Left, Right, Centre join in Rally against Government’s new Senate laws

Many political parties across the whole political spectrum are uniting in a public rally protesting against the Turnbull Government’s and the Greens’ new Senate voting laws.

The threats to Freedom of Speech and Diversity in the Senate have brought an unprecedented unity among about 30 minor political parties in opposing this draconian new Senate voting law,” said Peter Madden, Coordinator of the 3 Million Voices committee.

We allege that the new Senate voting law and its likely results are:-

· unfair

· unrepresentative

· disproportionate

· undemocratic

· un-Australian.

I am both surprised and delighted that a whole lot of ‘little guy battlers’ are taking on the might of “the establishment” (Turnbull government plus Greens) in this Protest Rally.”

Among the 8 Speakers at the Rally at 2pm in Martin Place on Sunday 1 May will be :

· James Jensen, coordinator of a network of leftwing ‘progressive’ parties

· Malcom MacKerras, famous psephologist, a neutral expert

· Peter Madden, well-known conservative figure

3 Million Voices Co-ordinator Peter Madden 0413 765 291

3 Million Voices Chairman Malcolm Mackerras 0408 460 269



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