City experts have no idea about bushfires as ‘climate change’ is blamed for the destruction

Letter to the Editor

Never in my lifetime have I ever seen a bushfire become so political, with so much interference from city based experts!

Australia is known for its bushfires, cyclones, droughts and flooding rains so what has changed this time?
I believe we now have a new breed of people in this country that NEED TO BLAME somebody for every natural event that occurs and they have infiltrated our communities with their ideology!

Landowners returning home to find their livestock burnt to death due to wildfires across eastern Victoria. A reader says the widespread fires were too politicised for effective firefighting.

The majority in this country are the “Quiet Australians” who have seen it all happen before and know we will see it all happen again.
Our voice wasn’t being heard! We knew that the fuel load was too high, we knew that policy had changed allowing fuel reduction burns and we knew that protesting by minority groups was influencing decision making!

Just back on June 20, 2019 I raised these issues in a Regional Forests Agreement meeting in Corryong with representatives from DELWP, Federal, State and local governments regarding the fuel load in National Parks, the blackberries and noxious weeds in State forests and Parks, the lack of maintenance of fire tracks, the lack of water storages in these areas and outlined that we had a ticking time bomb right under our noses!

Climate Change didn’t light the fires in NSW and Victoria, lightning and arsonists did!! The fuel load was there and it was tinder dry from the drought.

But now the SWAMP is rising and along with social media and mainstream media they are driving a tsunami of hate, of blame, of rebellion like we’ve never seen before!

Everything that goes wrong has to be someone else’s fault!!

They CRY Climate Change but then board an aeroplane to go overseas!

The scientists are some of the worst hypocrites in this area! Fly to this climate conference and then to the next!

Children are being indoctrinated in schools before they can even read and write, about politics, climate change, gender equality, sex and religion at such a young age and well before they can make their own judgments on any of these matters.

This indoctrination then spreads like a virus and infects those who we thought were immune, until it becomes a plague of rebellion and uprising against those who are the quiet Australians.

I might be old fashioned, but the Australia I knew as a kid was far better!

We didn’t care where the power came from, as long as the toaster or the lights worked!

We didn’t care if it was a drought as we knew every day was one closer to it raining!

I battled the 1st of February 1969 bushfires in 45c heat as a 15 year old, I bent all the linkage arms on the tractor ploughing fire breaks, experienced the extreme heat of the fire, the lack of oxygen in my lungs, being too scared to sleep inside the house at 2am!

I saw the devastating loss of property, and the burying of dead stock.

We didn’t have P2 masks or were told every 5 minutes of the what the air quality was!! We wet a handkerchief and  put it across our nose and mouth and tied a knot in the back and got on with it!!

Then the chaos came again a few weeks later when torrential rains came and caused massive erosion and polluted our water, and 3 months later on the 5th of May we had cows dying of bloat as the grass was so prolific!


This is the country we live in and know as Australia, NO politician can change it, NO Climate Change policy will either!


Corryong Sawmill


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. She’ll be right only applies to things that are fixable on the ground. I never came across anyone that said that about governmental/judicial perversity..


  2. Thank you for the information about Australian Law, or perhaps I should say ‘;lack of’. I wonder just how many Australians are aware of the consequences of this parliamentary Act.
    Many of them weren’r even born in 1987., but are nonetheless affect by it,
    Just a word to Graeme from the sawmill. I was a child at the times you speak of, and the
    expression ‘she’ll be right’ was part of everyday speech. Things have changed, there are a lot more people on the planet now, and our home is suffering. It’s time to axe the ‘layed back’ approach to what’s going on around us.
    There is blame , and it’s name is ‘INACTION’ . It starts at the top, and goes all the way down to our inability ti live a sustainable lifestyle.


  3. That sounds about right. I come from a city and still live in a city, but I know where most things that keep us alive come from. Ignore political correctness and PLEASE, KEEP FARMING, IF YOU CAN.


  4. I quote the title of a book by Dick Yardley “Australia Political & Religious Leaders TREASON Treachery and sabotage”.
    The title tells it all and the book PROVES IT.
    We’ve had no Governors General properly appointed under letters patent, signed under The Royal Sign Manual AND SIGNET since 2nd February 1960, therefore no government since that time has represented the people of Australia, they are enacting agenda 2030.


  5. Well said, Graeme.
    These days everything that happens or doesn’t happen is grabbed by a secretocracy of ideological and moral perverts to be brandished like a weapon to demoralise and defeat ordinary people and their wisdom of common-sense reality to usher in a “New World Order” where everything is centrally planned to benefit a narcissistic elite.

    We gotta have a loose organisation of of ordinary sane people to promote and protect defenders of civilisation in the government and legislature. Another “Party” will go the way of all political “Parties” and be usurped by the secretocracy to serve their interest even if only as a derided “toothless tiger”, or “extremist organisation”.

    The more I see of the method and madness of the lackeys of the assault on civilisation, and the tools they have at their disposal, the more I am convinced that it’s only the gripes of honest people proposing their own sanity that can combat the ubiquitous secretive vampire.

    There has been an “Australian Patriot’s Co-operative” proposed that is universally despised by all the megalomaniacs who’d like to install themselves as a great guru, a wonderful leader who will lead everyone to paradise if only they got enough supporters and money. The Co-op is an entirely different idea. The representatives are pressed or kicked into their position by a chain of responsibility going all the way back to the gripers in the Public Bar, the young mothers in the kindergarten support group, or any other common interest group.

    If anyone would like a very rough idea of what a Patriot’s Co-op might be please email me at:


  6. Our lucky country a land of sweeping plains of drought & flooding rains run by a government full of drongo’s .


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