Queensland has the best courts money can buy

Taxi licences worth nothing due to Uber rideshare

Far North Queensland Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter delivered a scathing attack against the State judicial system today when the Supreme Court ruled against a delegation of over 1300 taxi plaintiffs seeking compensation from the Queensland Government for eroding the value of taxi licences when they legalised ride sharing in 2016.

The Closed Action case was submitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court in March last year and the decision which was handed down this morning ruled in favour of the State Government; a move which Mr Katter slams as being the most recent example in an “accumulating pool of evidence that the State justice system serves their masters.”

“I’ve received calls from many constituents who believe that the justice system just feel like they are part of the government, and saying this exposes me to great criticism, but I don’t make these statements without being able to back them up,” Mr Katter told media in Townsville.

Taxi drivers lose Supreme Court case against Queensland Government for compensation over devaluation of taxi licences once worth on average half a million dollars, now valueless. Bob Katter MHR (centre) lambasting the decisions of State courts serving their masters

“Over 1300 cabbies personally put in a thousand dollars each to fight against the Queensland Government for giving them a property right and then taking it away. I personally told them that we would not win this case in Queensland, history records case after case after case where they rule in favour of the Government.

“Pauline Hanson’s case was one of the most appalling cases in the history of the State – it was just political imprisonment and there was not a single respective justice person that agreed with that case – but Hanson’s was overturned at the Appeals Court.

“In the extraordinary case with Dan McDonald who fed his starving cattle grass – which they call mulga trees – and was fined $250k – his appeal was overturned.

Supreme Court Judge Tom Bradley refused compensation by State Government. He was appointed by Labor Attorney General Yvette D’Arth on December 3, 2018

“In Pell’s case the State Court was presented with 80 people saying he couldn’t have done it, and one saying that he did. They led a persecution of him, threw him in jail and then the High Court overturned it.

“In the outrageous case of defamation against me, four Justices in the State Court found against me. When we got to the High Court they humiliated the opposition 7/0 and threw the case out with a very stern caution.

“So it would appear to me that once again our faith in the system has been shaken and you’re now shaking the pillar upon which our democracy and freedoms were built.  Once again the Governments have served the interests of big corporations and just walked all over the top of ordinary Australians.

“As a result of these cases, the ordinary person could justifiably believe on this basis that State Courts serve their masters – the government. I’m inclined to agree.  It’s just another classic example where the people that are supposed to be looking after us are not on our side, they represent the interests of the stinking rich.”

Mr Katter said that the taxi owners had never said they wanted ride share banned, but was seeking compensation from the State Government for hanging them out to dry. According to a Cairns taxi owner, prior to ride sharing being allowed in Australia, taxi licenses were valued at over $500,000 and a number of drivers are repaying bank loans to cover that expense. Since ride sharing, the value has declined to around $100,000 – leaving almost a $400,000 abyss in the loan repayments. It must not be forgotten that the angst, and other lenders, are unforgiving and these poor people are now at their mercy.

Queensland Labor Attorney General Yvette D’Arth, Bachelor of Laws (QUT); Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (ANU). Mrs D’Arth presided over the passing of controversial abortion laws last year allowing late stage babies to be killed.




Homeless owners suicide, lose homes

He warned that the accumulating evidence over recent years demonstrated a pattern of behaviour of State Justices that was “very unpleasant.”

“The complete underpinning of our democratic rights, the separation of powers, just doesn’t exist. Each of those cases and today’s ruling proves that again and again.

“2000 taxi owners owned a property right created by the State Government, got us to pay that money for the property right and then took it away and now half the taxi owners have mortgaged their houses or foreclosed, I have no idea how many are homeless, suffering deep depression or how many suicides there have been – but this is the ugly reality of this decision.

“So, while these owners are copping it today, I warn you will get your turn.”

If you want justice never file in a Queensland Court. Party political judicial appointments must be stopped. We should be adopting the US system of voting for the judiciary with fixed term appointments. Editor


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. What did we expect, it would appear if the judge wants a promotion and the easy cases he must not financially burden the government?


  2. Like most things that we see this is part of the unrelenting campaign to destroy small business. This is to increase the unemployed so that they will accept the universal wage – the inducement to (further) slavery.. What they have done to our farmers is treason and has put us in peril..


