Wilderness Worship – back to Neander

by Viv Forbes Science Writer

There are dreamers with computers in ivory towers who champion a “zero emissions” world where man’s activities release zero carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Allied zealots want to de-populate settled land and destroy existing infrastructure.

These enemies of human industry should be denied the benefits of human industry.

No concrete, steel or plastic can be made without producing CO2. Therefore “zero emitters” must be denied reticulated water at the turn of a metal tap from concrete dams via iron-cement pipes and metal/PVC plumbing. They can dig a well.

No concrete highways, bitumen roads, gravel quarries or modern vehicles can be built or maintained without metals, diesel trucks, dozers, graders, concrete and bitumen. Therefore zero emitters should be denied the use of modern roads and vehicles. They can take a sulky on stone-paved roads or ride ponies.

They should also be denied the protection and comforts of houses that use concrete, iron, steel, copper and glass, together with their refrigerators, stoves, TV’s, computers, air-conditioners and appliances. They can live in log cabins or caves, with fur coats.

Wind, solar and hydro generators, together with required roads, transmission lines, batteries and backup, can’t be produced without the mining of metals and release of CO2. Thus the zero emissions crowd should be denied the benefits of 24/7 electricity at the flick of a switch, and all the appliances and tools dependent on electricity. They can use green appliances – tallow lamps, bees-wax candles, wood fires, clay pots, digging sticks, grinding stones and smoke signals.

Those who reject irrigation dams and ploughed land must also reject the abundant foods provided by such systems – meat and vegies, bread and butter, bacon and eggs, fruit and nuts, coffee and croissants. They can hunt and gather in national parks and wilderness areas.

The Neanderthals lived in a cold wilderness with zero emissions. If green zealots insist we all return to Neander, most humans will share their fate.

We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects. We must reclaim the roads and plowed land, halt dam constructions, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of acres of previously settled land.

David Foreman

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