Left to right: Member for Mt Isa Robbie Katter; candidate for Herbert (Townsville) Colin Dwyer; Senate candidate Rowell Walton (Darling Downs); Senate candidate Joy Marriott(Lakeland); candidate for Leichardt, Brad Tassell(Cairns); Member for Dalrymple, Shane Knuth(Charters Towers); and the elder of the Australian Parliament, Bob Katter

Katters Australian Party launched their ‘Force from the North’ line up of sitting members and candidates. It is time for people to put up or shut up because the party duopoly has failed Australia miserably, they said.

The candidates and members from Townsville north to the PNG border say they are coming after the Labor and Liberal parties because they have had two decades to fix the economy and generate jobs but the only thing they have done is extend the dole queues and triple the Australian Government debt.

Bob Katter says the country has virtually no manufacturing left, no cars, no whitegoods, no steel, and thousands of farmers on the breadline because of the free trading, de-regulating policies of the Labor and Liberal Parties, and now it seems the Greens.

KAP Queensland Senate candidates Rowell Walton and Joy Marriott at the Senate candidates launch in Cairns on Sunday. Dams for more water, jobs and saving manufacturing industries are high on their agenda.