering from a mild Heart attack.

    (1)I asked their >Top Cardio.” LOL..what do you need Vit C for? amongst other things he has not read about scurvy !!…… gave me ONE 25mg tab!!

    (2)Maryborough ( qld) Hosp dental “Hygienist”
    …..told Her was rinsing mouth with weak >Hydrogen Peroxide< shocked She said dont do that ………they use this for bleaching Hair!!
    Told Her that the "Body makes it own HP" including in the mouth as protection from infection….go look it up I told her or go back to school !!

    There is no hope!!


  16. JWO depopulation


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