  3. In regard to the taxi industry, I put together the Taxi document you will find in the attachments.A friend here in Geelong is from the Taxi fraternity and brought the problem to myself and my main colleague, both of us being progenitors of the liability factor facing commercial entities(all governments in this country are incorporated, etc) for the loss, harm an injury they may cause to others.I discussed this over the phone one night with the friend, Kaz, and she asked me to write it up.I am not going to tidy it up, because it was for Kaz to use in her own efforts to get some sort ofredress for the taxi people of Victoria.You will not that I specified $5 billion in reparations and suggested that the cheapest option for the Victorian Government Criminal Cartel would be to simply restore the licences. The price was at a minimum $1 million per licence, but could be higher, as expected earnings are…maybe more than that. My liability video might be a good thing to chuck up in a link, as anyone can use the Risk Management process-that is what it is there for, but it is the best kept secret around: the nursing home abuse andcladding debacle are two prime examples. The Question of Liability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KP7wWobRjA

    My: Economic Genocide In Australia? video is relevant here, too, and has links to many supporting documents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OKaqGvkBIM

    Maybe you should shove these in Bob Katter’s face, if you’re really serious, because I will.My son’s mum used to work for him, part time.I’ll send it to him and ring his office too, just to put the acid on him proper-like. This Taxi rubbish has already been done here in Victoria.There is no need for a repeat. Liability is the key, but the Industry representative groups need to have the balls to push the very serious envelope. If they did, then there might be a big awakening around the country-the awakening we have all been waiting for!



  4. crisscross767

    Private property abolished –

    An Overview of the Brigalow Corp Takeover of Australia

    The Queensland Constitution 2001 / The Brigalow Corporation /
    The Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD & all other states of Australia.

    You tube videos on Queensland & its Constitution

    The Fake QLD Constitution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiaFr_jEoCE

    How they changed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggjYM6pFFmY


    9. In Chapter 3, Part 5, Sect 55 (1) – “A minister may delegate a power of the State to an appropriately qualified officer of the State.” (“officer of the state” means – a chief executive………………….)

    10. Therefore the Premier of QLD must always be the leader of the Executive Body and is now the Executive Leader of the Parliament of QLD.

    11. Simply put – the Premier is delegated the power through his/her role as Chief Executive. This power controls the Executive Government of QLD. The Governor acts on the advice of the Executive Government.

    12. Therefore the Premier is now the “Crown” in Queensland.

    Read on –


    Click to access truth-is-treason.pdf

    Acts Interpretation Act 1901

    16 References to the Sovereign

    In any Act references to the Sovereign reigning at the time of the passing of such Act, or to the Crown, shall be construed as references to the Sovereign for the time being.


  5. crisscross767

    All Courts, all Governments, all Police Forces, the BAR Society, etc. are Incorporated.



  6. Ed, good to see u r exposing part of the problem which is like an iceberg, u can see what is above the water but have no idea about what is below or unseen. Basically it is all about jurisdiction and all about how u get deceived because u have no in depth knowledge about what is below. There is a fantastic vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beE5fNkBh5A that explains how it works. There are other vids on that channel that do an excellent job of expanding the knowledge of how things work. keep up the reporting as it especially asks the question as to why politicians like katter and hansen don’t get jurisdiction either?


  7. Maybe the best courts money can buy, but fear not, shortly there wont be any money then the true value of the courts will be appropriate.
    Black’s law dictionary defines a “court” as “a gathering under the crown” and “crown” in Australia,means the monarch, heir and successor of Queen Victoria, not, QUEEN OF AUSTRALIA, which is a corporation. What we have are Unidriot Tribunals, (read star chambers), NOT courts.


  8. A precedent was established — When the Greiner NSW Govt circa 1989 abolished the Egg Board and its quota system, they compensated the Egg Board loyal egg farmers by paying them for their quotas, for which they had paid.

    I assisted the five “rebel” egg farmers.  They of course got no compensation, because they had refused quotas, and had refused _on conscience grounds_ to cooperate with the Egg Board.

    But they got what they were fighting for!


  9. Thanks Gary we are looking at your suggestions.Editor


  10. We have all known for decades that the Govt’s and authorities are highly corrupt and operate under the unlawful assumption of authority they hold believing they, the political class ruled by satanism have the right too rule over others.
    This is just a demonic trick that stupid and lawless people fall for.
    The courts, police and Parliaments in Qld and Australia wide are totally corrupt as us disabled and elderly victims of crime have proven.





  11. just replying to michael matthews link on corruption in queensland…………… u r in the wrong jurisdiction. u cannot preach Law of the Land to Admiralty/maritime courts, it can’t hear u. What is the definition of insanity again? and again? If u don’t get jurisdiction and u don’t try to gain knowledge u r insane. u have no rights. they (your rights) are controlled by the corporation and u r going insane trying to work it out.


  12. marisol delfene

    Evidence appears to be indicating freemasonic connections to many pollies!


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