Brisbane rally for the anti-vax network rejects no jab-no pay


Today we have a guest post by Allona from Allona Fit To Parent Network – Allona is organising the Australian leg of the International Revolution for Choice Rally, which will be held in Brisbane on June 2. Welcome Allona!

I didn’t start the war … they did…

I always knew I was never going to vaccinate after having a Hepatitis B vaccine when I was 21 and within months was literally covered with eczema, had severe allergies, autoimmune issues and 7 years of health hell, I was never going to have another vaccine.

Nearly 20 years later when I was pregnant I realised I needed to get educated when I was bullied and intimidated by a midwife as to why I was not going to jab my newborn baby the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. The same vaccine that had sent my body into overload and created major health issues.

When the Liberal party announced No Jab, No Pay – never in my lifetime had I felt so isolated, alone, controlled, scared and uncertain. How dare the Government financially blackmail and bribe me into injecting disease and toxins into my baby. The Government had backed me in a corner, if I didn’t fully vaccinate my child with the 14 different diseases on the National Immunisation Schedule I would be financially disadvantaged and segregated and discriminated against with limited daycare and childcare options….

So I got active and here I am today… And I will not back down and nor will I be coerced, bullied, intimidated or bribed to inject disease and toxins into myself or my child. For 10 months I didn’t sleep – I gathered information, read, reached out, contacted those that were active and created my own networks, I didn’t stop, I was on a mission and still am today.

The anti-vaccination network is holding a rally in Brisbane, the International Revolution for Choice Rally, Queens Park Gardens (outside the casino) 2pm to 5pm.

I did NOT throw the first punch…

On June 2nd with the help of many others and connecting with an International network Brisbane is proudly hosting the International Revolution for Choice Rally, Queens Park Gardens (outside the casino) 2pm to 5pm.

Time to UNITE and show solidarity in a grassroots movement across the WORLD, as we STAND TOGETHER in one STRONG VOICE we send a CLEAR MESSAGE for parental rights to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN against the medical tyranny of forced and coerced medical procedures.

Join other passionate people at Queens Gardens Park (next door to the Casino) in Brisbane in an event to unite the people. Stand tall and proud to protect YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE now and for future generations.

Speakers will include Medical Specialists, Professionals, leading activists, concerned parents and parents with pharmaceutical-damaged children – bring your blanket, chairs and banners, get ready to be motivated, united, empowered and shut down the streets of Brisbane in a peaceful rally for the people.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It’s about time that WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP AND BE COUNTED..!!! VAAX HAS TO STOP..VACCINES are loaded with poisons to CAUSE HARM TO THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM . These NEW vaccines are reported to contain a component WHICH ALTERS THE HUMAN DNA!!!…There is an array of information from the CDC (USA) many Doctors who have came forward explaining the dangers ….and many have been MURDERED for telling what they know….


  2. Roger Montgomery

    You are crazy.
    Do you want a world where smallpox and other “beaten” diseases again flourish.
    A sickness following an inoculation is not necessarily cause and effect. As parents you fail your kids.


  3. Whether Montgomery’s comments are correct or not, is NOT the issue. The issue is that forced vaccination is assault. coercing parents to vaccinate under duress is blackmail.
    Now go and check the Queensland Criminal Code 1899.
    Then there is the little matter of federal law governing freedom of choice.
    Mr Montgomery, have a look at the “government bullshit detector”. IF you choose to vaccinate YOUR children, nobody will stop you. If you children ARE vaccinated, how can other non-vaccinated children harm your children? Or is it that you know that vaccinations are more a question of eugenics?


  4. You don’t know what the issues are do you. Its not about vaccination in principle, which is where most of you knee-jerk defenders come from, its about the components that are used to create the vaccination. That is where the damage comes from.


  5. Please know that the philosophy does not make it mandatory for adults – who come into contact with child care & education systems to compulsory vaccination.
    We are fed the rubbish that children are the carriers of these DEADLY DISEASES
    The No Jab No Pay principle MUST MANDATE COMPULSORY VACCINATION for everyone.
    kitchen staff
    administration &more
    I will bet you that at least 40% of all adults who work in childcare & education WOULD RESIGN their positions & seek the dole – rather.

    Another thing is that
    * HOSPITAL STAFF IN TOTAL from the CEO down.
    It is not enough to just target the kids as they are not the carriers of most diseases nor do they have filthy habits like drug abuse =-alcoholism – indiscriminate, multiple & unprotected sex & with strangers.


  6. We need to get Our Malcolm Turnbull to disclose EXACTLY HOW MANY MILLIONS of Australian dollars have been thrown at this compulsory vaccination program.
    How many MILLIONS of Australian dollars have been wasted on RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – in expectation of MAKING A KILLING.
    That Our Turnbull & the Labor party & the Greens & every other parasitic hangeron are expecting some kind of personal monetary reward or benefit.
    Mega millions of Hard earned Australian dollars are being channelled into this JACKPOT that is No Jab No Pay…
    First off – it is a given that most parents will not capitulate & there is the FIRST WINDFALL – a clawing back of child support monies. TOTALLING BILLIONS PER YEAR – for the greedy bastards that they are.


  7. A vaccine didn’t eradicate smallpox (or any other disease). How could it when less than 10% of people in the world had the smallpox vaccination.
    Polio has simply been renamed acute flaccid paralysis to make it look like the disease has disappeared. It hasn’t.
    All common infectious diseases declined dramatically in the Western world after the industrial revolution due to prosperity – sanitation, clean water, better food, less overcrowding in slums.
    To see historical graphs showing the massive decline prior to the introduction of vaccines go to: Let the EVIDENCE speak: Did vaccines save us?
    Or read Dr Suzanne Humphries excellent book Dissolving Illusions.

    Vaccines world wide are a Billion dollar industry; the harm they cause down the track is a Trillion dollar industry. This criminal cartel has plenty of money to brainwash and bribe doctors, brainwash the population, lobby governments to back them, and troll news media to ridicule anyone who speaks up questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines. No debate is allowed. Do you think this might be because they have something to hide?

    Why do you think everyone is so sick now? Nearly half of all children now have a chronic illness. Autism rates are skyrocketing. This is genocide; the end of Western civilisation.

    The pharmaceutical corporations have so much power they are colluding with governments to enforce mandatory vaccination on everyone {adults are next} which is in direct violation of human rights as declared at the Geneva Convention after the atrocities (medical experiments) by the Nazis after WW2.

    We have been lied to by the elites who own the pharmaceutical corporations, governments, the medical industry and the mainstream media for massive profits.
    Does this surprise you?

    A healthy immune system, uncorrupted by vaccines, can fight disease. We cannot recover from toxic chemicals, heavy metals, foreign DNA, viruses and bacteria injected directly into our bodies – especially the bodies of babies and infants.

    As parents you fail your kids if you don’t think critically and do some research outside of the MSM. Or you could just use common sense. How could a poisonous soup of diseased tissue and toxic chemicals possibly be good for anyone?


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