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19 September 2016 –


Previous edition: Furious Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS after airstrike kills 62 Syrian troops Which Google relegated to the sp_m bin. Here are the key stories that Google didn’t like:

Furious Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS after airstrike kills 62 Syrian troops 18 Sept 2016;

Israel has ‘200 nukes all pointed at Iran’, former US secretary of state Colin Powell says in leaked email that has Washington on edge 16 Sept 2016;

As American Infrastructure Crumbles, U.S. Announces $38 Billion Israel Military Aid Package 13 Sept 2016;

Massive sinkhole leaks more than 200 MILLION gallons of RADIOACTIVE water from fertilizer plant into Florida’s main source of drinking water 17 Sept 2016.

Authorities admit they are concerned an active terror cell is operating in New York and New JerseyFive terror suspects questioned as a bomb explodes at New Jersey train station: FBI stops men in SUV ‘packed with weapons’ on New York bridge as cops blow up IED that was planted hours earlier –Authorities have admitted they are concerned an active terror cell is operating in NY and NJ –Five people were apprehended on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn near to New York’s Verrazano Bridge –They were heavily armed according to the FBI who also said they discovered bomb making equipment –Police and FBI said that three pipe bombs and two smaller explosive devices were found in Elizabeth, NJ –All Amtrak and NJTransit trains were being held in Penn Station in Manhattan after the discovery at station 

19 Sept 2016  A bomb was detonated by a police robot at a New Jersey station on Sunday night as the FBI conducts a manhunt for a suspected terrorist cell behind the Manhattan bomb blast on Saturday night. The robot accidentally cut the wrong wire on one of five IEDs dumped in a trashcan at the train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey late on Sunday night, resulting in a huge explosion. Hours earlier, the FBI stopped an SUV with five armed men inside on New York’s Verrazano bridge in connection with Saturday’s Manhattan bomb. They are currently questioning those men but say there could be more suspects at large and a terror cell may exist in the area.

‘There will be more’: Mysterious 911 caller ‘threatened further explosions immediately after Manhattan blast’ –The male, unidentified caller said he was a block up from Saturday’s blast –He promised there would be more explosions just after the bomb went off –A note was also supposedly found with a second, undetonated bomb –It was said to contain writing that is partly in Arabic | 18 Sept 2016 | An unidentified caller told a 911 operator to expect more explosions straight after a bomb shook the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea Saturday night, it has been reported. According to unnamed sources who spoke to the NY Post, the caller claimed to be stood at the corner of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue, one block up from the explosion, which went off near the corner of 23rd Street and 6th Avenue. ‘I’m looking at the explosion down the block,’ the caller said. ‘There will be more.’

Blast heard at scene of ‘possible live bomb’ at Elizabeth, NJ, train station | 19 Sept 2016 | An explosion was heard at the Elizabeth train station early Monday, where local and federal authorities were investigating a suspicious package. The blast went off as a bomb robot was examining a device inside a backpack under the train tracks around 12:40 a.m. at Morris Avenue and Julian Place, a law enforcement source told NJ Advance Media. The explosion was not a controlled blast, the source said. There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage. After the blast, press and bystanders were moved back because police suspected other devices inside the backpack may still be live.

5 Possible Explosive Devices Recovered, 1 Detonated in Elizabeth, NJ | 19 Sept 2016 | An explosive device detonated during a police attempt to disarm it in Elizabeth, New Jersey early Monday, in the third New York City area incident involving what appear to be improvised bombs. A call came into Elizabeth authorities at 8:47 p.m. after two men found a suspicious backpack in a garbage can, mayor Chris Bollwage said in a press conference. The men took it around the corner thinking there was something of value in it, but notified police when they saw wires and a pipe inside the bag. Police immediately brought in the bomb squad.

Officials probe bombings, stabbings in three U.S. cities in a 12-hour span | 18 Sept 2016 | Police believe the two devices that were detonated in New Jersey and New York were made by the same person, a law enforcement source told Fox News on Sunday, as authorities move forward with investigations into the incidents as well as the ISIS-backed stabbing rampage in Minnesota — separate incidents that have cemented fears the United States is still a prime terror target. As of Sunday afternoon, officials have not said publicly there was a common link between the two bombing incidents, according to New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill…The trio of dangerous episodes began Saturday when a pipe bomb exploded inside a plastic garbage can in New Jersey’s Seaside Park at 9:30 a.m. Investigators eventually found several devices “wired together” that did not detonate in the same garbage can.

