Little Willie Connolly unable to mix it with a 68 year old senator

by Jim O’Toole in our Canberra bureau

This ignorant little 17 year old wanker, Will Connolly from Victoria should have had his face rubbed in the mess for breaking an egg on the head of 68 year old Senator Fraser Anning.

Anning instinctively struck this Greens moron and Islamic sycophant in the mouth twice as a reaction to the egg assault.

This 17 year old Victorian wanker Will Connolly should keep his hand off his little willie. He thinks he can mix it with Queensland bushmen but really came undone

Any other red-blooded Australian male would have done the same but some would have knocked this retard to the ground.

The pansies of the Greens and ALP would have asked for more eggs to be slammed onto their empty heads.

We applaud Fraser’s reaction but wish it would have been much harder.

Unfortunately the first wack was with an open hand, but the second was a good hit. Well done Fraser just shows older Queensland bush boys can still mix it with the Victoria riff raff.

This dumbed down scumbag obviously is a cowardly king hitter and would never have tried this stunt  if Fraser had seen him first. Connolly arranged for the Channel 9 camera to be on him before he struck.

Would Connolly go a couple of rounds in the ring with Anning?  Never!

His obviously neglected upbringing would see him run in the opposite direction.

The myopic Victoria Police say they are investigating Anning for hitting this idiot. Anning has nothing to worry about.

Victoria Police can’t even find the dozen black African gangs wandering Melbourne streets assaulting and robbing Australians.

Hang in there Fraser!

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. mikeylaurence is a hero! He cowtows to known racist, sexist, homophiliac, christophobic scumbags whose known hateful rhetoric has been poisoning the people of this country for years, and this brave boy chose to forgo his personal integrity and deliver a message that bigotry is only condoned if it is directed at people of vaguely European culture. Anning deserves to be lauded for his courage in calling out the bigotry inciting hate crimes against people of normal disposition. There is already a surfeit of mikeylaurences in media, politics and law.

    I hope you, mikey, have five star access to this ‘site because it is valuable to have a first hand example of irrational fancies for the ordinary people with an ordinary appreciation of reality who might think that your nuttery is the stuff of fictional prose.


  2. Orrite, Mikey.

    But what about the simply practical considerations? If Muhammadanism is so wonderful what are they doing here in enormous numbers claiming asylum? From what? Sharia Law?

    Yair, Bigotry and evil needs proper definition.

    Sicko, we both know that anything is allowable or proposable on the secular media except Apostolic Christianity or any allusion to the Synagogue of Satan.

    It would be amusing to have the Talmudic Rabbis explain in detail the proper use for Goyim.


  3. Oh dear we didn’t mean to upset the Greens or the Melbourne Mussies but we don’t want Sharia law here. Nor do we want the perturbing ethnic ghettos which are ‘no go’ zones for Australians who have provided a life for migrants. Will Connolly and his egg smashing was a planned stunt by Islamic sycophants and it backfired badly. Thank God Anning’s office has been overwhelmed by support and has requests to visit every state and overseas on speaking tours to point out the real facts behind the Islamisation of Australia. Connolly is just a useful tool of Allah’s oligarch.Editor


  4. Yair, but, according to “New Age” autonomy the law has no purpose but to serve the ambitions of an oligarchy/plutocracy that is sold as a “New World Order”. (Survival of the fittest).

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with the nature and purpose of human life.

    If yous want to imagine that the nature and purpose of human life can be defined by your irrational (Evolutionary) presumptions then you must accept that what those who can (by fair or foul) do to “underlings” is the supreme example of Evolution in progress.

    According to the precepts of Naturalism nothing is unacceptable except the notion that a Human has a Nature and purpose independent of the convenience of the narcissistic and ego maniacal illusions of a peculiar ethnic minority.


  5. Will Connolly is a hero! He stood up to a known racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic scumbag whose known hateful rhetoric has poisoned the people of this country for years, and this brave boy chose to forgo his personal safety to deliver a message that bigotry is evil and not to be condoned. Anning deserves to fry in hell for his bigotry and inciting hate crimes. There should be more Will Connolly’s in this world.


