Independent truck driver should not believe Turnbull’s promise to get rid of the Road Safety Tribunal if the Liberals are re-elected

10 April 2016 KAP Leader and the Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter responded to Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement today that if re-elected, his government would shut down

the Road Safety Tribunal. Last week, the tribunal successfully had its stay lifted by the Federal Court which enabled it to impose unfair charge rates and regulations on Australia’s owner

operator truck drivers.

Mr Katter is sceptical of the promise. Mr Katter thinks if the Government really wants to help the owner operator driver, it would have overturned the Road Safety Tribunal’s orders already.

“This morning’s announcement is a cynical move beyond belief from Malcolm Turnbull. What he’s threatening is, ‘don’t vote for us and you’ll have to live with this forever,” said Mr Katter.

“We have no guarantee. The Government can change it now. If they won’t change it now, how do we know they won’t change it in the future?”

“Gunna- dos are not gunna get votes. Believing a politician’s promise on the eve an election, only a fool would do that.”

“If the Prime Minister has the slightest scintilla of sincerity, then he should suspend the changes until he can have a good look at them. It would seem to me that what he’s said today is exactly what big corporate haulage companies wants him to say.”

“We have no power over the Prime Minister after the election. He can do what the likes. If he had the slightest scintilla of sincerity, he would have already suspended the changes.”

“I represent the biggest trucking area in Australia. If anyone should be speaking on behalf of the owner operators it should be me. And I warn the truckies, the Government’s election promise today is either an act of towering stupidity or blatant evil malice.”

Mr Katter rallied in Townsville last Monday with a crowd of truckies who were concerned for their businesses if the tribunals changes were successfully brought in.