From the plethora of information we have in our TURNBULL CHRONICLES, this

smidgen will enlighten you to his credibility or lack of

from Harry Palmer

Politicians since time began have planned agenda to methodical personal nest feathering from this acquired position of power, along with perks that come with job.

Occasionally one will trip, dropping thirty pieces of silver triggering a point scoring reaction from opposition, then followed by colleague denial amidst a truly unaccountable network of bureaucratic disguised red tape as accountable control.

One instrument, still baffling modern science, the process used to convert smart, sometimes well educated persons, dedicated to represent the people in our suggested democratic parliament. Crossing the threshold to “party pals”, within a week dismisses constituent concern for the “party room pals”. Should ever this cloned puppet decide to represent constituents against party, castigated ensues under hailing abuse, personal attack and threats of dismissal to no future preselection to represent the constituents next polling day.

Understanding multi millionaire Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull’s allegiance to Labor Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s push to introduce ETS (Environment Trading Scheme), is a license to print money for trading in hot air while costing ALL Australians $BILLIONS of dollars in taxes to support third world nations and finance projected World Government.

Presented is a smidgen of information about Malcolm Turnbull may explain his credibility to Australia, his dedication to the almighty dollar and corporate friendship alive and very well.

Malcolm Turnbull born 1954, raised in Sydney’s eastern suburbs of Vaucluse and Double Bay, attended prestigious Sydney Grammar School as a boarder then completing a double degree in law and arts, Mr Turnbull during his university years worked as a journalist for the Bulletin, Channel Nine. Winning a Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford University in 1978, he continued as a journalist with the Sunday Times London.



The Turnbull aspiration for politics started in 1981 when presented for Liberal party candidate in Wentworth and beaten by eight votes by standing member Peter Coleman. Just two votes halted his preselection in 1983 by Phillip Smiles for the seat of Mosman.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again, this time deciding to aim for “PRESIDENT” of the new “Republic of Australia”.

Appointed by the Keating Labor government to head the Republican Advisory Committee, led the subsequent republic campaign into the unsuccessful 1999 referendum.

The ill-fated referendum in 1999: Chairman of the Australian Republican Movement, describing monarchist Prime Minister John Howard as the man “who broke a nation’s heart”, Malcolm again retired hurt.

Makes you wonder this deckchair changer aspired to be the Liberal member for the Sydney seat of Wentworth in a government headed by Australia’s leading monarchist, John Howard.

2000: Turnbull explores preselection for Wentworth but bows out after being convinced that sitting Liberal member Peter King has the numbers.

2004: Narrowly defeats Peter King for Liberal preselection and then wins the seat after a tight election campaign.

2006: Appointed as parliamentary secretary for water.

2007: Appointed as Environment minister.


kerry-packerAs a lawyer saw Mr Turnbull in 1984 acts as legal counsel for Kerry Packer, outed as the prominent businessman codenamed “Goanna” in the Costigan Royal Commission alleging involvement in criminal activities on Australia’s docks.

Again in 1989 working for Kerry Packer’s move to shut down Aboriginal Television Station in the Northern Territory in 1989 collapsed when the Aborigines established a radio station 8KIN broadcasting in their native tongue to the people applied to the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal for a Television station license, which was granted to “Imparja”. Just weeks before Imparja was due to go to air, the NT Government appealed against the decision in Federal Courts and LOST. With only 3 day to go before opening the TV Channel, the howling of ravaging wolves from the opposing packer owned Northern Territory Television Station in Darwin, asked the Broadcasting Tribunal to review Imparja’s license and to enquire into it’s resources. Despite this power hungry corporate magnate’s backdoor attempt to close down Imparja, Turnbull’s legal attack did not survive, “Imparja” is alive and very well today.

Kerry Packer planned to takeover Fairfax with a suggested motivation of dealing out retribution on journalist and editors was not impressed with Malcolm Turnbull, threatening to “KILL HIM” when Mr Turnbull secretly handed over vital information that forced Kerry Packer to pull out of his bid for the Fairfax media group in 1991.

Malcolm Turnbull is quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald LINK HERE newspaper – “He did threaten to kill me. And I said to him:

‘Well, you’d better make sure that your assassin gets me first because if he misses, you better know I won’t miss you’.

“I regarded what Kerry was doing as absolutely … it was not only stupid but it was contrary to everyone’s interests,” Mr Turnbull told Ms Crabb.

“And he was taking the view that because he was bigger and richer than me, he could run me into the ground.

“So I rang Kerry Packer and I had a major row with him. I said: `If you want to do this, this is it. This is the end. There is no stepping back from this.

“This is war … I told him I’d get him thrown out of the deal. I never make threats I don’t carry out’.”

Is this an insight to current Liberal Party Room under Malcolm Turnbull, Investment Banker looking to at any cost legislating ETS that will open a whole new trading area for investment companies, one being Turnbull & Partners Pty Ltd.



PoliticianLeaving the law profession in 1987, creating an investment banking firm Whitlam Turnbull & Co Ltd with Neville Wran, once Labor government premier of NSW and Nicholas Whitlam, son of Gough Whitlam once Labor Government Prime Minister.

Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian Chairman of merchant bank Goldman Sachs, the global commodity trading company who just coincidentally happen to trade billions of dollars worth of carbon permits, was also brought to the Royal Commission in the HIH collapse to account Goldman Sach involvement – “ring any bells”?
With the challenge by Joe Hockey to Mr Turnbull for leadership, back in 1998 the Managed Investments Act 1998 (MIA) commenced (formerly known as the Corporations Law) governing the regulation of managed investment schemes. The MIA required that a review be undertaken as soon as possible after the third anniversary of its commencement. The Minister for Financial Services and Regulation, the Hon Joe Hockey MP, appointed Mr Malcolm Turnbull to undertake this review. How much was Turnbull paid for this job?


forest-harvestjpgAppointed as Environment minister in 2007, amazed those who knew of Malcolm’s involvement in the Solomon Islands.

Mr. Turnbull’s connection to the logging industry in Solomon Islands began in 1991 and 1992.

Chairman and share holder of the then Hong Kong listed Axiom Forest Resources that own logging operations and forest concessions in the Solomon’s was operating under the trading name, Silvania Forest Products in Western Province and other parts of the country.

Mr. Turnbull claimed in a media interview with ABC last year that “his attitude towards forestry today was informed by his involvement in the (Solomon Islands) logging industry”.

He rejected accusations that he had once played a huge role in bad logging practices
in Solomon Islands, claiming “he was trying to encourage local landowners to change logging practices and ways”.

Mr. Turnbull then further claimed “…. the company (Silvania) brought in some of the best foresters in the world. There was a lot of work done on reforestation, on plantations”.

A report by the Australian International Development Aid Bureau – now Ausaid – in 1994 described the logging practices of Axiom subsidiary Silvania Forest Products as:”…more like a clear-felling operation and bearing little relation to an attempt at even retaining a token sample of future commercial crop on the site.”

A separate report also described Silvania’s forest practices as “amongst the worst in the world”.

Following the reports, the Solomon Islands government then, which was led by a Prime Minister with logging interests and ownership, the former and late Solomon Mamaloni, threaten to close down Silvania’s operations due to constant breaches of logging practices.

Targeting the liberal party we are not, targeting those who would be king we are, targeting democracy decay we expose, so if the shoe fits – change it on the only day of democracy in Australia – POLLING DAY.

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