  6. Hi Annie overseas people are invalid on petitions but in any case we believe most Australian names on the petition are people from Muslim communities. A petition cannot remove a sitting member-only the full senate can do this in some cases but not this one.Editor


  7. This is what needs to happen! We need to stand up to these cowardly punk thugs. My wife and I loved seeing it on TV here in California. Hopefully, this vid will inspire some Americans to man-up now.


  8. Poor little eggy with 30 bogans on his frail body all because of a 68-year-old man and Willie from his posh school and suburb, his mummy and daddy came to the rescue to make his smile again. I hope the next MP’s labor and green are egged big time and let’s see if they are not charged like mummy’s little Willie?


  9. Dear Editor,
    Regarding the million names on the petition to get rid of Anning, I think many of them are people living in Malaysia and Indonesia.Wouldn’t that make the petition invalid?
    I surfed the web 24 hours ago and the comments from those countries were vile, references made to Fraser having his throat cut and calling him a dog etc.Lovely people, these muslims, so civilised!(not)
    I wrote to Change, complaining but have heard nothing back.Also FB!


  10. He is nothing but a little cowardly thug.I thought it was a criminal offence to hit a Parliamentarian. Fraser’s re-action was automatic.If he hit me with an egg he would be clocked with my walking stick! After Fraser retaliated , the idiot came back throwing punches, I have the actual video.He should be charged as others will try to do the same thing if they think they can get away with it.Fraser needs to look at the pros and cons attached to charging him.
    The loonie left has now been left with egg on their face! They are really getting desperate using kids for their dirty work!


  11. Great reporting Cairns News,
    It is very hard to have any understanding why anyone would think DEGENERATE Will Connolly’s assault could have led to people thinking he was a hero. Not only should he have had his face rubbed in the mess, but so should have Morrison’s and Bill Shortens for their response to it, which was nothing less than them supporting it. Enough for me to swing my vote away from Liberals, to Senator Anning.


  12. “This dumbed down scumbag obviously is a cowardly king hitter and would never have tried this stunt if Fraser had seen him first.”

    HERE HERE, Should have hit him harder!


  13. Well written !!!

    Sent from my iPad



  14. Robert Chapman

    Whatever happens it won’t matter to Fraser as his political career will be all over rover in 2 months or so, and as for Eggboy he said he’s not going to lay charges against Fraser or his protectors so that’s going nowhere either, I guess the only thing that remains to be seen is if 8500 Eggboy supporters turn up to throw eggs at Fraser at his gig on March 31st.


  15. Very well written, it’s a Please to see some good Australian truth.


  16. If thats the level of support eggboy can muster in Victoria I would hate to have them back us up in the oncoming stoush with mussies that is just around the corner. Eggboy has no balls and similarly his supporters, obviously Islamists, fare the same.Editor


  17. Robert Chapman

    Not Muslims Ed friends of Eggman.


  18. That’s not many Robert, we heard 1 million Muslims signed a petition. Naturally false news promotes this rot. There are not enough mad chooks in Victoria to accommodate the 8500 Muslims you say are attending.You had better watch his social media and his exhausted staff who today fielded so many calls of support they unplugged the phones at 5pm. His emails have gone off the planet at a ratio of 20 to one in support.How about that referendum on immigration Robert?Editor


  19. Insignificant Willie could never get on prime time telly with any kind of rational argument… neither could any of his ideological mates.


  20. Robert Chapman

    It’ll be interesting to see how Fraser goes at one of his upcoming gigs where 8500 people have already committed to going, and 27,000 are interested in going and they’re all taking eggs! I think I read it was on March 31st


  21. Fraser Anning retaliated as anyone would. As a woman, I would’ve done the same as Mr Anning. My family supports Fraser’s reaction and condemns the little sh*ts action. Cheers!


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