National Guard troops and 1,000 police officers to be deployed across NYC in wake of Chelsea explosion | 18 Sept 2016 | Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday that 1,000 additional New York State Police officers and National Guard troops will be deployed across New York City following an explosion in Chelsea. The stepped-up security is “just to err on the side of caution,” Cuomo said. As the United Nations prepares to host world leaders arriving for the General Assembly, a spokesman told The Associated Press that the organization is assessing security…Metropolitan Transportation Authority: The MTA has increased its patrols and surveillance in order to provide heightened protection across all its agencies.

All FIVE bombs that were found in the New York area used flip phones as a detonator: Fears grow of link between failed New Jersey attack and IED blast in Manhattan that injured 29 –Three devices found in New Jersey and two in New York have used cell phones as detonators –The pipe bombs in New Jersey used flip phone timers and as did pressure-cooker device found in Chelsea –It’s believed home-made bomb that exploded also used old-school flip phone as a detonator | 18 Sept 2016 | Three pipe bombs found in New Jersey and two IEDs that terrorized New York City on Saturday all have one thing in common – cell phones. An old-school flip phone was used as a timer in all five home-made bombs. Authorities said they still have not found any indication the incidents in New Jersey and New York are related, but in both cases flip phones were used as timers to detonate the explosives. All phones used as detonators were similar in design, according to PIX 11.

‘Number of individuals’ in custody after authorities stop ‘vehicle of interest’ in Chelsea bombing | 19 Sept 2016 | Federal authorities conducted a traffic stop of a “vehicle of interest” in the Chelsea bombing Sunday night in Brooklyn. A law enforcement source told Fox News that a “number of individuals” who are possibly connected to the explosion were taken into custody. Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that at least 5 men were being questioned.

FBI detains five people in Chelsea bombing connection | 19 Sept 2016 | The FBI took five people with possible links to the Chelsea explosion into custody Sunday night in Brooklyn as authorities shut down a busy New Jersey rail station after finding multiple pipe bombs in a garbage can, police and New Jersey officials said. The weekend trail of terror continued along the Belt Parkway where federal agents nabbed several people of interest with a weapons stash inside an SUV, according to law enforcement sources. The five taken into custody had come over the Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island.

Family identifies attacker behind ‘potential act of terrorism’ in St. Cloud –The attacker, whose father identified him as Dahir A. Adan, wounded 9 inside the mall was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. | 18 Sept 2016 | The attack in St. Cloud’s main shopping center that left nine people with stab wounds is being treated as an act of terror, federal authorities said Sunday. In a media briefing after midnight Sunday, Police Chief William Blair Anderson said an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction confronted and fatally shot the suspect Saturday night inside Crossroads Center. He said the man — dressed in a private security uniform — reportedly asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim before assaulting them, and referred to Allah during the attacks.

Identity of St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall Attacker Revealed as Dahir Adan – Reports | 18 Sept 2016 | Dahir Adan’s father, Ahmed Adan, says that police identified his son as the slain attacker. Ahmed Adan told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis that police told him Saturday night that his son, Dahir A. Adan, died at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud…The Saint Cloud Times is reporting Dahir Adan, a member of the local Somali Community, was the man who attacked nine people at a local mall Saturday while shouting about “Allah.” A short time earlier, St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan.

UN Security Council meets after US-coalition air strike ‘accidentally’ kills dozens of Syrian soldiers | 17 Sept 2016 | The United Nations Security Council has convened at the behest of the Russians after dozens of Syrian soldiers were ‘accidentally’ killed in a US coalition bombing raid. It met within hours of the Obama administration expressing its regret at the strikes on Jabal Therdeh, southwest of the Deir Ezzor airport in eastern Syria. According to Russian estimates 62 soldiers were killed in in the strikes, which the US said were aimed at the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. [Yeah, right!] The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said at least 83 soldiers lost their lives in the attacks.